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Or will they sit back and let America send its boys to die in yet again another Arab country. That's what they do don't they? Plot, scheme, control the worlds banking systems, import immigrants to the west whilst staying pure themselves and stir war while staying in the background. With all of israels... show more

Is it legal to send a smart phone from the US to Ghana Africa?

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BDS tried to make people abandon the event and urged artists like Madonna not to perform, but they were completely ignored by both the artists and the audience who just wanted to have an apolitical song and dance event. Iceland at one point displayed Palestinian flags during the voting process, to which Eurovision... show more

Is skyline related to lord voldermort?

9 answers · Israel · 1 week ago
Best answer: They're pretty similar people, not gonna lie. Thank you for your contribution.

How would Cato be treated in Israel?

9 answers · Israel · 1 week ago
Best answer: Probably fine until he opens his mouth. He doesn't seem to have the highest opinion of Jews, so he'll incite confrontation.

Why Middle eastern dislike fat women?

4 answers · Lebanon · 4 days ago
I know everyone different but from where I come from majority of women are obsess with their looks and they don’t like it if they are overweight

Best answer: There are also black Jews in Israel, and black, white , Egyptian, Syrian , Lebanese and Armenian Palestinians . Maybe you can tell someone’s ancestry by looking at them? Until you consider something like Obama’s mother was white. I’m classified white and by looking at me you would never guess my ancestry . Your... show more

Why won't Israel fight anti-Semitism?

10 answers · Israel · 2 weeks ago
Hello I am getting utterly sick of this problem now, it is getting right out of hand. Israel needs to say to the world, that if it doesn't do enough to combat anti-Semitism; that they will impose sanctions on the nations that are responsible for it. Here in the UK, we have a problem with anti-Semitism in the... show more

I want to get my friend a gift from US. Something that she can’t find in Saudi Arabia. What would be a appropriate gift that she won’t be able to find it in arabia ? What are the best gift to give to an arab boy and a girl ?

Why is Ben Shapiro so easily triggered?

6 answers · Seychelles · 2 weeks ago
Interviewed by a BBC guy nobody's ever heard of, quits the interview early in need of a safe space where he gets DESTROYED by some of the questions. Is he a snowflake?

Best answer: Hello there. I am proud of Israel fighting, not against Arabs (Arabs being hundreds of millions of people with a beautiful and rich language, culture and history), but rather against Islamic extremists and pan-Arab nationalists who try to ruin everything. Israel doesn't intentionally bomb and shell Palestinian... show more

Best answer: Yeah I agree to a certain extant; the trouble with democracy is that every @hole gets a voice and you spend a lot of time arguing and successive governments try to undo previous policy, so it takes forever to get anything done. But that's the price you pay. Dictators and autocrats are more efficient at getting... show more

How can I meet jews without going to Israel?

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I have heard that there is a lot of men from countries like Qatar, UAE etc marrying Filipino women and sometimes Indian women as brides, but do they sign up through an agency firm and visit either country to get married, similar to how a lot of British men marrying Thai brides, European men with Colombian brides,... show more

Who has traveled to Israel?

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This coming Sunday, my aunt & uncle are taking a trip to Israel. Now I know that visiting Israel can be a dangerous trip. Because of the eternal conflict between Israel and Palestine. Jews fighting against Muslims. My cousin & I are hoping and praying that they'll have a safe trip and will return home... show more

How can one hate Israel? Isn't that antisemitic?

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Best answer: Yeah, yeah, sure! Maybe not, see we do have that Pal holicost thing thats been goin on for so many years by a bunch of clowns. In fact I know alot of folks who hate clowns. Clownphobes, thats proper, yeah!

War in Israel and the Palestinian state?

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There is a concept known as 'proof by contradiction', which often relates to maths, but it can be used for all logic as well. Here it is in this case... (1) I believe that the United Nations does not recognise Palestine as a state it's own right (probably by majority vote). (2) The United Nations... show more