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Is Rome still Italian?

6 answers · Rome · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: The Queen has the power to appoint a prime minister and to prorogue parliament. She does not have the power to appoint MPs, they must be elected by law. She could, in theory, rule entirely without parliament - however she'd be unable to raise taxes. This is what Charles I did - and why he ended up losing his... show more

Best answer: Incandescent with rage, the article was about The Manx moron and his erstwhile boyfriend, harrison and their nocturnal activities in the local pub carpark.

Best answer: Sicily's a fascinating place culturally and historically. It offers a lot more to see and do (and better food) than Camden does. Having lived in both Italy and New Jersey, I'd certainly rather vacation in the former. Poverty has nothing to do with it. I might also point out that Camden's just one... show more

When the weather is warm, you see a lot of super cars.

Best answer: Well, he actually thought it was a holiday camp in paradise.

Does the Manxbiter take it UTA?

3 answers · Rome · 2 months ago
Best answer: He's a liberal so work it out.

Have you ever been in Italy?

31 answers · L`Aquila · 2 months ago
Best answer: Yes, several times.

Best answer: The Queen only rides pillion, it is Princess Anne riding the bike

The Royals say they bring in the tourists

Hi, I have booked a 3 day holiday for my boyfriend and I in Rome during the month of March, I m wondering if anyone could supply me with an plan on what we could do and maybe how much we would spend, we are not planning on shopping or anything just sight seeing and eating food we also do not drink. I was... show more

Best answer: Look up the Norman (Viking) conquest of Southern Italy.

Best answer: He even lies about not being a poofter.

Best answer: If you believe what Prince William says in his most illuminated article in the Daily Mail, then ALL of the royals will become modern day Wombles.

Best answer: Yes, he clearly takes after distant Scandinavian ancestors, who were also ancestors of Normans. Sicilians and Italians generally come in all kinds of colours, including redheads.