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Best answer: Of course it's okay. England is a multicultural country, you see people of all countries and accents around here. Specially around London! Stop overthinking, it's unnecessary. No one will judge you for being from somewhere else or having an American accent. I love american accents btw!

Where can I say I was born?

13 answers · London · 4 days ago
I was born in Westminster in London. Westminster is officially recognised as a city within the city of London. So technically was I born in Westminster or London? Or could I use both?

Do English women like white American men?

8 answers · London · 5 days ago
Best answer: They will like you, if you are pleasant. They will certainly find you interesting. However, it will be difficult to find a genuine girlfriend on a short visit.

Anti English in Scotland?

6 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 5 days ago
How common is anti English behaviour in Scotland? I read a story where an English woman got beaten up for no reason at all. There were a readers comments and said that it's common more north of the border. Why would anyone best someone up just because of where they came from? Is it really like that in Scotland?

English people in Scotland?

8 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 6 days ago
How are English people actually treated in Scotland and Wales? I know they both have any anti English sentiment but most English people are decent individuals that offer sympathy. How are English people treated in Scottish shops, Scottish hospitals etc?

Best answer: There's a map here: https://cdn.networkrail.co.uk/wp-content... Or just follow the signs once you arrive.

Why do English people stink of wet dogs?

15 answers · London · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: lack of bathing regularly most likely ..

Best answer: It's just unstable weather and the way the airflows go. And you will nearly always get thunderstorms after a continuous period of hot dry weather, because water will have built up in the atmosphere, bigger clouds build up, it can't stay up there forever, eventually something has to give and BANG -... show more

Are the following about London true?

10 answers · London · 2 weeks ago
-Every person in London is white and English. -Young Brits outnumber old Brits by 7 to 3. -The only non whites you ever see in London are tourists from Canada. (Mind you the rest of the world's population outside Canada is white, mainly blonde). -The mayor of London is a white guy. -People in West/North/South... show more

Best answer: Far more theatre, cinema, theatre, music venues Excellent public transport Many large parks and open spaces A fabulous array of restaurants Better climate

Best answer: The trouble with leaves on the trees is strong wind can knock them over at this time of year. The weather has been mild this Autumn.

Best answer: Best to buy a cheap iron in London and give it away to a nice friend when you go back to the USA. Or, indeed, buy an iron which is "dual voltage". If you plug your 120 volt iron in to the British 240 volts it will most likely explode - noisy and expensive, not to mention hazardous. I have seen one such... show more

My boyfriend is living in London and is struggling financially but also struggling with addiction. I'd like to get him a gift card for groceries, but don't want him to spend it on cigarettes and alcohol.

Where do I go to make an international call in the UK?

14 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 2 weeks ago
I want to make a call to he U.S.A. and I've tried doing that in a payphone and failed but the guy that I asked for informations told me that there are better ways to do so but I don't know wich. Where are the places that I can make an international phone call since I'm living in Peterborough, England, UK? show more