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This is an old camera from Limited Too. I can’t find the manual or any type of cord. Can someone help me?

I have been set on buying the Sony Alpha A6000 as I like that it's small, and compact, however, I recently started looking at the Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR camera. Any other suggestions on what's good to start with? My budget is $600 or less. Thanks!

My Canon SX530 HS does a great job at getting photos of the moon. But, when I try to take night sky pictures or pivtures of lighting during a storm, I can't get a photo. I have tried so many different settings on the camera to get a good photo the last 2 years that I have had it and nothing seems to work. I... show more

every time that i try to take a photo in the timer control it still only lets me take a normal photo. please help by explaining what i need to do and what the problem is in detail. thank you!

Best answer: When it comes to determining which camera is best, you first must have answer to: "best for what?" You need to know your needs which will based upon the types of photography you'll be doing. The G7X Mark II is, IMHO, an overpriced point-and-shoot camera. It's intended market is advanced and... show more

The camera I have now is the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS. It's a great camera but I'm kinda looking for an upgrade. It's not taking as good as photos as I would like anymore. I'm getting picker the better I am getting with photography. What is the best upgrade for me? I'd like to stick to Canon... show more

Best answer: Hey there! What you have is a Fuji Instax, probably a model 8. And the thing you're talking about is called a "wrist strap" or "camera strap." It is not meant to go around your neck unless you are a Barbie doll! There is a small cutaway with a post in it on the upper left side of the... show more

What has happened to my camera?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
When exposed to bright tech in darker places streaks of light appear on my camera especially after I wipe off the camera does anyone know what this is. (I have an iPhone 8)

Best answer: The Tamron 75-300, like all Tamron lenses, are made at the factory with either a Canon or Nikon lens mount. Therefore your lens has one of these mounts or maybe it has a Pentax mount. Because you do not mention which mount your lens has, it's not possible to say which body would be good for you. Even more... show more

Problems with my Canon EOS 80D?!?!?

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I have a canon 80d with a Sigma 17-50mm lens. I was taking pictures yesterday and all was fine. I let my sister take some and when we wanted to review them, the playback button wasn't working. I also noticed the shoot button doesn't half press to focus anymore. Also,when I press the start/stop button it... show more

Does anyone know if I’m able to use the micro SD that’s programmed into my Nintendo Switch onto my friends Canon camera? I don’t want it to reset the SD card when I put it back inside the Switch. I’m going to a concert and it’s the only memory card I have lol. I’ll remove the concert photos before I insert it back... show more

Best answer: On a point and shoot camera, when the optical zoom starts going above 5x, (and even less than that in most cases), the aperture also closes down... usually a considerable amount. It is just the design necessity or else the lens would have to be much larger if it was to maintain a large aperture throughout the zoom... show more

Also if I set the camera to record while my phone is connected to the camera, will it stop recording once I am out of range?

I own both nikond3300 n canon eos1100d and would love to shot large group photos using single lens. Which single lens is suitable?

i have had this camera for a year now and only know how to use it on auto settings where it does all the work for you. i'd like to get some more use out of the camera. can anyone help with how i'd change the shutter speed to get a star trail picture for example? also explained in simple terms as i have no... show more