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China. My favourite country?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Thanks, I'm Chinese but that's not true. We are very cunning and selfish inside, I think the westerners have more empathy to their environments. I actually worry if China get more powerful this world will be ruined. However, as long as the Chinese want to re-learn their ancestors wisdom teachings like... show more

Best answer: communism is dead in Russia - Died in 1991 ...........................................

Wondering if that’s even possible!! Do they take calls in Antarctica??

Europe or Asia?

11 answers · 4 weeks ago
Which area would be easier for an American expat to move to ? Overall quality of life being able to adapt secure employment and live comfortably. Valencia Spain Jakarta,Indonesia Bali Indonesia Malaysia

I have a US birth certificate and ID and most websites say this is fine but a couple others say you need a passport or nexus card without mentioning anything else. Does anyone have personal experience?

Can i move to the north pole?

10 answers · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: Do you plan on being an elf?

Best answer: It used to be good before jerk face became PM

Best answer: The modern passport didn't exist until after World War 1. Before that, governments sometimes did issue documents called passports, but it was usually a sheet of paper that was more like a letter of invitation or introduction that included a physical description or even a drawing of the traveler before... show more

How does the UK Have so many muslims from the Middle East and Pakistan and Bangladesh... When I read their immigration policies and it is unwelcoming. Muslims in the Middle East and Pakistan and Bangladesh, don't speak English, and even if they could, there are a few things that go into... show more

Best answer: Canada - Vancouver is a wonderful city to visit