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What is the Best Camera For 2018?

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I accidentally formatted my Cannon Powershot camera and I cannot seem to recover the pictures. I NEED TO GET THEM BACK ASAP!!!!!!!!! I have tried to recover them using online things but none of them are working. Please help me get them back

I have an old olympus OM-2n film camera that came with a 200mm lens. However it won t fit on the camera, it seems i need an adaptor perhaps? But I can t find one online, and I m not sure which one I need. I don t see a brand name on the lens, only that it says "KOREA" and it looks like it has macro... show more

Which DSLR camera should I buy?

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I am looking to get my first DSLR camera, I have looked at quite a few online using the JB Hi-Fi website and there seems to be so many different types but I'm not too sure which one would be right for me and what I hope to use it for. I am an aspiring filmmaker and videographer so naturally I would need a DSLR... show more

Popular girl Anastasia Gruzdeva from Instagram, her username is anastasiagav, i want to know what camera she is using so i can buy same

I want take selfies around the world, so can i do it with this camera?

Best answer: It seems no one read your question as you are not asking about digital files. Anyway, there is not a lot you can do to prevent someone making a copy or your print. A scan of a print, however, never looks as good as the original print. One thing you can try which is something a photographer friend of mine did, but... show more

Best answer: Using a micro fiber cloth, wipe down the gold contacts on the rear of the lens and the gold pins inside the camera body. If that doesn't work, then the lens is broken and should just be thrown away as repair costs will great exceed it's used replacement value. If it is broken, then that wouldn't... show more

Affordable slow motion camera?

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I have a Panasonic g7 which has micro four thirds lenses. Should I buy an adapter and then buy and use ef lenses or should I forget the adapter and buy micro four thirds lenses?

Does anyone know this answer?

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Camera shake occurs when you are handholding at too low a shutter speed and the camera moves during the capture, therefore blurring the image. The recommended shutter speed for being able to handhold without camera shake is 1/ the camera focal length. Therefore if I zoomed out to a focal length of 200m,, my shutter... show more

Which has a better photo quality? one that can be useful for photoshoots and landscape photography

Hi. I know the question 'why do selfies look weird?' has been asked a million times, but hear me out! I have noticed that all photos of myself in family albums taken with proper cameras look completely normal, but selfies taken on my phone look lopsided and rather unpleasant. This got me thinking: 1. Do... show more

Best answer: Passive IR motion detector for alarm system or automatic light switching. Now common in public restrooms. There Is No Camera In It.

Best answer: For digital storage, multiple (as in a minimum of two) external hard drives stored in different locations. A fire safe is a good place to keep one of the drives.. I used to burn DVDs, but now that I'm working with raw files, I've gone to hard drives. I don't leave my backup drives connected to the... show more