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They have certainly heard about this Rumour. there can be no question about that. I just wonder hat do they think hen they hear it? hen they hear that their father Price Charles or their grandmother The Queen or their grandfather Prince Philip or whichever member of The British Royal Family that it is? or is it... show more

I can't wait, mainly because there will be three less scum in the world. If you know what i mean, wink wink.

Best answer: Wouldn't that be lovely, a very positive royal story.

Best answer: If Princess Anne did have surgery to make her less beautiful, it would at least give Camilla, Beatrice and Euginie a chance of looking a little better, but Anne would still outshine them. but in reality it would be a crime to spoil such a pretty face as Anne's.

Did the queen ever go to a concert of the Queen?

9 answers · Royalty · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: The group, Queen, appeared at a Royal Variety performance, which the Queen attended; however, Queen Elizabeth II never attended a full concert performed by Queen. And, Brian may famously played the anthem, "God Save the Queen," from the roof of Buckingham Palace, June 3, 2002, to celebrate... show more

Best answer: Just wait for the baby a golliwog with ginger hair.

Best answer: Bruce loves browning Harrison's sausage.

Best answer: He was right, I believed him. Nearly a year ago, as the debate over Republican tax breaks for the wealthy was near its end, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) insisted that the tax cuts didn’t need to be paid for – because they’d pay for themselves. Well of course they didn't. Senate Majority... show more

Do ethics apply only to Democrats under the Trump regime?

6 answers · Other - Politics & Government · 2 months ago
Best answer: Unfortunately you can't say you want Health care reform or a better Environment with out making conservatives angry.

Is spanish more interesting to learn than english?

13 answers · Other - Spain · 2 months ago

Legally, I am not in the wrong am I?

4 answers · Extremadura · 3 months ago
Best answer: the hurricane adds a new twist to your tired old story that you have posted dozens of times . for the love of god , please , take your meds .

Best answer: Everywhere there are blondes with blue eyes and white skin are the parts they are in.

Travelling Nice to Barcelona, where are the must see spots?

7 answers · Other - Spain · 3 months ago
We arrive in Nice for two nights (end of Sept) and depart from Barcelona nine days later. Our itinerary is pretty much open at this point. We are debating whether we should stay in Nice longer and do day trips, or stay in a new city/town every few days. Nice seems to have all that we love; beaches, markets, food,... show more

Is there a McDonalds on the seafront in Malaga?

9 answers · Other - Spain · 3 months ago
Best answer: There it is...

I want to live in barcelona?

7 answers · Catalunya · 3 months ago
Any reasons as to whether this is a good idea?