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Have you ever lit one of your farts on fire?

6 answers · Philippines · 3 days ago

Are the prostitutes in North Korea state owned?

8 answers · Korea · 2 days ago

I'm really having trouble understanding why even 40 year old men in Korea dress like Harry Potter. Was Harry Potter a sex symbol in Korea? Why is everyone dressing like him?

Because they already work too hard until night time so they have no energy to go home and choose to sleep under the tables. Or my boss just wants us to work harder so he always repeats this stuff ?

DAY1- Chubu Airport->Nagoya Station->Kyoto Station-> checkin in hotel->Kinkakuji->fushimi inari->GIONMACHI->checkin in hotel- DAY 2-Kyoto station->osaka station->USJ->OSaka Castle->DOntonburi->OSAKA STATION->TAKAYAMA STATION->checkin hotel DAY 3->TAKAYAMA... show more

Why do some Vietnamese look fillipino while some look chinese?

5 answers · Other - Asia Pacific · 2 days ago

Cheap quality t shirts in Japan?

5 answers · Japan · 2 days ago
What are stored in Japan that sell cute t shirts for a good price? Not too expensive. Thank you!!! <3

Best answer: A favorite high school boyfriend of mine whose mother was from South Korea. The nicest, kindest woman in the world. She worked nearly full-time for free at a charity thrift shop and was a wonderful mother. I'm not crazy about kpop music, if that's what you mean. I don't like Bieber either though.

Why should the Philippines be annexed?

4 answers · Philippines · 2 days ago
Best answer: Not that this makes it a good idea (it's not), but the Philippines is a great strategic location in Asia and the Pacific to occupy. The current government structure is very similar to the USA. There are a lot of citizens spanning both countries. Investments in the Philippines, while growing, would be greatly... show more

Is South Korea turning Islamic?

6 answers · Korea · 4 days ago
Best answer: no... it's turning christian (29%... 10% chatolichs 19% protestants) 23% buddists ...non religious 46% 99% is not islamic

Is Cambodia communist ?

9 answers · Other - Asia Pacific · 6 days ago

Is Tokyo as frenetic as London?

5 answers · Japan · 5 days ago
Best answer: London is a quiet small town compared to Tokyo. Tokyo is the world's most populous metropolitan area that's more than 9 times the size of London.

What time is it in Japan?

10 answers · Japan · 1 week ago

I would like to export from Japan to America.(import from US to Japan also) Does anyone tell me what you would like to buy from Japan but it doesn't sell in America. Thank you

Why do Chinese migrants migrate to philippines?

6 answers · Philippines · 1 week ago

China is angry that there is a fully functioning Democracy full of "Chinese" people off their coast and thinks it undermines the CCCP's authority. Why not try to be more like America which has a neighbouring country (Canada) that is far more successful with a different governance? As in - why... show more

What is the capital city of Korea?

13 answers · Korea · 1 week ago