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Best answer: Colorado. I'd get the GMC Canyon though

it has 230 K on it and the engine is wearing down and maybe be time to replace the car possibly I am not sure yet?

Which car should i go for?

8 answers · Audi · 17 hours ago
Hello i am a 20 year old male looking to upgrade my car. The ones which i am interested in are the Mercedes a class AMG line, audi A3 and the BMW 1 series. I have to make long distance drives every weekend to go see my family and friends as i currently work away. It would be great to be able to upgrade to something... show more

So basically my boyfriend and I have been looking for a perfect van to road trip in, and we saw this absolutely perfect Ford Econoline 150 that is cutom made. The interior is in mint condition as well as the exterior and as far as I know the engine and everything is in perfect shape. Basically my question today is... show more

Can you answer this question about Mercedes Benz?

10 answers · Mercedes-Benz · 2 days ago
Does mercedes benz have a side company like Honda has Acura or Toyota has Lexus? if so what is it called?

I have an '07 R56 manual Mini Cooper. I'm looking to get a Subaru-like rumble. I'm very new to the car world so just looking for a genuine answer, I know it's possible to get that sound, I just don't know if it's exhaust related or if it comes from the engine?

Why does Chevy have a habit of copying Ford?

6 answers · Chevrolet · 2 days ago
When the Mustang went retro/modern in 2005 then the Camaro in 2010 copied Ford. Similar body, (not face or rear end) but the shape of the body is so similar to the 05-09 Mustangs. Except the Camaro looks ugly because of the flat roofline and because it is wider giving it a boxy look. When you take a look at what... show more

New 2005 mustang instruments cluster plus installation at ford dealership. How much ?

2018 Kia Forte or Hyundai Elantra?

10 answers · Hyundai · 5 days ago
I already know they are made by the same manufacturer. Which should I get ANDwhy?

Disabling airbags before parting out?

8 answers · Honda · 4 days ago
I have a 2001 Honda Civic that I m parting out, should I be concerned about an accidental firing when dismantling, how can I disable or if best acitivate them all. I don t really feel like getting slammed in the face when I remove the steering wheel or something. Does me unplugging all the sensor completely open... show more

Best answer: If you can see the belt it's called a drive belt. If there is more than on of them just look to see what it spins.

What is better the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord?

17 answers · Toyota · 1 week ago
Best answer: Both are very reliable. It's really a toss up.

2007 Hyundai accent?

5 answers · Hyundai · 3 days ago
I'm considering buying a 2007 Hyundai Accent SE with alloys sunroof and all the goodies, the car is in good shape its a one owner and the owner took good care of the car it has 205,000 miles on It. I test drove the car and the cars drives real smooth but it makes knocking or clicking noise in the back and the... show more

Best answer: Firstly, the rotary is a superior design to the traditional piston engine. For all practical purposes, the RX8 is superior to the RX7. The 8 has 4 doors and can sit 4 people in relative comfort, and holds up well in collisions. Unless you are a veteran car enthusiast, I would own the 8 prior to buying a 7. The... show more