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Best answer: No because they would look like this hottest Centrelink girl. Not my type .

What are your thoughts on the new governor general?

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His Excellency General the Hon David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) has just been appointed by the queen. He is known for holding weekly boxing sessions with disadvantaged aboriginal youths in Sydney and seems like an alright bloke. What are your views?

Am I allowed to bring a packet of Milk Powder to Australia?

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I went for a holiday to a few South East Asian counties and want to bring a packet of Milk Powder to Australia. When looking at strict immigration rules, can I bring Milk Powder in to Australia? Thanks

Catriona Gray has just won Miss Universe and the title went to the Philippines even though Miss Gray was born in Australia, grew up there and has an Australian dad. The Philippines are mad about beauty pageants though, 1 in 3 people in the country watched the final! I don’t know what the opinion of these kind of... show more

Best answer: I don't think so ............................

Who likes angela bishop on Studio Ten?

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Best answer: Not me. She's annoying.

How do you boil an egg?

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Best answer: Old Bludger loves to bludge. He falsely claims it is not welfare backed up his po0fta hero Tento.

Best answer: any revenue raised from a G.S.T on heroin etc would be more than offset by the extra cost put on the Medicare system treating all the over doses and addicts so bad idea

Affairs from daytripper19682000@yahoo?

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Do Australians love the Royals far more than the British?

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In the UK we just put up with them but demand they put on a good show if they want tax pounds. Any day of the week you can scan Australian news and find the Royal Family making the headlines. The highest viewed TV event in Australia in the last 10 years was the royal wedding in 2011. The highest TV viewership in... show more

Is Old Bludger a leftie?

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Best answer: I hate leftists! I also hate it when asylum seekers come to seek refuge in Australia and immigrants taking away jobs that people on welfare could've taken. We would have less people on welfare if there were jobs available to them. A message to the PM Scott Morrison. Please do something about these immigrants... show more

Best answer: No, it's not normal, but it's also not normal for a former Police Officer not to know an employer's reputation. They are probably staring at you because they are aware of who you are - a self admitted pedophile who has been institutionalized on more than one occasion. You have hardly maintained a low... show more

Best answer: Or at least a diversionary tactic - so if police are there looking for drugs have like a tent where people can go to talk to counsellors or dispose of or what not without prosecution. There have been problems with people going in with tablets taking the whole lot when they see the cops and that causing a lot of... show more

Best answer: Legally, no, but, family-wise, possibly yes.