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Do you think British accents are annoying?

22 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 2 days ago
My dad loves British accents. He is like literally obsessed with it to the point of going to London heathrow Airport just to hear the people’s accents there which I think is a little odd. Meanwhile my mom hates it and thinks British accents are annoying. So what are your thoughts on this?

Will I be discriminated against in the UK, particularly England?

14 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 3 days ago
I'm an American citizen who will be staying with a British friend on and off. I am of Filipino, Native Hawaiian, and European descent, and while I look mixed, a couple people have told me that I "pull a bit more towards the white side". If it helps, my friend lives in South East England...

Is Netherlands better than the UK?

6 answers · Geography · 1 day ago
Okay, so I don't want to sound judgmental or somethings, the UK has an excellent economy, incomes, healthcare, however, some of the people in the UK are really nasty, especially the chavs. Everyday in my college everyone is just looking at me all grumpy, as if I ruined their business. There is nothing wrong... show more

Best answer: Most of us don't watch and like Piers Morgan. Few people share his accent but it is perfectly good, clear English without a regional accent. Some people would call it 'Queen's English' or 'received pronunciation', though it isn't quite that. If ever you hear a REALLY snooty British... show more

Are there a lot of tourists in London in May?

7 answers · London · 2 days ago
Best answer: Yes. And the flights are packed all the time now. I just flew to Europe in April- packed flight.

Customs in two countries?

9 answers · Edinburgh · 4 days ago
So, I have never traveled internationally before. I have a flight that goes from Dallas, to Toronto, to Edinburgh Scotland. I was just wondering, do I need to go through customs in Toronto AND Edinburgh? Or just one or the other? Thank you!

Is this the future for Londoners?

6 answers · London · 3 days ago

Best answer: Contravening your visa can invalidate it, so yes you shouldn't be in the uk during those 4 days.

I am planning to move UK and work there about few month. But I don t want to rent a flat or room with lot s of flatmates. And I have a enogh big and super caravan so it would be ok me just I don t know how to get health insurance number. Do somebody have experience with it? Is it alternative way to get postal... show more

What does an American need to visit England?

13 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 1 week ago
I'm going for an wedding

Tottenham vs Tottenham Court Road?

8 answers · London · 1 week ago
I booked a hotel in Tottenham for shopping but have since realized that Tottenham and Tottenham COURT ROAD are in completely separate neighborhoods! What is Tottenham the district like? Is there easy public transportation into the Center of London? Is it safe? Clean? Are there any good tea rooms or public houses... show more

Does Reading, UK, have an accent? If so, is there a phonetic example?

8 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 1 week ago
I have been having a debate with my friend who thinks that people from Reading, UK, have an accent but having looked online I can't seem to find anything personally. Can anyone help with phonetic proof please?

What do British people think of anglophiles?

9 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Gushing and over the top is embarrassing. Appreciative is nice. There is an American family who make a point of staying in my town regularly and video blog about it. Sometimes it is nice to have people make you look through new eyes at where you live.

Can I get a debit card in a foreign country? (UK)?

5 answers · London · 2 weeks ago
I plan on going to London in December and plan to oder stuff online. But I don't want to use my debit/credit card. Is there Any where, where I can take my foriegn currency and The place Can put that amount on a card for me to use during my visit? Or would I have to stick to using my actual debit card and... show more

Are there chairs and tables and toys and clothes still made in England?

8 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Yes, though it's not that easy to find, this twitter account does a lot to highlight British manufacturing wins: https://twitter.com/Jefferson_MFG Furniture, whole list at the trade association http://www.bfm.org.uk/directories/bfm-directory.html I've also just tracked down this website that lists stuff... show more