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Best answer: This made me laugh out loud. People will say it's a cheap jibe, but I suspect the ugly sisters are quite expensive. If you had bought them at a shop, you'd have returned them because they don't work.

Best answer: It has become acrimonious because neither party will admit fault. Pass the popcorn...

Best answer: Halloween is not celebrated by Christians because of what happened during that celebration many years ago when it was instituted. It was the custom of the pagans to dress in disguises and costumes and get drunk and go knocking on houses and demanding tribute. When they came to a Christian household the Christians... show more

Best answer: A two-fer, which tells me you are probably a copycat since it is unlikely the same person would take issue with both of those people. Unless, of course, you are a full on troll who gets jiggles in his bits from trying to get a reaction out of people. It is bad form to name others specifically by name: Doing so... show more

Best answer: Morgan Freeman on racism: "Stop talking about it. I'm going to stop calling you a white man, and I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man."

Best answer: no, be the best person you can be instead.

How to glorify the cross sign?

10 answers · 2 months ago
you know, i think about usinq the cosmic siqn as my hand qesture, but the lord said to me, 'no, i want you to show people the cross siqn by your hand or arm as a siqnal or siqn to show my belief.' kind of like jay z the musician, he has a hand siqn, but that is not what the lord want me to do, even thouqh... show more

Best answer: Some are okay.

What does snitch mean exactly?

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Best answer: snitch the verb is to steal, or to tell on another person (reveal what another person did that the person wants to be kept secret). A snitch is a thief or a blabbermouth.

Best answer: Atheists hate anyone here who doesn't believe the same thing as them. They are militant atheists/anti-theists.

Would someone stop this blood sucking leech already?

Best answer: I've never had Americanized Chinese food, so I can't say. All I know for sure is that ''brown sauce'' doesn't exist in Chinese cooking.

Best answer: could care less , do not play games

Constitution of nepal 2070?

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Best answer: u mean bangs?

Best answer: tell that to children dying with children who get molested or beaten at home....tell that to women who get raped and their rapist is either not caught or paid their way out of jail...your logic is flawed. if god knows all...then no tests need to be givien since he knows whats in thy heart.

Is Nepal a good place to visit?

5 answers · 3 months ago
Best answer: Yes. If you can swing it, go. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

Where is kathmandu?

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