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What is the most important city in the United States of America ?

13 answers · Other - United States · 2 days ago

Does wyoming really exists?

12 answers · Other - United States · 2 days ago

Best answer: Unfortunately, it's still only a germ...of an idea, e.g, how many public conveniences would be needed for them to reproduce? Should they be fed, or just leave them to forage in the dustbins as they do in the wild? You see, it is no easy task, let's just hope they become extinct before the reserve is built!

Best Hotels in Vegas?

6 answers · Las Vegas · 1 day ago
Best answer: Reasonable and nice rooms aren't always going to go together, but most all of the strip hotels are nice enough. Caeasars is one of my favorite properties. It's not new, but it's kept up very nicely inside and the rooms are large. Its location is fantastic. I would also suggest Venetian - all of... show more

Which state is the best to live 🇺🇸?

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Hello, i’m planning to move to the US next year but I havent decided yet in which state. I like the US, very beautiful and wonderful country, but I cant pick a state yet. I find it hard to choose, my favorite is California due to Hollywood and all that glitter and glam but I also like Florida cause its sunny.... show more

Best answer: Depends where you go and on a certain people. People in the North can be nice and smart, but can be rough on the edges. People in the South can be nice and friendly, but are also unintelligent and stupid at times.

Does the Queen support Queens park rangers.?

8 answers · Royalty · 5 days ago
Best answer: No, you are trolling. She races horses and hunts, shoots and fishes.

Best answer: The whole situation with those two is a bit weird.

How much would it cost to move out of state?

10 answers · Los Angeles · 4 days ago
I live in Nebraska and I want to move to Los Angeles, California. I am trying to save up money to move and so far I am at 3000, is that enough to move to Los Angeles? what would I need when I get there?

Best answer: Tomorrow will be better

What's better disney world or disney land?

5 answers · Orlando · 21 hours ago
Personally I say disney world

In what ways can you die on the Appalachian Trail?

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Best answer: You can be murdered. It's happened. You could get sick from untreated water or get food poisoning that could eventually kill you. If you aren't prepared and hike when it is cold, you could die from hypothermia. You could trip or slip and fall off the side of a mountain. Bears and bobcats, need I say more?

You think nyc is very safe ?

4 answers · New York City · 3 days ago
Best answer: it's safe from me. i'm not going anywhere near it

Can a family of 10 live together in a New York apartment?

7 answers · New York City · 6 days ago
I’m writing a story about a woman who has 8 children in New York. Is this possible, how can it be legal? Does it have to be a four bedroom apartment or can it be 3 bedroom?

Can Moana be a boy’s name?

6 answers · Honolulu · 5 days ago
I found out that Moana is actually unisex! Is it safe to name a boy Moana?