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Is My School Retarded?

8 answers · Other - Computers · 2 days ago
My school switched windows 7 computers with chromebooks... Are they retarded?

Does Facebook have any helpline number?

29 answers · Facebook · 18 hours ago
I forgot my facebook password and i tried all the possible ways to recover it but it wont....and my hotmail account doesn't exist anymore that i use for my facebook.

Where can you make a web page?

4 answers · Programming & Design · 5 hours ago
I`m not talking about a web site for business I want to know how to make a silly & clever page like the one here I don`t know who made it but it`s cool

Is WiFi the only way you can connect to the internet with a tablet or can you also connect with a cable?

Bandwidth vs Latency?

5 answers · Computer Networking · 1 day ago
Best answer: Latency is ping, just a call and response from another server somewhere. The number is the amount of time it took for that message to travel and get sent back, measured in milliseconds Bandwidth is how much information can be crammed down the pipeline at the same time. You can have enormous bandwidth, but it... show more

What laptop or pc brand are you using?

49 answers · Desktops · 5 days ago

because the guy running it is trying to sleep and you should wait until a decent hour- I mean, really..

Is the pop up saying I have 17 viruses real?

17 answers · Security · 3 days ago
A colleague showed me the website and I wanted to watch Boss Baby so I tried it out. There was a pop up that said I had 17 viruses on my iPad. Is this real or is it fake? I heard that it’s pretty hard to get viruses on IOS or Androids but people find new ways to do hack into things. There’s... show more

My new laptop is acting weird?

7 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 2 days ago
So I just got a new laptop a corei7 hp laptop and I recently got google chrome on it, whenever it starts up it takes a long time and when I try to open up google it freezes and has a black screen till a few mins later it restores it. And now while I was watching youtube it all of a sudden freezes completely. I... show more

Who won the alabama election?

8 answers · Other - Internet · 3 hours ago

Is it illegal to download music off youtube?

12 answers · YouTube · 3 days ago

Why Doesn't The E-Drive on My Computer Work?

4 answers · Other - Computers · 2 days ago
Best answer: There are a few things that you could try here. Try using a different disk to see if the problem is with the drive, or the disk itself. If you have the same problem with a different disk, there is most likely something wrong with your disk drive. You could try to take the drive out and clean it to see if that... show more

How can I make a wireless connection between phone and TV.?

5 answers · Other - Computers · 2 days ago I asked something like this earlier, but was really upset then so was pretty rude and close minded then. One of the answers said their is a way to connect without having to use the net, so I asked how, but have not got a answer and I need this info... show more

Best answer: Unfollow her from your News Feed or if you just dont wanna get anymore Video posts on your News Feed click on the Drop Down Arrow and click on the I dont want to see this Button and it will Post less of the Videos

How often do you back up your computer?

52 answers · Security · 6 days ago
If you work with important documents, how often do you create backups to ensure that your work is not lost?

Will Yahoo ever become as great as Google?

10 answers · Google · 1 day ago
Best answer: never

Is a hard reset bad for my computer?

9 answers · Desktops · 3 days ago
for example if my computer freezes and u hold the power button for a few seconds to turn it off. can this damage components?