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Like on a home TV screen, not the laptop. I know I sound like a super old person lol but I’m 25 and kind of an old soul anyway. I’ve only been watching Netflix on my laptop lately and haven’t watched a movie on a TV screen for years

How to delete espn from direct tv?

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I'm using my parents' account, and some shows that I want to watch don't show up on my profile, but they show up on everyone else's profiles. Is there any way to fix this? It's really irritating not being able to watch shows that I want to see.

He came to my house and told me they were doing free upgrades to fiber optic because they had bought out Time Warner but if I remember correctly Time Warner and Time Warner Cable are two different companies. I have 3 days to cancel, so I read and signed everything to make sure I don't get screwed. I am using... show more

Best answer: they are punks afraid to speak up

Best answer: All of them. I'm rich. MAGA

Best answer: Any one should go over the bills as received whether online or paper. YES I would notice.

So basically Dish has this international package that other cable providers don’t have, I have dish atm but would like to change due to it being overpriced but I’d like to keep their international package, would dish just let me pay for the international package or do you guys think theyd only provide that if I get... show more

Best answer: Yes, but store the tape standing up on the back edge. Tape will tend to shift if you stack it lying down and you will have big problems. This is the reason for TRACKING as the tape can be in a different position than on center. Also try to store it in a cool dry place. VCR tape is not like DVDs, it is more... show more

I won't have cable but ill be using Netflix and roku very often and other than that just daily internet use for school work