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I currently know html css and JavaScript, and want to make some databases for websites. Is SQL good to start with, or should I start elsewhere first?

We re designing a magazine and I had a super solid idea for the cover, and we all work together and when they saw my original everyone got excited about it. One of the girls asked for one of the pieces and then literally stole my idea before I could finish it. I had to sit by her while people complimented her ... show more

Like tutorials on a game or website you've just signed up for. I am the type who likes to learn as I go along rather than be stuck in tutorials which keep popping up. Anyone else annoyed by these?

its overrun by them, them little blue hatted people hiding behind a blue badge....what are these users hiding from? why are they hiding? why dont these users pick a normal avatar and username like normal people? i find myself clenching my teeth with anger at these anonymous users at times, they are like... show more

1. An integer (int) array called n50 contains 50 elements. Build two other arrays d3 and d5, in which you transfer the numbers from n50 that are divisible by 3 or 5. Display the d3 and d5 arrays

Currently i'm a student in a application programmer course. I am currently taking an interest in python and my question is: for what would i use a python backend, and would it be wise to learn python backend programming for an internship that is coming up in two month

How to make text flash?

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I want to make a word to blink but i can't find a website that does that.