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I want to go to some very beautiful exotic place because this is once in a life time opportunity. I been to many place in Asia so I would not go there and I would not go to Mexico or Africa. My options so far is Greece or Barcelona, what other options should I go?

I saw a video on Facebook ages ago. Of someone driving his car beside a very fast flowing river. (The river seems like it might have been double the width of the road) and on the edge of the river was mountains with waterfalls flowing into the river. The few minute drive I saw was very very impressive. Does... show more

Best answer: Wtf?? How have you avoided spoilers if you know Thor is fat? Wait wait what Hong Kong? Lol

Best answer: Congo and Columbia are my guesses.

and please explain in details the reason on why that one of the countries is more better and the most best and safer then the other

Central and South America. Seems odd to me that these beautiful places are attached to the same continent as America, yet spoken of as if they're some distant planet we must never go to. Would especially like to hear about the gulf side, such as traveling from Texas to Cancun, and so on.

Best answer: Why did you drag Canada into this? I live in Canada. I don’t really care what you’re skin colour is provided you’re a decent person and happy to be here. Explain your reason why you should even care, if you’re American?

Non whites (especially blacks) are non existant elsewhere in Europe, as they are elsewhere in Canada and the entirety of the US. The Frenchies love third world migrants, huh?

Best answer: Hell, Michigan. It was born out of the Atheist revolution of 1829

called Baz from places like Manchester

Best answer: California.

Best answer: You can ask at the counter if they have something with tinted windows. They could try to assign one at that point. You're lucky to get the grade car you want many of the times. As far as price, just do a search. Use a side like Kayak or Priceline which will give you results for most all of the rental... show more

world-class infrastructure, luxury shopping malls, a skyscraper-filled skyline