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Question about people who live on Vancouver island?

5 answers · Other - Canada · 2 days ago
Am i the only person on Vancouver island who uses Yahoo answers or r there other people who use it from vancocer island?

Why is Canada homicide rate is so small?

21 answers · Other - Canada · 1 week ago
Best answer: Regulation and controls of gun ownership, which is why you will find the same lower homicide figures from any comparable modern industrialised country who have gun control laws. It's not rocket science.

You see, white people haven't dwelled in Montreal since 2015. Since then it's been populated entirely by black Somalis. Any white person who ventured into the city has been beheaded! Not kidding. Quebec City is headed that way too. As of now, it is 50 percent Somali. Go to America, where its ALL white and... show more

Best answer: Beaver?

Does Toronto, Canada get Lake effect snow?

5 answers · Other - Canada · 1 week ago
Best answer: If the wind was blowing north, it might, but south winds tend to be warm ones, so, not causing snow usually, although it can, and does happen. But, not nearly as much as other areas.

Do Americans believe Canadians have an accent?

11 answers · Other - Canada · 1 week ago
I’m Canadian, and I’ve been to the states many times. And from what I can tell, we talk exactly the same. Do Americans genuinely believe Canadians have an accent?

Best answer: You already said it. She is the Boss. So she just sends politicians to do all her work.

Are there English-speaking areas in Montreal?

10 answers · Montreal · 1 week ago
Or is it purely French?

International Travel, what to declare?

5 answers · Other - Canada · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: You have to declare anything you have purchased outside USA, regardless of the country in which it was purchased.

Is Prince William an undercover agent for Mossad?

13 answers · Royalty · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Everything becomes clear. Now it all makes sense.

Who agrees Canada is the greatest country in North America?

12 answers · Niagara Falls · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: I can agree with that. But since I'm Canadian, I might be just a little bit heavily biased on the subject. And yes we do have four (note the spelling) seasons here. We have almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction. Technically we do have a summer in southern Canada. The rest of North... show more

Every time I ask people from Vancouver if they been to Victoria bc why does everyone say they have? What is like living in Victoria BC and Vancouver?

Best answer: Most certainly not, it has been a disaster. on the other hand it has turned millions against HIM and THEM, which is a good thing.

Los Angeles and San Francisco are the cheapest cities in the world. Houses costs you a dime and even a Canadian hobo can live a luxurious life in those cities. Nowhere in Canada is cheap! Californians are super educated and UCLA, Berkekey, Stanford, UCSF, are the best schools in North America. Canada has mediocre... show more

Working in Canada?

4 answers · Montreal · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Total income $ 60,000 Federal tax $ 6,040 Provincial tax $ 7,595 QPP/EI premiums $ 3,688 Total tax $ 17,323 After-tax income $ 42,677 Average tax rate 28.87 % Marginal tax rate 37.12 % (Tax on the next dollar) RSP amount changes the amount of tax deducted. As you did not give amount cannot guess. You wlll get a... show more