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This happened awhile ago but my boyfriend confessed to me that even though we re together, he still felt the need to watch porn videos. He also confessed that he masturbated to them. Of course, I was shocked and felt betrayed. I could tell he felt guilty about it and he apologized, even in the days that followed.... show more

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Before you all get on your moral high ground it is perfectly legal for a 16 year old to have a relationship with someone of that age as long as its not sexual. My daughter seems very happy and he seems like a nice boy. It's only a 9 year age difference and she is very mature for her age

Best answer: I was in love with someone with true feelings . It didn't matter to me if he had car , bike or lots of money . His looks didn't matter to me . What mattered to me was only his heart . But he changed with time as he got successful in his career . I was with him for 8 years . I met him in my teens . what I... show more

do you also qo watch women videos on youtube.

When it’s just a quick peck I’m alright but when we really start kissing or making out and one of us pulls away my stomach feels extremely nauseous and I either puke or I dry heave for a few minutes. It’s not that I don’t want to kiss him or I’m grossed out and I’m extremely comfortable with him. Is there anyway to... show more

Best answer: You will know when you are, you will feel comfortable with your decision and be happy to proceed. As you are having all these misgivings? It sounds as though you are not ready just yet. Kudos for giving this serious though and being honest with yourself. You recognise you may regret this, again this is a mature... show more

I am 41 btw :)

I am 22, and I am falling for this 43 year old woman. I can't stop thinking about her, and every time I see her it makes me happy and I get this warm feeling in my heart. I see her every day, and those feelings get stronger every time we talk. When I start thinking about her my stomach turns and I get this... show more

Should I end things with him?

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I am a 24 year old female and I recently met online a 27 year old guy. Within the first moments of texting he revealed that he is a single father of a baby whose custody he shares with his ex. Initially I was very reluctant to continue any communication, but I gave him a shot an tried to see what kind of person he... show more

Best answer: They're hoping someone desperate will.

I never sent nudes in past relationships because I didn't trust the idea but I honestly think i can trust my partner. In your honest opinion do you believe all men do this or are there men out their who are respectful enough to know better?

It was about 5:30 am.We were both in bed asleep but i woke for a split second to turn over and when I did he started rubbing me down there....I wouldn t mind but then after playing with me for a few seconds he turned over and went back to sleep. What does this type of behaviour say to you? How would you feel if... show more

I keep telling my parents NO I don't want to date but they keep forcing me. Plus who would want to date someone who is overweight, has no job, no money and lives with parents????? I don't get it!