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Best answer: Cons dish out hate and scorn those that don't buy his BS.Then they cry and whine they've been done wrong.

... ending up indicted and facing possible jail time is real ... ... isn't that correct?

Best answer: I enjoyed my visit there, despite running into a crazed religious mullah. Most of the people are nice, food interesting/delicious, and the historical sites fascinating

Best answer: Yes they do.

Many of their societies and governments are far less religious and conservative than America's, yet many of their people today hardly seem truly happy, and are dealing with many serious problems themselves

He said that they should pay for the wall instead of the U.S. government.

List everything you want as leftist. It would be interesting to see how 1984 ish it would be. I know free college, free healthcare, and 100 percent open borders but what else is it equality of outcome for all? So everyone can be Michael Jordon?

Best answer: Yes, but that's just one part of it. Russia undertook a massive intelligence operation to mess up our country and to help elect a person they could manipulate and/or threaten. It took many forms. It has been described as "throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks."

before the midterms the cons on here would have some substantive arguments, since then it has just been personal attacks, why is this?

Best answer: You clearly are sexist, why else would you draw attention to the fact they're female? I don't like Thatcher, but she has as many admirers as she does haters. May is out of her depth, but she was handed a poisoned chalice by Cameron. Given the circumstances, she's not doing any worse than the other... show more