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Best answer: That's okay, because Bernie Sanders is a Radical Marxist Democrat. But a totally fake false charge against Brett Kavanaugh allegedly happened 40 years ago, and that sticks?

Best answer: Obama hates America

I've talked (more like argued) with some people who think taking a knee is wrong. I've noticed that two things come up, our troops and our flag. However, most troops say that they support Kaepernick and what he stands for, especially all the troops and vets that I know. And it doesn't say anywhere in... show more

Best answer: Obama claiming he is responsible for the good economy of the past two years implies that Trump is doing everything right, making all the right adjustments, to ensure the continued great economy Obama created, and therefore, if liberals were logical and they actually believed Obama's economy canard, they would... show more

OMG....The older I get, the dumber Barry sounds.

Best answer: A tiny collection of cells is not a human being = fact

Best answer: Liberals are dumb and somehow think Pelosi can be appointed president. It's quite embarrassing that foreigners get to see how they act.

Best answer: It's all they have. They arm themselves with weapons because they're incapable of arming themselves with intellectual thought. Look at the tards now.....claiming if Democrats win in November it'll spark violence and destruction throughout the country. They're trying to scare the populous with... show more


Best answer: You should each buy the other a beer...you're both right.