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I survived a very abusive childhood and the trauma caused me to have some signs of premature aging. My hair slowly started to turn stark white at the age of 23 and now at 32 it's completely white/dry/course. I dye it regularly (every 3 weeks) just the roots to match the darker brunette color I dyed the rest. It... show more

You barely even know the guy and he's telling you about all the girls he's had sex with why would anyone do this?? Is it supposed to be a turn on because it's not

Girlfriend and I live together, have a house. Share bills and have a pretty good life together. She has been demanding my passwords to bank accounts, IG, & Facebook. I told her she may look at my accounts all shed like but she can NOT have full on access because they are MY accounts. She said well if you... show more

My boyfriend and I started dating 10 months ago. The first few months were amazing. No arguments. Later on, for some reason, it started to bother him that i had dated people before him. He began to call me a slut, whore, hoe, etc. We would stay up all night arguing on the phone. I’d cry and cry and cry until he... show more

Best answer: Because white women are destroyed by Jew self-hating propaganda. If you ask any white woman, she will feel personally responsible for the genocides and starvation Going on in Africa. She will feel personally responsible for every homeless black guy or poor illegal immigrants. She will never blame the real people... show more

Best answer: Block

He's the only one who actually cares about me. I'm always alone but he's there for me. I'm so lonely and I feel so sad. He's always flirting and wants our relationship to become sexual. I'm kind of scared, but I don't want him to leave me like everyone else did. I feel like have no one... show more

This doesn't necessarily mean Black. Just darker skin than you.

Am i an abusive girlfriend?

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Best answer: He’s not wrong for defending himself, and your size does not make you a victim. I know this is a hard lesson, but you need to realize that just because you’re a woman- even a pregnant one- doesn’t give you the right to physically assault someone. Lose the victim complex, and learn to settle your arguments with... show more

Best answer: Your friends have no business telling you what to do and whether to have sex or not. And i wonder why everyone's sex life has to be broadcast all over the place as if it's some great news? People have sex.... or they don't. So what? It's personal, and not sure why it has to be discussed with... show more

i want him to feel what i felt. what can i actually do that will make him feel as left out as me? im talking MAJOR LIFE DECISIONS PEOPLE

Can anyone help me to move on after a breakup from my ex gf. thanks

I’m talking tagging designer clothes, name dropping expensive cars , tagging hotels etc....are they insecure about something or do they just love showing off? Am I right in thinking the proper rich don’t do this?

Why do men rape women and girls?

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