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Best answer: I think you need to have that talk with your wife. If you cannot resolve your problems then appears best to separate. Dishonesty never ends well.

Scared of sex?

17 answers · 11 hours ago
My boyfriend has tried putting it in me MANY times. The tip would go in but trying to put the rest in hurts. (I’m a virgin and I’m very tight). Everytime, I tell him to stop cause it hurts. I wanna do it with him, but the pain ain’t no joke. What should I do? Should I just take it or what.

Best answer: Your problem might be your choice in guys... I mean come on, your COUSIN!?! Totally off-limits. It's not weird to be a 21 year old female virgin. I was. I really wish I had waited to lose my virginity, to be honest. The guy I lost it to was a scumbag. He was a cheater, a liar, a drug addict. He suckered me into... show more

Best answer: Very interesting question. The reason is very simple women like alpha males and hate beta males. All they care is how alpha the man is, looks, money, race, color and personal hygiene none of this matter. Alpha means aggression. Most alpha males are @ssholes but women love them anyway there is nothing we can do... show more

She's getting all uptight about it. Like you quit smoking of I'm leaving you. She watched some documentary about smoking and suddenly she's a doctor. I don't want her to leave, but I also don't want her telling me what to do like I'm a 5 years old. Do you think I should quit? And then maybe... show more

Did I end things too soon?

24 answers · 1 day ago
Basically, I ended it with a girl because I felt she wasn't into it anymore. She would rather sit in her room watching netflix then do anything. This happened for 2-3 months. I got fed up and dump her. To her this was a shock. She couldn't understand my decision. I didn't hear from her for two... show more

I went on a date with a guy?

6 answers · 15 hours ago
I asked him how he felt after we hung out and he said, “I’m so totally in love. Haven’t put serious thought into it. I know I’m not trying to get involved in something serious. It was fun hanging out for sure. I’m cool with talking and keeping it casual.” It’s an interesting response because he starts with,... show more

What makes a girl a slut?

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Best answer: at young age its normal. keep flowing with the tide as you always do.

I date online to try and find an actual relationship, but recently I received a message from a guy offering me $100 for sex... I m concerned because I ve never had anything like this happen and I don t know what to do. Should I just ignore it or is it something serious? It sounds like this guy is basically... show more

Meeting guy off internet? Safe?

11 answers · 11 hours ago
Hi me and this guy have been talking through Facebook we have mutual friends he went to a school nearby me and we’ve only spoken through messages and never met each other in real life. He wants to meet me in real life and take me in his car for a drive in town but Idk if it’s safe? We’ve not met in real life face... show more

Should I block him and move on or keep hanging out hoping he may change his mind ?

My boyfriend never goes down on me?

13 answers · 3 days ago
Everytime we have sex, I have to give him a ******* to finish off him off, in our relationship he's went down on me maybe 3 or 4 times and not for very long, he's said to me that the appearance of vaginas he isn't attracted to. Which is fair enough but I think that it's very childish of him when... show more

Best answer: nnaye youre better off without hinn if hes going to hit you like that

I just turned 20 and I’ve hooked up with guys before but just never had sex with them. Will it scare the guy away if I say I’m a virgin next time we hook up. Do you think he’ll think I’m a weirdo?

What turns you on?

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He's 32 and I'm 40. His first child he wants with me. What to do

My boyfriend is always on his phone?

9 answers · 23 hours ago
So, my boyfriend is always on his phone. Well, not ALWAYS but A LOT. So, when he gets back from work, whether he’s done a late shift or an early shift (5am-2pm or 2pm-11pm) he says hello and then he sits down or we go up to bed and he goes on his phone and whenever I talk to him he rarely hears me and always goes... show more