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What is Linux?

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Mac OS or Windows OS?

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So I recently bought a new computer which uses Windows 10 but I have a hard drive that uses Windows 7 OS. If I hook up to my notebook can I view the files and such or do I need a software? If so any free ones you know might help?

At first it looks innocent it only changes google search to safefinder but it gets worse (i ve had it before and had to reinstall windows) and i have a new pc with hundreads of games now what todo

Delete pictures from SD card?

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I am trying to delete pictures from an SD card, and I was able to delete some; however, the older photos that were taken from the previous owner do not show up as an option to delete, and I am lost at what to do. What should I do?

Best answer: Yes you can but you need Windows 10 pro license key.

How do i delete browse history?

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Where is my printed files r saved?

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How can I install iTunes on my PC?

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Best answer: Did you go to your list of programs in the control panel to see if iTunes is installed on your computer? The message you are seeing seems to suggest you do have iTunes. Control panel > Programs and Features > scroll down to see if itunes is listed. If it is, then that's why you are seeing that message. It... show more

Best answer: You can change a setting in your user accounts screen that will bypass the login requirement. Here's how to get to it: