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Or is that too much of an age gap? I'm speaking within legal adult age 18+ (no underage drama with laws)

Everytime me and my boyfriend have sex he ask me very strange questions like... I’m bigger than your ex right? Has he ever done this to you? Is this the biggest d*ck you ever got? I’m f*ckikg you better than your ex right? Etc I tell him yes all the time so I make him feel good but I can’t figure out why he... show more

How does being in love feel?

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Best answer: YES, it's a date, but Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps he's a gentleman? Gentlemen allow their dates to spend the night, without forcing himself on her, especially these days and times, when men get in trouble so easily, for just smiling "the wrong ... show more

Cheating boyfriend?

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I caught my boyfriend texting very salacious things to another girl that is his coworker. After catching him I made him block and delete her but as of recent I’ve noticed I’ve had to reblock her several times I confronted him on it and he tried to use it against me that if I wasn’t crazy I wouldn’t go through his... show more

Best answer: If it made you feel uncomfortable and you think that he's the type who'd want to know about it, why not?

I get told im pretty all the time like everyday and have a nice figure. I also am really nice and down to earth. Getting guys to sleep with me is not a problem. They always just wanna be friends with benefits though. There will be times where they say they just arent ready for a relationship then like a month later... show more

Best answer: Because they are pretty stupid. I am following a lot of beautiful females on a popular social networking website, and most of them don't say anything, but yet they have accounts on the same social networking website that I am using. The females who I chatted with online are b***hes. I find it interesting... show more

Why don’t girls like me?

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I’m a 15 boy, I’m 5’11, white, I have dirty blond hair and blue eyes. However I have very long bangs, and I have moderate acne on my nose and chin. I have a decent build. However no girls ever like me, people mostly see me as a very funny and outgoing (from what I was told at least), and I like to think of myself... show more

My plan for my future is to become a marine for 4 years then after become a cop so what should I do risk her leaving or stay with her

Best answer: He will become more "touchy feely" may put his hand in intimate areas like between your legs. The easiest thing you can do is look for the bulge in his pants

Would you have sex with Invanka Trump?

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Best answer: If I were single, you betcha.

How often do you shower?

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Just wondering lol

I currently have 4 cars; two are paid off my 2018 f150 lariat, my 2016 Audi A6 my 2016 Dodge Challenger Srt 392 and I recently got a 2014 Mercedes g65 AMG. my girlfriend thinks having 4 cars is stupid but I don’t see why it is, we make good money and 2 are paid off. I don’t want to sell my cars and I’m thinking... show more

Is being a non virgin at 16 bad?

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I know people think sex at a young age is the most disgusting thing ever but is it? I've been dating the same boy for 3 years and of course we talked about intercourse nd we both decided that whenever we feel like we're mature enough, it's okay to do it. So we did. We both were virgins until last night.... show more