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Do you like Jews?

15 answers · Israel · 8 hours ago

Do you support the move Trump made in Israel?

30 answers · Israel · 3 days ago
Apparently Palestinians are pissed at Trump and the U.S

After WW2

Complete this, Jerusalem is the capital of?

24 answers · Israel · 3 days ago
Best answer: ISRAEL.

Thank you!

Is this answer a violation?

10 answers · Morocco · 4 days ago
Best answer: Yes, it is. It not only does not answer the question being asked but, is insulting to a user.

I had a lot of angry encounters by arabs towards me because I am an Israeli, even though I am Christian. But I really like to know, what non arabs think of us?

Best answer: It's not a crime in most places. There are a few places where Jews aren't allowed, for example many Palestinian areas and Saudi Arabia (outside of business areas). In a few more, there are laws preventing one from converting to Judaism especially if they're Muslim, like Iran. It would be a crime to be... show more

Best answer: Jews are God's Chosen people. We are the light in the darkness.

Best answer: Im neutral.

Best answer: Nooo! Everyone hate the Jew .

What is the goal of the State of Israel?

11 answers · Israel · 3 days ago
Best answer: Greetings, Mr Anonymous. Aside from merely existing, the goal of the State of Israel is to serve as what is, so far, the world's only Jewish state. The goal is most certainly not "to kick out all the Palestinians" as you wrongly suggest.

What is messianic Judaism?

7 answers · Israel · 1 day ago
Best answer: Christianity, basically. It was started by Christians who found out they have distant Jewish roots. They adopt a few Jewish traditions, but continue practicing Christianity. Vast majority have never actually been raised Jewish, there are very few people who convert from Judaism to the messianic Judaism Christian... show more

Do Jews shake gentile hands?

6 answers · Israel · 1 day ago