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Is it normal for a PC to use 3 GB of RAM with no apps open?

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Best answer: I go to 2.7 GB used on startup before I open anything so it is not to abnormal in Windows 10. Along with the other suggestion to check processes, go to the Startup Tab in the Task Manager which indicates which programs are automatically starting. Multiple apps install some processes which automatically run at... show more

Is 32 gigs of RAM overkill?

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Long story short, I was able to upgrade my XPS 8930 from 16 gigs of ram to 32 for nothing (exact same type or ram the pc came with, I just added two extra 8 gigs sticks in the two slots that were empty. Seeing I didn't pay for it (crazy gamer friend upgraded his 8930 to 64 gigs so he had a couple sticks left... show more

I have a question about a Dell Computer?

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My dad got a Dell Optiplex 780 from a friend, and on the tag it says it is supposed to be Windows 7 Operated, but for some reason it has Windows XP on it, and it refuses to work with the Windows XP. He cant factory reset it to get it to work and has been trying to get Windows 7 back on it but no luck since we... show more

Did I kill my cpu?

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Placed a new 8th gen cpu into a 7th gen motherboard and the computer would turn off immediately after I would try to turn it on. Ultimately figured out I goofed and did what I said above. Anyways, I am wondering if that would have hurt or damaged my new cpu as I have a new motherboard otw I plan to identify it for?

I asked a similar question earlier, but I wanted to refine it.

Best answer: You are asking 2 separate questions. Laptop batteries don't have an unlimited life. After a certain number of charge/discharge cycles they start to deteriorate and eventually must be replaced. This isn't deliberate - simply a feature of the electrochemical processes that make up the battery. All laptops... show more

What is the best way to get my laptop examined, and fixed?

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TL;DR "What is the best way to get my laptop examined, and fixed?" For the last few months, my laptop has been struggling to maintain a connection to any WiFi network. All the other devices in my house seem to connect just fine. On top of that its begun running slower. I WAS acting worse before my... show more

I cracked my computer screen what should I do?

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Today I was cleaning my room and had moved all my things off my desk and shelves, because I was rearranging them, and I had put my 1,000 dollar apple IMac on the floor and I was carrying other things and I couldn’t see and I knocked it over and now there are cracks on it. I don’t know what to do my dads going to... show more

Should I get a laptop with core i5 or core i7?

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What computer?

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Computer zoomed in?

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So my cat sat on my laptop and ****** it up. Everything is zoomed, not just my browser. My mouse takes up most of screen. Help please?

Processor - 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-7200U (3MB Cache, up to 3.10 GHz) OS - Windows 10 System Type - 64-bit RAM - 4GB 2400MHz, DDR4. Expandable up to 16GB Chipset - Integrated with processor Graphics Card - AMD Radeon™ R5 M430 Graphics with 2GB DDR3

How can I find what type of computer I have?

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Cant print?

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Where's the hardware department?

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Keyboard not working?

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