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Why has East Asian countries never been colonised?

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I want to travel to Japan but I read an article about molesters (Chikan) who molest and rape women in crowded in trains and Even saw videos of them doing the act. I'm a blonde woman in her 20s who want to visit Japan but I'm afraid that I don't get molested or raped in trains. Are those articles the... show more

Where to hire hitman in philippines?

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Best answer: Call your President.

Im thinking of naming my baby Yuki?

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Its a japanese name meaning snow or happiness. Just wondering what other peoples opinions are on the name. Thank you!

Best answer: you may have people try to take advantage of you like they would in other countries, but if you aren't Chinese or Asian looking, most people will be surprised to see you more than anything.

When do you use polymorphism?

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Best answer: I'm European, and hand on heart, I don't think I've ever actually met a Korean person, male or female. Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and many Indonesians, and some Vietnamese too, but no Koreans that I can think of. It's a mistake to assume all Europeans feel the same way. There ARE a lot of us, remember. show more

Best answer: You can just Google Gas BBQ grill and come up with a number of dealers here in Thailand (Bangkok). But they do not come cheap. This is a product that foreigners use not Thai. If a Thai wanted one they would have it made by a metal worker and would be charcoal, not gas and not stainless steel. You can also... show more

Best answer: I travel from the USA to the Philippines once a year and no one has ever asked to see my vaccination record. However, I've gotten Hep A and B vaccinations on the strong advice of the State Department. You should get flu, typhoid and tetanus shots even if you never intend to leave the USA.

Does japan have kosher certified food?

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Best answer: You do understand that the Japanese have their own religion, and they don't have many Jewish people, right? When you want to immigrate to another country, you have to be prepared to assimilate to that culture- like people expect immigrants to acculturate to the US. Japan does not encourage immigration anyway.... show more

Why are Japanese people polite but cold?

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Apart from customer service, which can be way over the top in terms of politeness, the ordinary denizens seem to be so cold and unfriendly. Why is this? For example, if you are in someone's way at the supermarket etc. instead of saying excuse me, they will just reach around you to grab what they want! And when... show more

Best answer: Learn a few words in Japanese. Excuse Me. Thank you. Please. Yes. No. Can go a long way. Japanese students study English. Anyone college age students and most high school age students will have a working mastery of English. If you are white, they will assume you are an American. They may even want to... show more

Find cheap hotels in singapore ?

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How much money should I have to travel to Tokyo?

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I'm a U.S. planning to travel to Tokyo some time around August 2019. The trip will last me about 10 days. My question is aside from plane tickets hotels and transportation how much money should i bring for dinning, entertainment etc. I was thinking somewhere around $800 dollars.

Anything to watch out for when I go to Japan?

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Best answer: Godzilla