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Best answer: They want America to suck again, not be great. They don't know that the democrats are the fascists (corporatism) and that Trump is anti-fascist (pro-American). That is pretty stupid.

Best answer: she is so crazy that she thinks it will guilt white women into wanting a recall of Trump so hillary can be president

Is Mueller corrupt?

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Best answer: Torture small animals. You know that school bully that used to find somebody weak and steal his lunch money? He grew up to be a Conservative because that sort of behavior is acceptable in their crowd.

I recently just got fired and my check is suppose to come next week. If they refuse to hand me my check by next week, can i sue them even though it is only $160 check? And if i sue them, would i get more money?

Best answer: Very simply because it leaves guns to the bad guys and strips the good guys from carrying them. Not rocket science. More bad guys with guns equals more crime. More good guys with guns equals less crime.

Best answer: She's smart to divorce and get her money before it's all gone in legal bills and fines. After all, she DOES have 5 kids to feed.

Best answer: They are glad that he can no longer remind them that he lives in Britain and that he owes his life to the NHS.

Best answer: Old, long established tradition

Linkin Park vs Oasis?

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Best answer: I would say Linkin Park.

Best answer: Yes, but there really are a whole lot of liberals that could use it too.

We need to Demand Donald Trump be banned from entering another election for promoting hate & propaganda We should demand that Donald Trump be prevented from entering into another election due to his widespread and well-documented hate propaganda against a number of minorities in other nations in direct... show more