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Best answer: The number of rodents cannot be determined, but the density of them per household has been guesstimated by survey. The top three US cities having the highest percentage of rodents per household are Philadelphia, Washington DC, and NYC. See [https://www.cnn.com/2017/01/25/us/creatu... for the complete list.

Is this a mosquito?

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Best answer: Yes, in fact the WHO's International Classification of Diseases, 11th Revision (ICD-11) has listed under mental health the depression suffered by plain flies who are jealous of apid exoskeleton patterns.

Best answer: Possibly the Orca, or one of the other large toothed whales. More powerful than a hippo. Fortunately they don't appear to be interested in biting people. They don't appear to be interested in doing bite strength tests, so this is an estimate. ... and I used to think that the scene in the movie where Orca... show more

Best answer: It has black-and-white markings, but it can't be a Holstein-Friesian bull because it lacks udders and has the body shape of a beef breed. So I guess a Holstein-Galloway mix.

Pterosaurs may be extinct, but they had a longer history and filled far more niches. Don't base assessment on just todays fauna. Bats may diversify more, or bats _ birds could be extinct in 3 million years, who knows? Lets stick to biomechanics. Tale of the tape: Pterosaurs: First appeared near 228 million... show more

Best answer: It is very unlikely. Tigers are ambush predators, and if they attack an animal far larger than them (like a gaur or a buffalo), their first move is to bring it down by grabbing its neck, or by attacking its hind feet. Even if the tiger catches the T-rex unawares, it cannot easily knock it down; the neck is placed... show more

as the title suggests my queen ant has been killed and I am basically looking for answers on what I might have done wrong and so I know for my next colony. my queen ant was breaded and sold to me with 10 worker ants, the colony grew bigger and bigger and had around 100 workers plus eggs I give them food often... show more

i can't adopt a WILD pet even if i can make it OBEY AND WORSHIP ME. not gonna happen. p.s. parrots are not wild.

Best answer: Porcupines are rodents with long quills. They are more closely related to rats, mice, squirrels and guinea pigs than they are to hedgehogs. Hedgehogs have short spines and they are more closely related to shrews than to porcupines.

Best answer: 1. The earliest known modern human (H. sapiens) fossils are found in Africa, dated to about 150,000 to 200,000 years old. 2. Mitochondrial DNA data suggests that "Mitochondrial Eve" is an African. We determine that by comparing the mtDNA of females from different places on earth. The descendant of the... show more

For the past two nights I ve been hearing this strange screaming sound from my window. It s definitely an animal not a person. I only hear it at night and can t seem to tell what it is. I recorded the sound but I m not sure how to post it on here. Any ideas of what it could be are appreciated.

Best answer: Unless the snake bit you in an artery or major vein, most of the venom was put into muscle tissue where it will take a while to reach the bloodstream. So chopping off your arm immediately would greatly reduce the amount of venom you got. IF you didn't bleed to death from having your arm chopped off.

Best answer: It probably means this is the migration season for that species of white butterfly.