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Should it Justin Trudeau run for president in 2020?

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Best answer: Not a U.S. citizen, DUHHH.

Is Canada too politically correct?

10 answers · Polls & Surveys · 3 days ago
Best answer: Political correctness is just another name for plain human decency. Which is a good thing, in case you don't know.

Best answer: No. It was a regular working day for Canadians. The Queen is head of state when it comes to Canada. Even though The Queen is her grandmother, I think Eugenie is too far down the line to ever become a princess like Kate Middleton.

do you think there will come a day when Canadians will take pride in a resident Canadian serving as head of Canada

my friend and I are planning to do an around two week road trip up the east coast of the US into canada right after school ends (late may-early june) to celebrate our graduation. We chose to do a road trip so that we could save some money. Does anyone have any ideas of what we could do to make our trip really fun... show more

Show a map to Laval qc?

4 answers · Geography · 1 week ago

A girl from my rotc is planning on enlisting in the Navy but she’s from the royal bloodline of the country she’s from. I can’t say her name on here sorry but since she’s from that royal bloodline that makes her a princess or something like that right? And if she is, can she even enlist? I don’t want to ask her this... show more

During my travels in the US & Canada in Feb-April, 2018 the hotels I resided in provided complimentary beverages, fruit & paper to hotel guests in their hotel LOBBIES. My friend visited Whistler, BC several times this summer and stayed at different hotels where she normally stays at. The complimentary... show more

When will the government of Canada start looking for more trading parters?

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Is Canada an older country than the U.S?

7 answers · Toronto · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: No, it's much younger. Canada (although inhabited for centuries) has only been an official country since 1867.

Like if you are a Canadian citizen are you allowed to move to Quebec from Ontario like moving from Alberta to BC? Or does Quebec have special rules.

Best answer: Right now it gets dark at about 7pm. In winter it can get dark around 4-5 pm. You should be safe to take the bus, just be aware of your surroundings, don't get too distracted. Most areas of Toronto are pretty safe even at night.

Best answer: YES it is possible. A mail reshipping service is what you are looking for, Karen gives you a link to one of them .There are others. That the item is legal in the USA is up to US Customs to decide and they do that once the item is shipped from Canada to you in USA. You might have import taxes to Canada for your... show more

Is it true that canada have moose?

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Can I bring conch salad into Canada from the Bahamas?

5 answers · Other - Canada · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: No, you cannot take it.