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What's the point of Canada?

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What has it or its people ever done for the world?

Do I need a passport to visit canada by tour bus?

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I live in washington state like three hour tour bus ride to canada, do i need apassport or do will the tour bus go through border patrol. Will i be abpe to get back to ameroca

Why are race relations better in South Africa than Canada?

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What happens when u land at a Canadian Airport ?

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I want to hear your experiences of visiting Canada. Ive heard that in the US when visitors come whether for a tour or a visit they are asked to give their finger prints(biometric) at the airport on arriving in Canada for security purposes,so is it the same for people coming to Canada? I'm a British myself,... show more

Why terrorist attacks rarely happen in Canada?

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Best answer: Canada has been less involved in wars against Islamic countries and doesn't have a president who uses Islamophobic rhetoric to boost his popularity.

Do CBSA read minds?

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Despite asking questions and finding out whether you have a criminal past, they act like they read travelers' minds.

Obviously you need a passport and no criminal record to get in, and show your motorcycle liscence. But are CBSA quick to judge? Do they see bikers as threats and gang members, even though they aren't? From what I hear, after you get questioned and approved at the border, CBSA send you to the nearest Canadian... show more

Best answer: Pacific Spirit park, the walking trails. Its trees are huge--and I live where there's forests--and the stillness is awesome. The area's pretty level, so it's not physically challenging, unless distance is your thing.

Montreal is like "New Orleans of the North." Both cities have a French vibe to them.

Best answer: Just under half are monarchist, a much smaller percentage are republican, but most really don't know much about this, nor do they care. Most consider the Queen to be a figurehead without any power. The fact that this is an incorrect notion does not really matter. Most Canadians really don't think about... show more

Best answer: To a certain extent yes but, Charles and his equine wife, will certainly not be popular however, an unpopular monarch does not necessarily mean that the monarchy itself will be unpopular. We will just have to endure the future 'Charliean' era and look beyond it, to the future reign of William.

Best answer: Plenty of people believe this. They are the same people who assert that the monarchy does not draw on public funding; that Prince William earned his wings and that Edward VIII abdicated for love.

Why Canadians are so nice?

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Hey Canadians, is it true that there is no sun in Canada?

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When it isn't snowing, it's raining. And you guys seldom see the sun. Well that's what a lot of non Canadians believe.

So I'm planning on moving from (Canada) Newfoundland to Ontario by driving. I have a 55inch TV that cost me a fortune and I absolutely must bring it with me. It wouldn't be worth it to sell. I still have the box it came in and I've measured it to be 31 inches tall and 57 inches wide. It of course... show more