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How did Japan become so developed??!?

7 answers · Other - Asia Pacific · 3 hours ago

Who is powerful? USA or China?

9 answers · China · 13 hours ago

Is south korea a good country?

8 answers · Korea · 4 days ago

Why do people say Chinese women are easy?

6 answers · China · 4 days ago
Best answer: A decent Chinese girl is extremely hard to get. There are plenty of them though that are pretty easy to get. Like the co workers you have at the English school. They worship foreigners to a certain extent.

I ordered shoes from China off eBay. Had success once before with a different seller. Tracking number didn't show up for like 1.5 week but it had stats for its initial locations in China on it. This time around it was 3 weeks and ZERO info on the tracking. I contacted them at this point and they said they will... show more

Why are there no birds in Japan?

11 answers · Japan · 7 days ago

Do you think China is a beautiful country?

9 answers · China · 1 week ago

Is it realistically possible to learn Japanese?

8 answers · Japan · 1 week ago
Best answer: Yes. Many people do. Take for instance my roommate in college who was from a small town in Texas where the schools K-12 did not offer Japanese language classes, so he bought some books, Rosetta Stone lessons, and used the internet when he was in high school. When he got to college where Japanese language studies... show more

What Latin American country do you like most?

4 answers · Korea · 6 days ago
Best answer: Brazil

At what age do you graduate in the Philippines?

5 answers · Philippines · 1 week ago

How do u pronounce BHAT (its money in Thailand?

5 answers · Thailand · 1 week ago

I am planning to go to China, any tips?

6 answers · China · 1 week ago
I am planning to go to China, any tips and recommendations?

Why is everything made in china?

17 answers · China · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Greedy corporations and unfair trade agreements allowed a lot of our manufacturing to move overseas. This all started decades ago. CEOs and management’s salaries have risen at a much faster and higher rate than the pay of the employees, who actually make the product or perform the service. Unfair trade agreements... show more

Which city do you like in China?

5 answers · China · 2 weeks ago