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Do you rent your house or own it?

23 answers · Dallas · 4 days ago
Best answer: we rent it

Driving from Kansas City to Tacoma Washington and nervous.....?

10 answers · Other - United States · 2 days ago
Best answer: Inmy', most importantly, stay a Chiefs fan; we need you! My friends moved from Columbia, Mo., to Salem, Ore., a year ago. Remember, you have to cross MOUNTAINS. They went in the summer, so they did not have issues with possibly encountering BLOCKED INTERSTATES. I would suggest getting a reputable company to... show more

How far can one safely drive alone in one day?

19 answers · Other - United States · 5 days ago
Next year, after I graduate from college, I m thinking about moving out of state (Wisconsin to Florida) probably by car and I was wondering how long can I drive in one day without having to stay overnight at someplace.

Best answer: Houston is expensive, very crowded, and there are more headaches there than anywhere, so you'll be more stressed out. Houston has one of the worst daily traffic cluster-***/s every single day, all day. There is no point in the day or night that it won't take you 55 minutes to get 2 miles. Since there... show more

What are the pros and cons of living in Las Vegas?

4 answers · Las Vegas · 3 days ago
Best answer: Pros: Housing is relatively cheap You will never need to mow your lawn You will never need to shovel snow or worry if it is too cold to start your car, You will have little in the way of heating costs. They have a decent university There are flights from there to everywhere. Entertainment is never an issue You can... show more

Do you eat at pizza hut?

32 answers · Dallas · 6 days ago
Best answer: Haven't had pizza hut in while


7 answers · New Orleans · 2 days ago

Is it worth visiting Washington DC?

5 answers · Other - United States · 3 hours ago
So we are considering to spend our holiday in the US (august), and since we have already been to the west coast and visited Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles etc. We considered to spend our holiday on the east coast this time. We thought about flying to Washington DC at first, and then get a rented car and... show more

Is 10k enough to move to New York city?

7 answers · New York City · 3 days ago
Best answer: That's a pretty vague question. Is that $10k before or after you pay movers to move your stuff? Do you have a job lined up? If so, how much does that pay? If not, what are you qualified to do and what does that pay? Do you have roommates lined up or do you plan on renting on your own? Do you know how much... show more

Is Chicago west a boy or a girl ?

5 answers · Chicago · 2 days ago
Can't tell from the name

Statin Island Ferry Parking Cost?

5 answers · New York City · 2 days ago
So I'm planning on staying in a hotel in S. Statin Island, figures it would be cheaper to ride my rented car to the ferry, leave it there for the day and ride the ferry to S. Manhattan and Uber. From what I've seen the ferry is free to Manhattan and back, but how much is the parking?

Doesnt cabin fever drive you insane and make you want to go out bar hopping or something

New York or Los Angeles?

8 answers · Other - United States · 5 days ago
And why?

Best answer: I am in the UK but never heard of the Lord Nelson building. He was a naval hero,nothing to do with praying ??

Best answer: Obviously. It would become a Third World country overnight.

Best answer: at least two hours. the 210 is packed in the morning with traffic going to LA plus the downtown LA traffic. and then the opposite in the afternoon. leaving earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon is no help

Do you know any deputy chiefs in dallas?

4 answers · Dallas · 2 days ago
Best answer: Yes. I do. Deputy chief Lestermount is the supervisor of your shower stall. He is in charge of managing your shrunk junk and tickling your limp pickle. That’s why he is commonly found lurking in your shower stall. He’s got a license to tickle limp Canadian pickles. So your junk is definitely Not off limits. He... show more