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Best answer: Can't tell without actually hearing the sounds. Sometimes the best anyone can do is guess their origin.

Dead pixels on tv?

6 answers · 2 days ago
Ok so i had a new samsung it had dead pixel and was setching apps randomly becouse of a mobo issue, replacement tv comes it has 2 bright green pixels and some black pixels, are dead pixels something you just have to live with

I want to be able to watch TV on my computer, on the internet.

I have the Samsung smart TV

I cant find my receipt or my warranty for my samsung 43 inch tv. Walmart said it was bought 03/22/17.That makes a little over a yr old

Why do gay TVs channels sound wet?

4 answers · 2 weeks ago

Tv turns on can push menu, volume, change channels and inputs. Every shows up. I have standard def cable box from mediacom and if I hook it up via coaxial cable nothing on any channel whether ant or cable is selected. Hook it up with red white yellow cables nothing on any of the inputs. Hook up hdmi alone nothing... show more

My hdmi cord is in right input is in hdmi1 . I have a lg tv . I'm not sure how to fix this please help

Just bought a new house - and the to have the TV centered and against the wall, we can’t mount it to a Stud. So the 55 in TV will either need to be mounted using drywall mounts, or I could mount it to a piece of plywood and then drill the plywood into each stud (so a 16 inch piece of plywood) Just wanted to know... show more