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What is Chinese food actually like in China?

8 answers · Other - Dining Out · 5 days ago
They say the Chinese food you gave America is nothing like the Chinese food they serve in China.

Can i study abroad?

5 answers · Japan · 4 days ago
Best answer: It's not disabled friendly in the way the US is- there are no requirements for buildings. But- it's fairly easy to live in. The trains for example, are flush with the platforms so you just roll . your suitcase on, unlike the trains in Europe where you have to hoist your bags up the stairs. I was with a very... show more

I haven't joined yet but was wondering if it might affect my chance of joining and if they need to know about it.

If you had 3 weeks in japan what would you do?

12 answers · Japan · 1 week ago

How much do I need to enter south Korea?

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Best answer: No, but i plan to

I want to find someone who lives in japan and knows English and can kinda teach me Japanese and more about japan because I want to go study there within the next year. I have LINE as a communication platform.

Do you think it's more cultural or genetic? I've heard Japan did studies during wwii about asian blood types related to this

Best answer: Because a 4.4 earthquake can be fore shock to higher magnitude earthquake is why. After the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami , I am NOT surprised Japanese TV stations are doing this. . A 4.4 is NOT negligible earthquake. LOTS of people can feel 4.4 and 3.4. My ... show more

Best answer: No reason to believe the spammer is Chinese. The spambot is reading off a Chinese site, but the spammer could just as easily have set it to read off an Indian or Russian one.

If I enter a Japanese post office with a stack of postcards, with a Virginia address written in English, and say "I would like to mail these to the United States," will that cause any problems for delivery?

It would be kind of a waste to send them home after they have learned Japanese.

How white american perceive Korean american?

3 answers · Korea · 3 weeks ago