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Best answer: He must be joking.

Best answer: I bet he has plenty of bags to go over her head.

Best answer: THAT is NOT the Queen's ex butler, it's a vision of what he WISHES he looked like. That is a photoshopped picture of me at the beach. What HAS he done to my budgie smugglers?

Best answer: The Queen's corgis get more respect than Charlie and his ex mistress.

Going to Brazil what should i expect?

4 answers · Other - Brazil · 4 weeks ago

Is Rio de Janeiro a dangerous country?

9 answers · Rio de Janeiro · 1 month ago

Why should Americans complain about gun violence?

6 answers · Compo Grande · 1 month ago
Don't they know gun violence in much worse in countries like Brazil?

Best answer: No, he failed when the organisers read his application to be in the contest, total gibberish.

Best answer: Falklands, this will suit us and them right down to the ground.

Is Meghan Markle faking her pregnancy?

30 answers · Royalty · 2 months ago
Best answer: Everything Marke does is fake, she's an actress. It's difficult to get pregnant at 37 without fertility treatments (side effects?). You wouldn't risk that by flying to Morroco at 7 months pregnant.

It seems adoption is a win win, but not sure it furthers the left wing nut job agenda

And why do nice countries like Denmark have very high taxes imposed on its citizens when they could snap their fingers and get bi££ions of free money off google etc

Best answer: They are responsible for the halfarsed glory holes you see in public toilets, they are half drilled part the way through, ever seen those?

Best answer: Yes it's full of bed bugs, cockroaches and rats.

Best answer: Rah Chookie Embrah should not be allowed to drive on public roads. He can drive on the private roads of Sandringham Estate and etc. This is the same Kraut who was hated by the Royal Navy and were glad to see the back of him when he married Kweenie person Republic Now Oliver Cromwell was right.