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Why don't they get annoyed by the same dish? Is it because they eat different rice recipes throughout the day? What basic recipes would you find daily in the table of a normal health-conscious japanese person?

Best answer: In all depends. In a Buddhist temple the tradition is each monk has but one bowl and he eats every single grain of rice before the bowl gets filled with tea.

Why is China continuing to build ghost cities?

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Best answer: Your package does not begin shipping the second you ORDER IT. The first step is to get Postage and a Mailing label from the Japan Post Office. The shipper will make up your Parcel and then give it to the Post Office when they do. The Japan Post Office will take it to the Overseas shipping place. One of the... show more

Can I get off at Tokyo?

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I purchased tickets to Bangkok via Tokyo. I like to get off at Tokyo when the plan stops for transaction instead of going to Bangkok. Can I do that? Thanks

Best answer: It could be called for most heaven on earth. As said stay out of Musslim Midanao areas. Davao is safe & Samal island there. If you like big city with great beachs, dive sites a short ferry ride away. Most all there speak a form of English as the second language there. The people are friendly very low crime. You... show more

Best answer: No The Philippines is 1 country while China is another country

Can someone tell me about Christmas eve in Japan?

9 answers · Japan · 2 weeks ago
I am told that it's meaning tends to be a bit different in how people celebrate it over there, but I haven't been able to get specifics.

What is it like being in Japan?

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I really want to visit Japan especially seeing those traditional houses with samurai sword/bushido blades being kept inside. I want to..

How do I declare war by myself on Japan?

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I got a job in China (Shangdong providence) I am looking at something that I might need on my travels. (I'm from US) so do I need a voltage converter along with the adapter? What are some other items one could bring to China to live there for the year from the US?

Shouldnt they make another 'Tokyo Drift'?

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Just in general, but especially in Math. I've attended both schools in Japan and U.S and a lot of the students in the U.S seems to not know many of the methods and concepts that are considered an average standard in Japan. I'm sorry if I sound very rude

Best answer: You qualify for an F-4 visa which would allow you to remain in Korea for up to 2 years, but it can be renewed when the time comes. The application process for Korean universities is fairly straightforward, but you might have an easier time if you get your visa processed before you begin to apply to different... show more

How bad would a Tokai earthquake be?

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Best answer: I don't know in detaile, but earthquakes widely predicted in Japan that will occur in the (near) future will be much likely to cause devastaing destruction in the area, including Tokai earthquake.

Are Filipinos racists?

10 answers · Philippines · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Not in my experience of living here for 11 years

Curiousity about this one?

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Best answer: There are families and celebrities with the surname of Haneda and Narita (like Olympic athlete Takuya Haneda, or vocalist Ken Narita). Narita is a city in Chiba prefecture, and Haneda is the name of a district in Tokyo. But the names Haneda and Narita are most widely known for the 2 international airports in the... show more