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Can I trade in a damaged car?

24 answers · Toyota · 4 days ago
Best answer: Yes you can. The dealer will adjust his offer to take the necessary repair into account. He can do the repair for half what it would cost you.

My Toyota Passo 2008 got this problem recently. White smoke came out anytime I accelerated my car. I even tried to fix but it didn't work that way . Have you experience this issue, what should I do?

This particular Holden Viva (Daewoo Lacetti) sometimes refuses to move forward when put into drive but will move when put in reverse. We also felt a shudder from the car when it was cruising at highway speeds. If it helps at all, we once revved the enging hard on park just before we put it in drive when the... show more

i wanted a bmw 330i. but he bought me a 2017 ford focus se. instead. how do i convince him to get me a bmw? i wanna show off at my high school and the ford focus just doesn't cut it. it look very plain and basic. i want something with stance.

Is the 2018 Nissan Sentra a good college car?

11 answers · Nissan · 2 days ago

Using 4x4 on the explorer due to snow but im traveling about 50 mph and my brother in law said thats bad for the vehicle is it? Was is 4x4 hi

Cars has had 3 owners spent 2 years out east then came to California.

Which is safer, more practical, and better?

I am having a hard time deciding if I want to fix up the engine of my 1969 Mustang fastback or if I should just swap it to a more modern one can anyone give me some advice?

Bmw tyre pressure light come on - Red.?

5 answers · BMW · 1 day ago
My bmw tyre pressure warning light came on this morning.. I had my wheels reconditioned yesterday so I am assuming it’s the new pressure difference causing this alarm - however the colour red on a warning light indicates a major fault - The last time a red light came on I had a cracked tyre and the air completely... show more

So my honda keeps spilling liquid that spits and throws to the hood to the radiator and battery and im not so sure what it could be can anyone help me with this its on the left side by the battery automatic 1996 honda accord lx 4 door

Hyundai Santa Fe Heat/Defrost problem?

6 answers · Hyundai · 2 days ago
2005 Hyundai Santa - Every little bit, the air/heat/defrost cycles, makes a noise and while it's making the noise, a smoky-looking cloud poofs up like a pressure valve is releasing, if there is such a thing on it. When it happens, there is a whiff of a smell of polish remover. Also, a small fan (A/C ?) spins... show more