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I'm from the U.S and am considering moving to Australia after my masters degree in clinical psychology. I have considered moving to many different cities in Australia (assuming I can get a visa). I worry that I might find it lonely in Australia. I'm pretty outgoing and am willing to put my self out there. I... show more

Best answer: Yes

Is Australia a garbage sporting nation?

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The Aussies are getting thrashed left, right and centre in every sport, everywhere in the world. I don't know if you Australians know what cricket is but England just smashed their own world record for the highest ODI total by scoring 481/6 against Australia. In reply, Oz were bowled out for 239. England won... show more

Best answer: Fvck off and die JohnH Waleed Aly is rooting her and Carrie Bickmore

Best answer: They can only do that based on a pattern of behaviour from you that the authorities are aware of. This means violence, aggression, destructive behaviour. Compulsory meds can't be made without that determination, so, you should certainly take your meds. Once the pattern of behaviour has changed then you can... show more

Does it make one feel high to push those around us down? More comfortable when discomfort is caused to others? More happy if unhappiness is thrown around?

Does China plan to take over Australia ?

15 answers · Other - Australia · 1 week ago
Best answer: They won't have to! All the left wing politicians like Shorten are card carrying Chinese Communists, so they are letting the Chinese buy or steal anything they like when they get into power!

Are we all backing the Socceroos to lift the World Cup?

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Or are you more just crossing your fingers and hoping that Australia don't lose every single game and finish bottom of their group yet again? This could be the year that Australia add to their marvelous World Cup tally of 2 match wins. Socceroos! Socceroos!

Best answer: It has the most Centrelink offices

Best answer: Probably depends on where the finishing post is.

Whats the purpose of the queen victoria market.?

4 answers · Melbourne · 7 days ago

What did Kim want in exchange for denuclearisation of his country?

10 answers · Other - Australia · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: North Korea played us. Look closely at the agreement. We have given up the right to hold military war games in S. Korea, and we are loosening sanctions. Kim has does NOTHING but make vague statements about how 'sometime in the future' he will 'look at' getting rid of his nukes. The agreement is... show more

Best answer: Reclaim the park are left wing lunatics no one can be more dangerous then that .

I have been getting muscle cramps at my legs and stomach area lately in the morning where I would usually be asleep. I have been drinking plenty of fluids and urinating frequently so it can't be due to low electrolytes or fluids. I have been drinking plenty of fluids and urinating frequently before these... show more

My brother wants to be put on welfare payments from Centrelink, but he can't get that payment without first getting a bank account, and he can't open a bank account without a photo ID. I read somewhere a few years back he can go down to the nearest police station and apply for photo ID there, but... show more

Sydney Aquarium or Taronga Zoo - which is best?

7 answers · Sydney · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Both are worth visiting but if you can only get to one, Taronga Zoo is far and away the better of the two. Take the ferry across to the zoo then the cable car or the bus to the top and walk down. If you haven't been before, stop once you are inside with a map of the zoo and work out what you want to see and the... show more

Aussies. So no WW3 happening anytime soon?

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Best answer: There was never going to be a WW3 unless started by the USA but once again Trump got played like a fiddle and was outsmarted by Kim Jong-Un. He gave Kim a platform for a huge publicity stunt, he was cheered by crowds of people upon his arrival in Singapore. Trump wasn't given a warm reception, he just showed... show more

The English put fair play before anything else. We don't mind losing and applaud the victors as long as everything is above board and played in good spirit. The major cultural difference with Ozzies is that they have a win at any cost mentality. They constantly cross the the line of fair play and often resort... show more

What's the best place to live in Austrailia?

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