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Do Zebras mate with Horses ever?

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What type of spider is this?

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Best answer: Not much to work with here, hardly matters what species if you just kill them. The long slender legs, probably a funnel weaver, house spider, grass spider etc. Nothing of risk or concern.

Will hippos let you pet them?

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What are the reasons behind people’s perceptions that donkeys are humble creatures which are inferior to race horses 🐎 ?

Best answer: Cortisol and adrenaline are the chemicals in the brain which cause fear. All animals have it. Emotions are simply a reaction of the brain to chemical or hormonal stimuli, all animals have it and some more so than homo-homo sapien.

Best answer: Get your basic degree, then move on into 'exotics' so you can work with zoo animals. Or focus on working with wildlife.

Which animals eat their own faeces?

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Best answer: Rabbits, hares, and pikas eat their cecotropes (soft) pellets. Also hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs and naked mole-rats. Pigs rarely eat their own feces, and only when there is a large amount of semi-digested stuff.

Best answer: I assume you intend that all anatomical structures are intact. If you mean the outer ear then this is a blind-ended tube ending in the tympanic membrane (the "eardrum"). A bug would have to crawl out of the ear and across the scalp to the other ear. No internal pathway exists. If you mean the middle... show more

Best answer: Animals in captivity are safe from predators, so they can live longer. However, if they are not properly cared for, animals in captivity can die because of improper diet or lack of vitamins or calcium or they can die of diseases or improper environmental conditions (e.g. being exposed to excess heat or cold... show more

Are Opossums dangerous?

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If wild animals like lions, tigers, bears, and elephants escape from a zoo or sanctuary or circus and are roaming around in your area, what do you do?

Bugs freak me out. Don’t know why. There is a spider in my bedroom hiding somewhere after my failed attempt to squish it. I’ve spent years researching these things I fear, but I am no closer to understanding if I should be or not. There is a lot of contradictory information out there. I figure someone out there... show more

Can lion survive wound?

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Found a fresh killed rabbit in my drive way. The head was missing the rest was there. This was day light on a cloudy day around 2:30 in the after noon in Milwaukee Wisconsin. There are hawks in the neighbor. over the years we have found several rabbits left this way can you help. Thank... show more