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So I bought a DVD player because my laptop didn't come with one (they are trying to eliminate CDs all together), the movies I rent only come in DVD form and we usually don't buy blue ray. I was then wondering if I buy a Blu-ray player so I can play Blu-ray and still play CDs and DVDs. Thing is i don't... show more

I have a $500 flexible budget. Im looking for surround sound. I want a good sound bar, a good subwoofer and 4 extra speakers to place around the room. Less cords are better. Looking for quality, not loudness. I dont want to make more than 3 purchases. Id very much prefer buying from walmart.com so i can use my... show more

Best answer: Good luck. Your budget encompasses only the cheapest dross on the market. Perhaps you should consider shopping Salvation army stores , garage sales,such like. I have no recommendations for junk systems that might somehow magically be a match for an expensive high end TV. your best choice for that sort of money... show more

Best answer: You will most likely need an amplifier. Depending on whether you want to plug a cable into the headphone port or not, you may also want a Bluetooth audio receiver - or one of the integrated BT-receiver-with-amplifier like David suggested.

at the moment I have a pioneer vsx 453 receiver and it previously has been repaired but it is starting to have a different issue to it and it is a great receiver for bass on the cerwin vega re30s. I know stereos aren't the same nowadays and I had a new pioneer stereo that wasn't nearly as powerful as the... show more

Which produces better quality or do they produce the same quality

Best answer: Surround decoders like Dolby True and DTS Master are exclusive to HDMI connections they will not work with any other type of connection....Hence the need for HDMI inputs. The reason for that is mostly because of HDCP copy rights protection...Big name movie production companies like Sony and Paramount experienced... show more

I use them in an apartment. so, considering the apartment size, which one do I need to buy?

I have an Lg smart TV and I want to have a better sound quality. I thought of buying an amplifier with speakers, but I have no clue of the two. Can you suggest what I should buy to have a better sound quality from my TV?

i got a slyvania portable dvd player for christmas and i wanted to know can i play blu ray dvds on it or just regular dvds

Question about dvd's/blu rays?

4 answers · 1 week ago
If you watch a movie or show on DVD or Blu Ray that has a 5.1 soundtrack will it automactically downgrade to 2.1 stereo if you don't have a 5.1 system? Like do the sounds that would be played through the rear speakers get played through the two speakers you have?

Best answer: Okay I think you are getting yourself a little confused! If you get a 5.1 surround system and a 2 channel HiFi you'll be doubling up on speakers. How you are going to source all of that for £200 I have no idea, even from thrit shops!

Best answer: Let's use cars as comparison examples. Pioneer is like Toyota --- a good product that delivers decent performance at a civilized price. Denon is like Lexus --- somewhat better engineered than Toyota, but still within a normal price range. Anthem is more like a $90,000+ Mercedes --- a significant step up in... show more

Bluetooth transmitter receiver?

4 answers · 2 weeks ago
Can I plug both cables in to my hifi (audio in and headphones) and switch from receiver to transmitter mode, whenever I need to? Thanks

My 5.1 sony AV system only has RCA inputs and a CD/DVD drive. Do audio CDs sound better than WAVs I output to this device through 3.5mm to RCA cable from my laptop? (I would assume sound quality should suffer if transmitted from laptop via RCA.)

Surround system help!?

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So I have a sony Bravia 3D TV (2015) and samsung 3d blu ray player surround system (model ps-fs1-1). The surround system before was working fine. But now they are acting weird. When I go to test them out, all the speakers are coming from Front Left, while the center speakers is coming from Front Right. As for... show more