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Was curious on why liberals support illegals and hate the troops

First;The Clinton's both brought up in 2008 the question of his being in-eligible (illegal) under Article 2 of the Constitution. Next; his paternal grandmother said in a taped interview that she was an eye witness and was at his birth in Mombasa Kenya. The birth certificate; under close review by forensic... show more

Is Don Trump, neutered?

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if the GOP doesn't do it, they will be hurt in future elections

Are Americans retarded?

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Best answer: Republicans are sociopathic, they think any policy with emotions at its basis is inherently bad. Human rights appeals to our sense of empathy, an emotion Republicans lack, so they flat-out reject the concept of defending human rights.

Best answer: I think the overtones of Trump's family separation policy were made clear on the back of his wife's jacket: "I really don't care, do U?" *She didn't wear that jacket upon arrival to her destination......i.e. the border to visit these detention facilities which was 100 pct her idea to... show more

Best answer: when it was Obama receiving death threats at a rate of 400% more than his predecessor, conservatives called it patriotism. now you want to call it a sickness? it's illegal in both cases, but rethuglikkkans wanted to repeal that law while the socialist muslim from Kenya HUSSEIN 0bongo "infested" the... show more

Best answer: All the un can do is unnazi the world.

Remember, cons, the free market as you like to call it, sets wages. I mean if you can't compete, what good are you? You should be the ones to be deported.

Mexicans that are trying to sneak across the border

Best answer: The probably didn't know who she was.

I notice that conservative people have a lot of hate, it appears they became that way by being unattractive and overweight and then just became angry at the world. It's quite sad I must say. In my 2 trips to the US nearly every good looking normal person I met said they were either a progressive or liberal.... show more

Best answer: what, no Soylent Green?

Best answer: Many of them actually do.