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I enjoy coding and I would definitely love doing it for nearly 14 hours in a day. I know I will have to take breaks occasionally to avoid strain to my eyes and I will also do that. But even then I'm really worried that very soon​ I will have to start wearing glasses and then gradually increase its power as I do... show more

Best answer: After the 'int main()' part of your code, you can declare variable types that have been listed as parameters to the function, otherwise the next character must be a {. For example: int main (argc, argv) int argc; char **argv; { You cannot declare variables between the function call and the opening { if... show more

What is web servicing?

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Best answer: Hi, Mildred's people. Are you doing this because you don't know about (although I don't know if they have photos). A website consists of a front end and a back end. HTML / CSS is used to design the layout of the webpage and that's considered the front end. JavaScript is used to make... show more

I know how to code in Python, and a bit of C & C++, but is assembly language worth learning? I've heard the programmer has more control over the hardware with assembly, although I know that assembly varies form computer to computer. I've also heard many highly successful people know assembly such as... show more

What is java?

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Best answer: keep me happy interpret as you wish.

Best 10 website for use?

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