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What is AI?

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Best answer: Roughly: AI is the fact to progam the computer not explicitly, but implicitly. To reach a wider goal: having program that can adapt to any situation, ideally even those not foreseen by the programmer. Other have mentioned machine learning. That is just one tool of AI, one tool to do that (implicit programming).... show more

What is meant by inheritance?

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Thursday 6 november code word?

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Best answer: You would have to get access to the computers where this data is stored. Of course doing that would be illegal and would get you in a lot more trouble with your parents then a bad grade would.

are they spying on us and evolving into superhuman intelligences? are they plotting to take over humanity and enslave us to serve them?

Best answer: I think its idli. 1. Each idli contains just 39 calories, which is a minimal amount in comparison to a healthy 2,000-calorie daily diet. Idlis contain no fat, no saturated fat and no cholesterol. Consuming less than 16 grams of saturated fat and 300 milligrams of cholesterol lessens your risk of cardiovascular... show more

I know a person who got a Master's degree in 4 years out of high school in Computer Science. Also, I looked at some of his coding projects he's done and there's like thousands upon thousands lines of code for computer programs he's written. Then like his resume says 4.0 GPA, he has like 5... show more

Please help, I need to finish an order, when I refresh the website it says this.

I’m looking to start my own professional web design company. I was planning on doing all the work from scratch but I see other professional web designers selling ALL Wordpress sites. Should I be doing that? Ex. (Take a look at the web design pricing... show more

Best answer: Because when I do use my headphones, I encapsulate myself in this wonderful bubble that gives you extreme concentration and focus on your task. Whenever I need to do something in a hurry but still have it done in a good way, I will always use my headphones. No matter what. I’ve tested doing a task without... show more

I have enrolled in my very first computer science class next semester, and I have a MacBook Air and I am going to download Xcode and possibly code block . should I get some basic coding books from the local library?

Best answer: I think it might be. Check the websites of the universities you'll apply to and check, though. Normally, a CS degree is a Bachelor of Science, requiring at least two years of calculus & linear algebra, a year of a laboratory science, plus a course in discrete mathematics. Other courses in the CS major,... show more

Apps loading slow on wifi?

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I have a 50mbps ftth connection but when i use it through wifi on my phone, some apps load very slowly and online games like 8ball pool and clash royale are just stuck on loading whereas they work just fine on mobile data. while using the browser, the wifi is pretty fast and it loads youtube videos pretty quickly... show more

Python to assembly language?

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Best answer: The basic answer is "you can't". Python is not compiled in native architecture. It is either interpreted, or compiled to a sort of virtual machine. In both case, nowhere in the processus of execution of a python script, the python code is translated into assembly language. Of course, at the end,... show more

I've had the domain name for 2 years now, and each year the renewal has only been $15. However, I built a website using the domain with Wordpress and my fee skyrocketed. I figured it was because GoDaddy was hosting it my website, but when I go check out the products page, the only thing that shows up is my... show more