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Best answer: We should line em all up, make em get on their knees, and take turns kicking them in the face.

Best answer: depends on what theyre doing

Misleading...it’s like you think in order for any type of socialism to exist, you’d have to do away with capitalism I don’t think you understand the definition or the fact that we actually have socialist powers written in the constitution US constitution...Article 1 section 8 “The Congress shall have Power To lay... show more

Do liberials have a mental disorder? I was talking to someone online, who was a luberal, and I believe she might actually be disabled. She was esposing ridicilous, radical ideas. For example, she said such crazy things as "maybe poor people shouldn't die in the streets so we can avoid taxing... show more

Best answer: Hopefully the kid gets the $250 million out of Bezos and his propaganda "newspaper".

Best answer: Real diversity is diversity of thought. Liberals support fake, racist diversity, which is based on skin color.

And furthermore why did officer Darren Wilson walk free after killing Missouri high school grad Michael Brown? Why did George Zimmerman walk free after murdering Trayvon Martin? Is this how we celebrate Black History month? By ignoring what is important?

Best answer: exterminate the jews

When they will probably be taxed to death with streams of regulations, and a good chance the said countrry be ruled by a dictator!

"When news reached the prophet (peace be upon him) that the Persians had appointed Chosroe’s daughter as their ruler, he said: ‘A nation which placed its affairs in the hands of a woman shall never prosper!’ (Al-Bukhari, Al-Jami` as-Sahih, hadith no. 4425)"