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Best answer: Ok, first, it's pretty obvious that in Canada, guns are illegal and in America, kinder eggs are. So, the simple answer would be that you can't really shoot anyone, without guns. In America, the main contribution to shootings are school shootings, though terrorist attacks and other types of shootings do... show more

When did racial discrimination become illegal in canada?

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Best answer: I am not sure but canadians are less racists than americans,

Best answer: No, she has her bottle of Gin to keep her company.

This guy if he brought all his stuff with him what would happen at the border?

I recently asked a similar question regarding Vancouver and the PNW. If you watch your favorite movies from the 80s 90s and 00s, believe it or not, some of those films were shot entirely in Toronto and parts of Southern Ontario. And many of the cast and extras are Canadians NOT Americans! For example, the setting... show more

Just go to a nightclub there. There are no blacks in any nightclub in America.

For starters, Vancouver (and British Columbia) is a sh*thole. "Rambo: First Blood" for example. 1982, set in Washington state, but filmed entirely on the outskirts of Vancouver. Considering Vancouver itself was 98 percent white at the time, and that small town where the movie was filmed, was 100 percent... show more

I spent 3 consecutive years in canada ,?

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Best answer: No, of course not. It does make you unusual though - not many people last that long in Canada illegally.

Is Canada a poor country?

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Best answer: NO. In Canada we classify poor on their ability to afford the basic necessities. Food, water, shelter, basic education, heat and electricity, basic health. We don't care if you own a house or not, just as long as you have shelter. Many people who live in Vancouver don't want to buy a home these days. ... show more

Best answer: Yes, Gucci bags at ten paces.

Is there a push for a Canadian identity of its own?

Im assuming its owned by Britain since its called British Columbia, there are British cars and there is British Colombia

Best answer: That's not the Queen's ex butler it's the Wankerbiker having his annual bath after a long winter.

Can you travel freely through the Canada - USA border?

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I am a German-speaking travel guide in Bali and have previously worked and studied in Mainz. For many German tourists it is not the worst case and they usually want to know a lot about us, e.g. about the Balinese customs and the Hindu culture. You can really forget about the Americans

Best answer: She does everything the elected politicians want otherwise she would be killing the golden goose as a lot of the people who just shrug the royals off would stop the apathy if she tried to do anything relevant.