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I'm unhappy after i had sex?

55 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: i am so sorry. my heart breaks for you. i am not religious nor do i go to church nor am i married or engaged....but i just feel like sex is such a big deal.... it should be only shared with who reciprocates the same feelings towards you, someone who values you and makes you feel is not... show more

i want to have sex but my confidence in my body is really not good at the moment

How do you get over a breakup?

5 answers · 4 hours ago
Best answer: Depends on how mature you are and how serious you are.Despite what you think, you are actually grieving. Underneath any anger you may feel, is hurt. That needs to be dealt with .If it isn’t it will surface again in another relationship. Like it or not it is a fact. Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel without... show more

Light-brownish/olive skin

18F I find that I'm attracted to men in their forties. I'm addicted to sex with my current one and it feels like I'm thinking with my cooch rather than my head. I don't feel the same way towards guys my age regardless of how hot they are. How do I stop feeling this way? What is wrong with me?... show more

Why do i find taken men attractive?

11 answers · 12 hours ago
I always find myself looking at guys who are already taken more than i would someone who is single. Why is this? Maybe because of my past? Maybe my ego? Idk!

Why are female cops so ugly?

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Was I molested or am I over-reacting?

12 answers · 12 hours ago
So like... I'm 14, turning 15 next month, and I've had a crush on this guy, he's 17, for quite a while and yesterday he asked if I'd like to hang out and I was totally down because we haven't talked in like 2 weeks. And so we got to a park, alone, at like 7pm, and he was quite close to me.... show more

I recently moved in with my boyfriend and due to some outside circumstances I haven’t been feeling up for sex all that often. I know he has a high sex drive (not complaining!) and I have no problem with him masterbating, but I find the regularity of it, the fact he does it next to me when he thinks I’m alseep, and... show more

Who do really want to kiss right now?

124 answers · 6 days ago

There’s this guy who really likes me he wants to be with me and is serious about me. I even had him crying over me in the past but he’s one big player. On his Instagram he has so many girls on there and some of them comment on his picture and he flirts with them back I don’t know it makes me mad because I feel like... show more