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Best answer: I suppose that is possible. Alternatively, he might look like Ray Dorset, or Roland Gift, or Lenny Kravitz.

Best answer: Check with your bank that your card is acceptable in Thailand. It almost certainly will be. Then notify them of your travel dates and use the card just as you would at home. ATM's - card goes in, foreign currency comes out; easy. Watch out for your bank and othesr zapping you with overseas transaction charges... show more

Best answer: Very.

Have you ever been to Japan?

13 answers · Japan · 1 week ago

Just trying to understand the logic here. I ordered one thing from china and one thing from the US. My china package arrived at a sorting facility in Vancouver and my US package arrived in Quebec. Why wouldn't they both be sent to the city nearest to me?

Are Filipinos considered Asian or Pacific Islanders ?

10 answers · Philippines · 1 week ago

Best answer: For the most part Japanese practice either Shintoism or Buddhism. Those are two religions which don't proselytize unlike Christianity or Islam, so they really don't give AF. Now if you walk around wearing a hijab or even an abaya or burqa, then you will get looks as it's out of the ordinary there.

How do we study society? Discuss?

5 answers · Malaysia · 2 weeks ago

What s the process of flying into the US ?

4 answers · Philippines · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: They first need a Philippines passport. Once they have the passport they can apply for a visa to the USA. If (IF!) they get the visa they need an airline ticket, a place to stay in the USA, enough money for the trip, and travel medical... show more

Why is my cocaine yellow?

7 answers · China · 2 weeks ago

Are you excited for Saturnalia 🎄?

4 answers · Maldives · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: I’ve got the virgin, the goat, and the virgin goat ready

Best answer: Christmas is a time for peace and goodwill to all men. But I find myself unable to manage this in the case of Manx. Which means he truly is the grinch who stole Christmas.

Does it snow in Tokyo City?

5 answers · Japan · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: It is just "Tokyo", not "Tokyo City". Tokyo does not cover the entire country of Japan any more than Washington DC covers the entire country of the US, so its climate may not be typical of elsewhere in the country. Given that the Japanese mainland covers about 14 degrees in latitude, about the... show more

Best answer: Tall or short, doesn't matter to me--If you're Japanese, you're already my friend!

I remember a time when you could have a holiday in Thailand for "next to nothing", but it seems times have changed. Sure, Thailand is cheap if you want to live on staple food. But if you actually want to enjoy yourself in Thailand, it seems that you have to spend a considerable amount of cash nowadays.... show more

Is China a European or American country?

6 answers · China · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: It's neither. It's actually an Antarctic country.