Car Makes's questions - English iziqna". Is there anything she can do legally? Is the dealer wrong for doing this? Or what can she do?

Its located underneath the drivers side next to the Hood Release button. It jjust says on/off and its on off. Ive never used it and never knew it was there. Does anybody know what it is? I have 2 pictures of it.

Is Toyota with 220k+ miles worth it?

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Best answer: Because most people cant afford to pay $100k+ on a car unless your some rich business owner or a doctor or lawyer.

Who would buy a Honda car?

17 answers · Honda · 3 days ago
Best answer: No I am Ford thanks

Best answer: Its actually real... How about think of how big a city would be if ALL THE ILLEGALS decided to move to the same city.. THEY WOULD TAKE IT OVER... they invade, use our resources, use our schools, etc... and we will never got back all the REAL CITIZEN tax money costs from them. I have actually been in check cashing... show more

Are volkswagens bad cars?

8 answers · Volkswagen · 1 day ago
One of my coworkers had a Volkswagen jetta that was only like 4 years old and she told me it had alot of problems and traded it in. Are Volkswagens really that bad?

Is South America part of America?

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Best answer: Look for another 2008. None of them will have 324,000 miles. They should have 100,000 miles. This truck is worn out for all engines wear out and this WAS MOST LIKELY A DELIVERY VEHICLE. Expect stuff to break or it to burn oil and other. Offer them $500 and walk away. PoS.

What is your favorite make for pickup trucks?

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2002 audi a6 3.0 over heating problem problem?

5 answers · Audi · 9 hours ago
Car has a out 102k miles and over heats what could be the problem? Water pump or thermostat?

Best answer: Snowflakes needing more things to get triggered by

My VW is beeping (like when a person is not buckled up) and the light under the review mirror is flashing while I drive.