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Best answer: NO but I just bought a handbasket

Best answer: There is a difference between being able to demonstrate high quality cooking and composing and being able to replicate it, and believing in dark magic for which there is no evidence and you can neither demonstrate it or replicate it.

Best answer: Divorce.

Best answer: It is only reported that there are plans to move some royals if riots occur. Whether this will happen or not is to be seen. There are people who enjoy making up stories that are far from factual.

Who bought Nepal India or China?

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Best answer: Yes. She was on an episode that aired 19 October 1978 in Canada. She was a prostitute in a scene where Starsky and Hutch were in a bad part of town.

Best answer: Who doesn't?

Best answer: Truffles are obscene.

They get all the privileges of being rich and everything. And they don't deal with the negativity of dealing with government business and they don't have the stress of running the country and they don't have to deal with people get angry at them for making bad and unpopular policies and decisions. Those... show more

Best answer: No. I believe she asked Father Christmas for some sweeties.

Best answer: I don't think she knows he's a poofter. Perhaps they fell out due to all the lies he tells.

Which place to travel in Nepal?

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Best answer: It has become acrimonious because neither party will admit fault. Pass the popcorn...

Best answer: Halloween is not celebrated by Christians because of what happened during that celebration many years ago when it was instituted. It was the custom of the pagans to dress in disguises and costumes and get drunk and go knocking on houses and demanding tribute. When they came to a Christian household the Christians... show more