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Is spanish more interesting to learn than english?

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Liberals: "We have testimony from multiple victims." Conservatives: "That's not evidence." Liberals: "We have affidavits from witnesses." Conservatives: "LOL so?" Liberals: "Dr. Ford told her therapist about the assault in 2012." Conservatives:... show more

Legally, I am not in the wrong am I?

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Best answer: the hurricane adds a new twist to your tired old story that you have posted dozens of times . for the love of god , please , take your meds .

Best answer: Everywhere there are blondes with blue eyes and white skin are the parts they are in.

Travelling Nice to Barcelona, where are the must see spots?

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We arrive in Nice for two nights (end of Sept) and depart from Barcelona nine days later. Our itinerary is pretty much open at this point. We are debating whether we should stay in Nice longer and do day trips, or stay in a new city/town every few days. Nice seems to have all that we love; beaches, markets, food,... show more

Is there a McDonalds on the seafront in Malaga?

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Best answer: There it is...

I want to live in barcelona?

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Any reasons as to whether this is a good idea?

Would you like to cuddle with me in bed?

9 answers · Euskadi · 3 months ago
Best answer: It would be my oh so deep pleasure 💙

I've no clue should I be scared of bacon 🥓

Best answer: Probably because their feet are further away and they have forgotten what colour they painted their fingernails by the time they've dried out, so get the wrong bottle of varnish out when it comes to doing the toes.

Is anti-American sentiment a big thing in Spain?

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According to a 2017 BBC poll, 67 percent of people polled in Spain held a negative view of America's influence in the world, and I've read stories of anti-American hostility directed towards visiting Americans. How serious is anti-Americanism in Spain compared to other European countries? Is anti-American... show more

Best answer: I believe the second "toilet" you are referring to is actually called a bidet. In many foreign country, the natives actually prefer using bidets over toilet paper. If you want more information, I would suggest you google what a bidet it.

Should I go to Spain or Portugal?

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I’m looking for a nice family holiday (me, my mom and dad). Ideally it would have a really nice resort, nice weather, nice food and lots to do. We want more of a chilled holiday than a sightseeing holiday. What would be a better option, Spain or portugal? It’s my first time going abroad.

What should I know about Spain?

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I’m from Los Angeles, and will be visiting Spain soon. Any tips? What’re your favorite Spanish restaraunts? What are your favorite songs from Spain? Favorite places to visit? Hidden gems? Is there any behavior we should avoid? I would like your advice in general🙂 I’m so excited!

Spain Travel: Which city do you recommend? (Beach & Culture)?

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Hi! This question goes out to anyone who has traveled to Spain- can you recommend any specific city with access to the beach? I am going with a few friends from my university and we would like to spend 4-5 days total in Spain, and at least 1-2 days at the beach. However, we want to do cultural sightseeing as well.... show more

My American friend was born to a Spanish dad and Dutch Mother. They were both immigrated to the USA. He wants to gain citizenship to Spain and heard that span gives citizenship to children born to Spanish parents. His dad is Spanish. Can he gained citizenship? If yes, how does he gets it and how long does it take?