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What is a PC lenova?

6 answers · PC · 11 hours ago

Ok, so I have a pretty good Desktop gaming PC with 2 GeForce GTX1080 graphics cards with 2 seperate inputs in the back (1 HDMI and 3 display ports each) is it possible to use the HDMI port to let a friend use one of the cards to run a higher end game on his laptop? I know external graphics boosters are a thing but... show more

Best answer: I've only tried Steam, PSN, and eShop, but none of them take pre-paid visa cards. I would only presume that XBL would also not take them. But what you can do: go to Walmart, GameStop, etc. and use the card to buy XBL gift cards, which then you can use to buy what you want in the XBL Marketplace. ... show more

I want to buy something with my account on xbox but im not supposed to be playing (my brother can though). If I were to buy something on my account will she be emailed which gamertag the giftcard was used on?

What is the UFC 2 pc game license key?

6 answers · PC · 1 week ago

Is the VR experience on PS4 Slim and Pro the same?

5 answers · PlayStation · 7 days ago
Best answer: Pro let’s you play some ps4 games in upscaled 4K if you have a 4K tv. It’s not native 4K like the Xbox X. It lets you stream 4K movies if you have a 4K tv. You’ll get a performance boost with the PSVR. Go with the pro if you plan on getting the PSVR.

Xbox 1 or PlayStation 4?

8 answers · Xbox · 1 week ago

Best answer: The PC The pc will have a better sound card and less latency

Help with Y PB PR cables for PS2?

4 answers · PlayStation · 1 week ago
So I m trying to connect my old ps2 to my tv. I ve found a couple of cables, including the Y PB PR (yellow, red, white) cables for audio and video input I believe. however, My tv does not have a yellow input, so I put it in the green one. By doing this I got a black/white screen, and without sound. Does anyone know... show more

Hey, I ve accidentally broke something in my mouse and I need to open it up but there are no screws etc. Mouse: Hama uRage Reaper NXT

Poll: Do you still use Xbox 360? Yes or No? 0.?

19 answers · Xbox · 3 weeks ago
Just it poll.

Best answer: I'd recommend buying a new TV or look for a different console that is suited for your TV. If your TV doesn't have a HDMI port then the image would look awful on it, you're buying a console capable of 4K and your TV can't even handle 2K.