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Best answer: I can't imagine being disappointed in London or Italy! What disappointed you? Italy is a fabulous country, with great scenery, unbelievable art, amazing food and a lovely lifestyle that involves lots of long meals with lots of wine. What's not to like? Tell us what you're looking for, and we might be... show more

Just to be more specific I have a donor who I'm interested in and luckily hes interested in me as well but he's all the way in Australia and I'm of course in the U.S I've seen some stuff about people freezing it but people say that it can kill the sperm? So what would be the best way to go about... show more

Where's your favorite place?

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Best answer: Antarctica, it doesn't get any colder .

Best answer: I can't drag and drop the link, but do a search on "Smithsonian 10 of the world's best snorkeling destinations" and you'll find a good list. I've heard Palau is amazing.

Should the US invade Venezuela?

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Best answer: If we sent our liberals, they'd surrender and pass out from the incessant whining.

Best answer: There are a lot of places where there spectacular natural beauty - they're different, but still spectacular. I don't really see any way to choose one among them. Maybe Keukenhof Garden in the Netherlands when the tulips are at their peak, of one of the National Parks like Yosemite or Yellowstone. Or there... show more

Best answer: Conservatives hate children. It’s so sad that kids have no parents all because of some selfish man. Conservatives have totally ruined America. Conservatives have always been rude, but never this bad.

So me and my aunt is plannin to travale to croatia bosnia herzegovina in october but well be travalin to medjugorje from their but were both females and i was just wondering is it safe for 2 females to travale their alone im 20 and shes 37 is it safe travalin from taxi to our destination alone i dont mean any... show more

Loud trips?

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We're planning a party and some games. It's a theme party. We'll have costumes and some games. The games will reflect that historical period. Any thoughts on who you would like to play and why? Do you like the idea of wearing a crisp Hugo Boss uniform? Would you wear a hat? (Hats were fashionable... show more

Marines or the Navy?

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Best answer: I was Navy and traveled all over the world. If you get foward deployed in someplace like Japan or Italy, then you are essentially living in those countries for at least 2 years. I was stationed in La Maddalena, and spent 2 years living on the Emerald Coast, Amazing beaches, with hot Italian babes. Small boys... show more