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I'm try to describe a man-bull hybrid that's not a Minotaur, but more anthro in my book. My idea is that the hybrid is mostly human but with bull features (Muzzle, ears, horns, and tail)

Best answer: Not n the United States. In fact zoos have to prove qualifications to the US Fish and Wildlife service before they can import a panda. Yeah, they are super cute!

Where do the Beavers live?

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At Yellowstone the bull elk contantly be sticking tongues in certain areas.. The does have to sit down just to be left alone.

I really need a reliable source to reference for my assignment! Every time I look up this question on google it just comes up with why animals do migrate but I need a reason why they don t. My Biology teacher said it may be because they don t have enough blubber but I can t find a website on it. Thank you! :)

What type of bug is this?

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State: Illinois Seen them on clothes and on my couch, not on my body though.

I have an essay about this and I can’t come up with no ideas I just know is cruel

How sharks survive in the water?

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Best answer: It is the genes that determine whether a caterpillar becomes a moth or butterfly. Both the caterpillar stage and the adult stage can evolve, since they are governed by two different sets of gene. It a species' ancestor is a butterfly, then the caterpillar will transform into a butterfly. The caterpillar lacks... show more

Do hyenas eat cheetahs?

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Best answer: Yes, cheetahs are not strong or fierce. They usually try to avoid confrontations with other predators.

Best answer: That's interesting. If I were an animal I'd want to be a cat because they can do pretty much whatever they want and sleep all the time. I think that lifestyle would suit me perfectly as I'm pretty lazy anyway. I'd also like to be a bird because then I'd be able to fly wherever I want.

Hi! So I keep finding dead bugs outside my house and in our garage but never in our house. when we kick them off to move them thinking their dead they move their legs. They’re laying on their back. We don’t know what they are but They look like cockroaches and they could be water bugs as well we just don’t know. So... show more