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I got on today to do some of my animation work. I tried booting up a game called fortnite as a time to take a bit of a break. While I did that it had said error and not loaded so I decided that maybe it has something to do with how I need to update my windows 10 to the latest version. I had pressed update and... show more

What does a Product Advisor do?

7 answers · 2 days ago
I recently applied for a for a product advisor position at a Microsoft retail store.

Why have computers got slower?

5 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: software has got bloated , if you installed a program from 20 years ago it would load in an instant , but check how many processes you have running at startup more than 60 will slow everything down, also disable unnecessary services like remote desktop , remote registry and others you may not ever use like... show more

Best answer: WoW!

I need this paper, it is due in hours. I am on Windows 10. When I went to hit save as, I clicked browse to change the location to where it would save. After I clicked a location (I think it was documents) Word closed its window. I cannot find the document anywhere, and I have looked and searched. I have even tried... show more

Does utorrent hack phone info?

4 answers · 3 days ago
So I used utorrent to check something but I had my phone plugged into my computer during that time. I seen it at the last minute on a second window that was open. Does that mean i uploaded info from my phone or utorrent now has access to all my stuff? Im new to it and most likely wont use it again since i dont need... show more

I want to know if someone is using my PC when I'm not home and I thought that posibly there's an app that links to a software in my PC and notifies me when someone starts up my compurer. I know I can install a program that keeps logs of the use of the compurer, but I'm searching for something that... show more

How do i erase history?

4 answers · 1 week ago

Best answer: The easiest way in my opinion is to use a docking station to mount your hard drive in. Of course you'll have to purchase a docking station but they are not expensive. The only major thing you'll need is a 2nd computer to use. The process would be to remove the hdd from your current computer. Plug the... show more