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So I’m 29 Been with bf nearly 4 years, lived together 2. So he all of a sudden wants to do a budget and keep track of all our everyday spendings, even a $5 drink. He wants us to enter it on an excel spread sheet and update it every time we spend. I thought it was annoying and can’t be bothered because I don’t... show more

so here is a question for you, my wife has a lot of music on her 6 year old laptop, when I tried to update Windows 10 to the last fall creators update I was warned that her music may not play after the update as the licenses may not be acknowledged ( or something to that effect). I stopped the update at that point... show more

Many tech Youtubers are promoting these digital Windows 10 keys. As per my knowledge only Microsoft and Amazon can sell digital retail keys. Third parties only get OEM keys. So, my questions are, Are those retail keys fake? Should I buy legit OEM keys instead of fake retail keys?

Hello how do I install office 365?

10 answers · 1 week ago

My Firefox stopped working?

9 answers · 1 week ago
I can't even open it. I've tried uninstalling Firefox but it says I have a running page open that blocks this from happening. The thing is, I don't have a page open. Firefox is really the only browser that works sufficiently on my computer. Help, please?

Best answer: you dont need the SUM() function if you already use the + try this formula =IF(B2="C", (G2+H2)*D2*100, (G2-H2)*D2*100) edit i think opurt got it right, you have to think about your order of operations try this... =IF(B2="C", G2+H2*D2*100, G2-H2*D2*100)

How to download free legal music?

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I am a music (and musical) lover, so I like to download lots of songs. Unfortunately, I am not made of money. I do not like to buy all the songs I want on Itunes. I have considered Spotify and apps like that, but those are just for "streaming" the songs. I want to have them in my phone. I also know that a... show more

I want to get a word program for my laptop, but after looking I realized that you either need to pay or get a subscription (neither of which I want to do). I checked online myself to see if there was a free alternative, but I found nothing. I need something you don't need to pay for or don't have to... show more

Best answer: I have to admit that I'm having trouble understanding what you wrote there.