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If you buy real Instagram followers, do they like your pictures?

21 answers · Other - Internet · 14 hours ago
Best answer: Buy followers that like your photos

What percentage of Internet users are actually free thinkers?

12 answers · Other - Internet · 1 day ago
Because I have noticed that the Internet has become a place for people to express all kinds of strange and downright stupid ideologies(This is the good thing about Freedom of Speech in tolerating even speech we dont like). However, what I cannot help question is how many people are truly free thinkers, or just... show more

No one in our out. since he clearly thinks all immigrants are potential criminals, or an invasion army. it's pathetic.

Best answer: Googling doesnt always provide a good answer. You get millions of results related to your question, but no single page that says "this is what you want to know, and ita definitely right". I guess some people find it easier to deal with potential trolling and armchair experts than read through all the... show more

a) yes b) no When you answer, can you give me an explanation?

Get rid of bing and let me use google?

7 answers · Google · 3 days ago

Who are some anti white Asian youtubers?

5 answers · YouTube · 2 days ago
Best answer: There are none, youtube doesn't support racism

Why does ie stops while im on facebook?

5 answers · Facebook · 21 hours ago

I added someone I met in college on Facebook. 20 minutes after he accepted my request, there was an attempt to change my password. I've always thought this person is very trustable. I don't know if this is a coincidence. Maybe he didn't do it, but the fact that it was just 20 minutes after we became... show more

Facebook: Restricted?

4 answers · Facebook · 1 day ago
Best answer: No you can not if you add them to your Restricted list you have to stop them from seeing Both the Post on your Wall and the Post on there News Feed

Best answer: Beside it being illegal 'shill' bidding, for which eBay can seek criminal charges if it wants to, there are systems in place to detect this. Shill bidders don't actually buy, they only place bids. If it looks like they may actually win an item where the price is one bid higher than the price they want,... show more