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Best answer: Make him do community service, I would love to see him litter picking in his Hi- viz.

Do Nigerian illegals eat people in Italy?

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Best answer: There have been reports of such in Lybia were they are held. Sometimes sold as slaves. Often held in holding pens for long times while they try to get money from there families for release. Or fare to Italy. But not heard that of Italy were feed is better. Also have heard of on the long walk home. Back across the... show more

Best answer: If you're going to Venice there are lots of little shops that sell Venetian glass. Its really pretty and not too expensive. Another good idea is to find Italian candies to bring back to people. I did that when I went to Italy and everyone loved the candies. Italy is also known for its genuine leather. In... show more

Best answer: I think it would be infamous for ANYONE to declare, that he would like to be a tampon for his bit of fluff on the side.

Why did Princess Kate cut her hair short?

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Have any of the Royals got a well known phobia?

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Best answer: Most of them have an aversion to the general public.

Does the Queen get any money from Universal credit?

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Best answer: Bound to.

Best answer: Yes. But that, apparently, the people will it.

Is Prince Harry famous?

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Best answer: Not so famous compared to Prince William.

Best answer: eating until they were sick is probably an urban myth. No more than people do that today. There was a story about Caesar talking of him retiring to his quarters to vomit, and they had a thing called a vomitorium, which was not for vomiting in, it was a type of stadium where visitors could 'spew' out of... show more

Best answer: Roma gypsy and African robbers now

I mean men invented and developed everything in the world. If men didn't do anything, women would still be living in grass huts (Camille Paglia).

Why is it hard to see Ferraris in Italy?

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Best answer: Opel, Fiat and they look like go-carts. Higher end is more often Audi.

How would you personally define holiness if you did not use a dictionary?

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Best answer: It's the purity that is in God and all of His creation.