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Best answer: Mostly due to ignorance and a snowball effect of hate to that which they don’t understand. Trans people however are much more courageous than the haters as you put yourself out there and be who you are despite their irrational hate towards you. You are who you are mentally and you are neither confused or... show more

Is it true that elephants cant fly?

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ONLY humans are the animals who're VERY evil, and can do EXTREMELY HORRIBLE stuff to each other as well as other animals, for NO reason (all other animals only hurt each other if there's a valid reason). Humans are the worst among all living things. Every other animal species is LESS WICKED than us. Why... show more

Best answer: Conscience is a spiritual characteristic. Animals do not have a conscience. A dog of course can learn that certain behaviors are not acceptable because they make its owner angry. However, that isn't conscience.

Best answer: Lol but will she swallow it. 😆

Best answer: Where would you prefer to have it ?

Are birds mammals or reptiles?

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Best answer: One of your funny terns again? Aukward.

Who would win

Best answer: That's probably going to be down to weight, and they're in the same weight range. If you've already matched them by weight, I'm going to put my money on the cape buffalo.

Can insects feel pain?

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Do penguasn have knees?

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Isn't this animal cruelty?

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Best answer: Animals like to get high, even on their own in nature, because mammals evolved a pleasure center in our brains. The pleasure center makes us feel good, and it is used to reward us if we act in ways that help us survive and reproduce. For example, we feel good when we have sex and we feel good when mothers take care... show more

Are donkeys ever aggressive?

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Hey what’s a cow?

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Best answer: Seagull will not die. They will fly. That is much higher than dead.