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Best answer: Ripoff. I see those being listed for less than $100.

Could you live without the internet?

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what is that s how all previous animals/dinosaurs died, then two stars collided creating the sun we have today reheating the planet and letting the world grow and come back to life suitable for humans

hardware id # is usb\vid_0ad2&pid_9314&rev_2662&mi_00, that is the first hardware id the second id # is usb\vid_0ad2&pid_9314&_00

How too delete a Computer virus?

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Did steve jobs really make the apple?

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Best answer: Why don't you just disconnect his router and put your own on there? Or better yet, why don't you just have the internet shut off? If he wants internet, he can pay for it.

Which is the best data recovery software.?

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Apple is BETTER than windows change my mind?

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Best answer: So, you're asking people to compare an electronics brand to an OS? Or do you mean the computers that run Windows? The specs are exactly the same, same Intel chips, same video cards, etc. This isn't a subjective thing that one can "think" the specs are better or not. Apple's screens are very... show more

How can we track stolen laptop.?

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Can't perform a system restore Windows 7?

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I get a message saying that my C drive has an error and I must do a disk scan before I can do a system restore. So I restarted my computer and did a disk scan successfully but I still get the same prompt when I try to do a system restore. What can I try next?

What is this part? is this a 4 pin?

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If you brought a hp laptop, would you buy blue, silver,grey, or white?

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Will phone become as powerful as modern laptops and pcs?

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Best answer: Yes.

What are the steps to remove bing from my computer?

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Youtube channel? only serious awnsers?

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I'm gonna start a youtube channel but I don't know what to post. Please help

How can I upgrade my OS?

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Do laptops contain bad radiation?

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