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Best answer: Well I happen to be the son of my work's CEO so I think some people assume I'm a spoiled, entitled brat, which I try oh so hard not to be.

Best answer: Lol, Trump is a laughing stock.

It seems to me that Green voters do tons of air travel

Is this a double standard where he feels it's acceptable for him to be chubby, but intolerable for other people?

living thing right?

Best answer: I am reminded the KKK and protection of slavery were started by Democrats every time I see a Confederate monument which was erected by post Civil War Democrats. I can understand why they are so anxious to destroy their own monuments and get rid of the Confederate Flag. It is sort of like an escaped murderer trying... show more

She wants to be in power for longer than Broon at least

Best answer: ButtPlug Pete That is what we call him.

Best answer: At least he was having sex with his wife and not another man this time.

..it a good and useful thing to do, that will benefit the American people? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-v...

Best answer: While they are front runners now, I think people will eventually decide Biden and Sanders are too old.

Name some journals, websites, authors, etc.

Best answer: He's a crybaby. He couldn't come up with the funding for his plan so he had a hissy fit so he wouldn't have to address it. TWO TRILLION DOLLARS. Really Donny?

Best answer: Hardly, an innocent man would cooperate in the investigation, not fight or hinder it

Best answer: Because there is little defense for Trump being a good president while there is a lot of defense for Obama being great.