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A French person would not be awarded by their government for cycling the UK Many football mangers have won titles

Best answer: Looks like he’s daydreaming about a big, juicy burger and hot fries from McDonald’s.

Is this baby blues?

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Best answer: Possibly, it could be due to Postpartum Depression which is very real. I wouldn't be making any decisions on having another child so soon. You have a lot of exciting, fun times ahead of you. You should be focusing on bonding and loving your child, everything else should come later.

Best answer: Not even under torture would I ever admit to that! On a lighter note though. I AM BRUCE HEATH!

Could you please engage your brain and lower your system down

Best answer: NO but I just bought a handbasket

Best answer: It has to do with copyright law. You either have to ask permission to use the picture or sometimes you even have to buy it. Some sites go to the extent of not allowing you to right click on a picture, and display a message reminding you to buy. That kind of sites are filled with people who are too full of... show more

Best answer: We do know that someone made this planet habitable. We do know that someone made amazing plants and animal life. We do know that someone created humans to live on earth and started a whole life for millions now living. So there is a creator? Does he have a name? Does he still care about humans and his... show more

Best answer: There is a difference between being able to demonstrate high quality cooking and composing and being able to replicate it, and believing in dark magic for which there is no evidence and you can neither demonstrate it or replicate it.

Who bought Nepal India or China?

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Best answer: Consult a doctor

Best answer: He would not do that because He has created order in the universe of which mathematics is a large part.

Best answer: Yes. She was on an episode that aired 19 October 1978 in Canada. She was a prostitute in a scene where Starsky and Hutch were in a bad part of town.

Best answer: Truffles are obscene.

They get all the privileges of being rich and everything. And they don't deal with the negativity of dealing with government business and they don't have the stress of running the country and they don't have to deal with people get angry at them for making bad and unpopular policies and decisions. Those... show more