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I would like to learn coding?

4 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Where do people get the idea that there is an age limit? There is no age limit, but the fact that you posed this question makes we wonder if you have the ability. The way someone learns if they are able to learn coding is to go ahead and try. But it seems like you are looking for an excuse not to try. So, that... show more

the following java code does not validate the user to be 18+ years old and it returns true for any date chosen. how can i make it reject any date that does not amount to 18+ years old.

A layman, want to know the difference between these terms: Computer Coding, Computer Programming, Software Development.

HTML5 etiquette?

4 answers · 3 days ago
Many coders i see use some sort of formula or syntax to organize their code... do they press enter for every new element or something? i sometimes will just type and put spaces only where and when needed, but it makes an awful sight of text. how are walls of code usually formatted?

I've heard about a growing "shift to mobile." In terms of programming/design, is it THAT different? Why would a program like Facebook, for example, be different on a mobile device like a phone vs. its use on a PC. I don't get the big fuss.

How much do grades matter?

9 answers · 1 week ago
I m going to school for a Bachelor s in Programming and Software Development. When I apply for a future job, how much will grades matter? Say I master the skills needed and earn the degree, but get B s and C s because of having to write essays and such, will i be judged by grades or will they care more about my... show more

Python coding question?

4 answers · 5 days ago
Given a series of numbers as input, add them up until the input is 10 and print the total. I used the code below to answer this question, but it is not returning output for me. Do not add the final 10. num_str = input("Input an int: ") num_int = int(num_str) x = 0 while num_int != 10: x += num_int -... show more

Best answer: Post your stuff on GitHub and ask prospective employers to take a look at it. If you can get an interview, part of that involves timed coding tests, where you can demonstrate proficiency. CS programs don't teach students how to code. They teach them how to think and they weed out the non-hackers. Coding is... show more

companies. one guy said they'd tell the other hosts as well. so now what? how can i get a "free hosting" account now?

Best answer: No, super AI will not take over the earth or whatsoever. It's the humans who created the the AI. Although there will always be a fear of Machines taking over humans but there are very few chances of this to happen. Machines perform the way we have programmed those. We add intelligence in the machines through... show more

Best answer: This is typically only an issue with floating point number formats. Most computers use a standard (IEEE 754) to represent floating point numbers. That standard defines bit patterns that stand for "+ infinity" and "- infinity", and also defines what results should be produced when infinities... show more

Best answer: Expecting a student to have done a project is absurd. A student is expected to do the necessary assignments in their classes. The result is a final grade, and these are combined into a transcript and the granting of a degree. You learn about projects when you start your first job. An employer who hires... show more

I’m curious what would you say are the basics that I should have mastered? I’ve familiar with strings, functions, dictionaries, tuples, etc.