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I have a yamaha rx-v630 receiver and a klipsch subwoofer, there is only a single sub out rca port on the receiver and two on the sub, I tried hooking it up through the left and right speaker wires and still nothing any help would be appreciated

How does a BluRay player work?

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Klipsch r-12sw frequency range?

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Best answer: There are two things that determine the low pass that goes to the sub. One is the knob on the sub itself. The other is the setting in the receiver. Set the sub to LFE (page 242 of the receiver manual http://us.marantz.com/us/Support/Pages/Manuals.aspx (I'd get you better link but they don't want you... show more

So if a concert uses many speakers and 100,000 watts and let say at my listening distance I measure 115db of sound that kicks you in the chest, like a wall of sound then I listen to a smaller pa system that still produces 115db at listening position but lacks punch. Even though at the listening position there both... show more

I was wondering is someone could help me choose which towers are better, either the Definitive Technology BP-9020ST or Klipsch RP-280F? If you have any speakers that you recommend as well i would greatly appreciate the advice as well, I don't want to spend above $700 for each so under that would be nice

How do i fix my remote?

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I have a phillips home theater for the past couple of years and the remote is gone completely. Also, the system itself is old, but the speakers work excellently. How do I use the speakers without messing up the theater further? Any ideas for the remote?

I have a pair of these speakers. But they only have one input, instead of the usual two. Anyone know what I need to buy to connect these to my receiver? Thanks!

I made the mistake of buying a bass cabinet with a blown speaker. What speakers would you recommend I use to replace it? (under $50 if possible)

Best answer: I wish I had better news for you! Yup I've seen and even own a TV that has Bluetooth capability but it's only in there hidden in the engineering menus. Your problem is pairing the two together, as you are going to have no "pairing interface" to play with. Even then, it may be that the Bluetooth... show more

I have this Philips HTS3544 home theater system with no power and no standby light. I've opened up the unit and there appears to be no burns or signs of faulty components on the motherboard. The fuse and power cable are fine too. I've already contacted Philips support and I still couldn't get it to turn... show more

Best answer: There are two basic ways to do both. One is a surround sound receiver system. Like all receivers, these incorporate the amplifiers, a pre-amp a power supply and a radio tuner all in one box.For almost all surround receivers, stereo is achieved by simply selecting "stereo" from the control panel or... show more