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Best answer: Even if a show is broadcast in 4K you wouldn't need a 4K TV to watch them. A 720p to 1080p & even lower (though most don't have that these days) would work fine. The only thing is that you wouldn't get the full resolution of course. As far as when, probably not for another couple of years

Best answer: It’s not going to happen anytime soon. Right now they are only showing off that manufactures can make an 8K TV however it’s not going to the market. Those are only prototypes, and most likely won’t work outside of demo mode. They haven’t even decided on an HDR format. With Samsung’s introduction of MicroLED, 8K... show more

Is direct tv good?

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Are there anything else I should know about if I want to purchase a 4K TV? Thanks!! p.s. I will still read it if its not tl;dr lol

My Samsung Tv won’t turn on?

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Bought a Samsung curved 65” 4K tv in November. Today he screen just went black. The remote doesn’t do anything but flash red when a button is pressed. And there is no red light on the tv indicating the tv is actually off. I tried unplugging and in a new outlet. Still nothing.

Best answer: Most Universal remotes will control a TV and be cheaper than the original replacement. Visit your local Target, Walmart, etc (or and search universal remotes and look through the manual, they sill sometimes list the models they support and the 4(??) digit code to program it. If you want a... show more

Hi I want to split my cable box signal from 1 box to 2 TVs and have them playing at the same time all the HDMI splitters I’ve seen only allow display to 1 tv at a time any suggestions? Thanks