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Best answer: What are you doing in a commonwealth country if you do not like europeans??Best you go home and mix with your own culture

The protest was a bit surprising for several reasons. Firstly, Australians are generally very insular and don’t know much about foreign politicians. Secondly, the majority of Australians seem to agree with his policies on immigration and smaller government. Thirdly, the average Australian is far more racist than... show more

Everything is WRONG about me, The left hate me because I have the wrong colour skin and gender (Im white and a man). And the Right hate me because sex feels so good... Should I just apologise and say sorry?

Is it true that in Australia some australians have american accent?

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Best answer: some teenagers watching to many movies may..not a lot americians here ..i never met one

What is the best month to vacation in Australia?

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How well did the Germans assimilate into Australian culture?

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Why do aussies rarely seem happy?

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Best answer: I'm happy great beer,great weather and no mass shootings like stupid yankee land

In the US, they say ma'am and in the UK, they say madam. What do Australians say?

Best answer: Only if they had connections to the minister of immigration.

Why does Isaac Hunt have a problem with the old timer?

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Best answer: well you only have to look at his disgusting answer he's written here to see he has a major mental problem with anyone who has been in the military. I think he's trying to cover his own dysfunctional life by abusing me. He's the one who keeps bringing up my army days, it was only 2 years out of my 73... show more

Who will be PM tomorrow?

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Best answer: Bingalee

Have you ever held a grudge for 3 years?

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Tony Abbott has held a grudge for 3 years does this speak of the persons character?

If I brought the company I worked for into disrepute would I expect a promotion?

I've read that Australia has changed their mind about being part of the commonwealth and wish to be a republic whilst Canada and New Zealand have no plans to become a republic. I'm just wondering if this is true or not. From what I've rread, Australiahat the monarchy is outdated and they wish to be... show more

Best answer: The reason old timer don't want Puneet Puneet back here is because Johnh had an affair with him and old timer knows johnh will run off to Puneet puneet if he comes back here