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Are tigers beautiful?

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Best answer: Yes, in several places. The American west with the mustangs and the 2000 Przewalski horses that live in the steppes of Russia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Przewalski...

Best answer: Yup, that's a Virginia opossum, Didelphis virginiana. They're scared of people and will run. If cornered, they show teeth and hiss. If they're cornered and injured, they may "play dead." Don't pick one up with your bare hands. Don't chase a mother with babies. I live in Los... show more

Just wonderin’

Best answer: Farm animals tend to be much calmer and sociable likely largely due to hormones but something in their breeding. Domestication typically makes them more friendly. Domestic animals often have more inbreeding or less genetic diversity. It would always tend to be more inbreeding as they become domesticated... show more

Best answer: The hawk has to be the worst, with other birds of prey in second place. Osprey is a gulls nightmare. Next level down would be the ground predators that go for the pre fledgling chicks and eggs. Shark, dolphin, even Orca will come from below to take a gull. but not a primary threat.It happens though. As with many... show more

Are turtles immortal?

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They say turtles never die or never get old. Is that true?

Best answer: Wasps. They are more aggressive and have no barb on their sting, so they can perforate you many times. A bees tend to sting only iPads a last resort. The sting is barbed and in stinging you it will itself die.

Which animal does iii aaah?

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Is deer similar to horse?

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I found 3 kittens down over the hill by our barn last summer one didn't survive. We live way out in the woods. My brothers were trying to go find its body they like dead stuff for some reason. It was August when we found them. They were only 8 weeks old I doubt if his body would still be there we got neighbors... show more

I am a hypochondriac and fear rabies. I was sleeping with the window open October 5th. I had a blanket over myself and was tucked in at the feet and shoulders I slept kind of lightly for a few hours and fear a bat could have came in, bit me, then flew back out. I fear rabies and the window is flush with the ground... show more

Where do bats live?

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First cattle to U.S.A?

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How alligators sleep?

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