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Best answer: He has, Prince Constantjin of the Netherlands, a photo proves it.

Has Prince Harry gone into hiding.?

5 answers · Castilla - La Mancha · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Its all gone quiet on the loved up couple hasn't it, trouble in paradise.

Why the Spanish monarchy is the only monarchy that is corrupt?

8 answers · Comunidad de Madrid · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: I know very little of the Spanish Monarchy, but have not all political systems, empires, and governed nations been corrupt? (History: Money, power = corruption) In any case,

Since time immemorial, royalty the world over has regarded themselves as above the law. Magna Carta was introduced to stop a reckless monarch and should equally be applied to reckless consorts. Any other 97 year old citizen would have had their licence revoked - no questions asked. The injured young woman will be... show more

Best answer: Sounds like she is a stickler for tradition.

Did he accidentally get into the car at Norfolk that was really "prepared" for Megan Markle. Markle gets in, her car "slides" off the road. Oh dear another horrible royal road crash. Oh shame. But instead that stubborn racist old fool gets into the car.

Best answer: Unfortunately so, after all, every police station has a picture of the Queen on its walls. They wont be thanked.

Name some popular movies you don't love, but everyone does?

12 answers · Islas Baleares · 1 month ago
Best answer: Mine are A Christmas Story, Elf and Fantasia, I watched Fantasia for the first time ever that i could recall and found the movie boring, the only best part was the Mickey Mouse short and that for sure is over by the first hour. And never cared for a Christmas Story, or even Elf .

Best answer: Interesting that you should ask that question, I literally just watched it for the first time on Netflix two hours ago. I am a massive fan of the original Ghostbusters movie, I regard it as an absolute classic. I thought that Ghostbusters II wasn't really very good. So this new Ghostbusters movie with the... show more

Best answer: They have a shared interest in Knitting patterns from the seventies.

Best answer: The royals have long since had ALL of their power striped from them. They literally only exist now as figure head to be paraded around as if they were meaningful when they don't actually have any power to do anything at all. The reason they can't fire any member of Parliament is because every member of... show more

How do you say i love u in spanish?

4 answers · Islas Canarias · 1 month ago
Best answer: Te amo

Best answer: No. The people did not choose to have a royal family, so why should they pay for them?

The poor girl was only 19 and he was 32 when they became engaged (his paramour, Camilla Parker Bowles, was 33, so she was much more experienced with men than Diana). Diana was not nearly experienced enough to be able to see that Charles was not in it for true love. Whatever Diana’s faults (she was human like all of... show more

Where is Barcelona?

19 answers · Other - Spain · 1 month ago

I’m booking my vacation for the summer at the moment. There is 4 of us traveling and the website is offering a quadruple and a quad room, which I presumed were the same thing. But the quad room is €50 more expensive for the 7 days than the quadruple. There is no added extras, I’m booking room only so I don’t... show more

Best answer: I won't make a guess. Why do some people have the need to wish this couple unhappiness? What is so wrong in their lives that they have a need to tear others down?