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At least the delusions can be shattered early this season so they don't get their hopes up.

Best answer: The corrupt think they are owed loyalty. It's nothing new. The conservative model of governance is really aristocracy; rich people are better than you - they rule and you have nothing to say, peasant. If they are corrupt, what business is that of yours, peasant? Conservatism in America today represents... show more

If Americans thought Trump was bad..?

4 answers · Rio de Janeiro · 1 month ago
Best answer: You have my deepest sympathy. Seriously.

Best answer: People fear becoming the disgusting specimens they see. Ergo, shun them. Like they would any other "diseased" subject. FEAR causes many an irrational thought.

What do you know about Brazil?

7 answers · Other - Brazil · 2 months ago
Best answer: It's a really big country, official language Portuguese & contains most of the Amazon River.

Best answer: I guess number 3 then number 2 if your really that bored. Maybe practice drawing anatomy.

Best answer: By room mate you mean your mum or sister.

How can I be fast and efficient as a hotel housekeeper?

5 answers · Compo Grande · 8 months ago
I just got a job three weeks ago being a housekeeper in a hotel. I have done housekeeping in a nursing facility before but I realized housekeeping in a hotel seems to be more intense and fast paced. I'm starting to adjust to the type of work and know what to do now but I can't move as fast as others because... show more

Brazil is a good country?

4 answers · Sao Paulo · 8 months ago
Best answer: no, is bad

Why do some foreigners think that all Brazilians are black?

8 answers · Rio de Janeiro · 9 months ago
Best answer: Because over 50% of Brazilian national football team is black or can pass as fully black.

Is Brazil an ally or enemy of the United States of America?

9 answers · Other - Brazil · 10 months ago

Poll: Is ISIS a girl or a boy?

5 answers · Goiania · 11 months ago
Best answer: It's a demiboy

Is this person part african american or asian?

6 answers · Fortaleza · 12 months ago

Best answer: "Cultural Appropriation" is a COMPLETE BS phrase made up by the Liberal media that means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Are Brazilians white?

6 answers · Other - Brazil · 1 year ago

Not invited to a party?

5 answers · Porto Alegre · 1 year ago
My friend was invited to a party, but then found out that 20 out of the 25 people going don't want him to go and hate him. what can I say to make him feel better? (I'm not going to the party btw)

The conservative base has been infiltrated by a bunch of racists and bigots. They are not the same conservatives from 2004 who cared about small government and lower taxes. Today's conservatives don't care about that. They care about exercising racism, about hating muslims, blacks,... show more

Why people say Brazilian girls are “exotic”?

5 answers · Other - Brazil · 1 year ago

Would you be OK with HEAVY KISS on a DATE?

74 answers · Belo Horizonte · 1 year ago