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Was my dentist flirting with me?

4 answers · Madagascar · 3 hours ago
I was at the orthodontist complaining about my loose retainer that I could take out with my tongue ..when I asked my orthodontist he just laughed and asked me if I knew any other tricks with my tongue..he also always laughs and leans in very close to my face and touches my arm..not to mention he is much friendlier... show more

Is Israel a better country than Greece?

15 answers · Israel · 2 days ago

Is Israel really a racist country?

8 answers · Israel · 6 hours ago
Why do people keep telling me this.

Why do some people still deny the Holocaust?

13 answers · Israel · 2 days ago

Why are Palestinians so violent?

24 answers · Israel · 5 days ago
Best answer: Hello, Palestinians are taught hatred of Jews / Israel, by their education system. The Palestinians attached to the land of Israel - Really? - They tried to take Jordan by force in 1970-71, and tried to take Lebanon by force in 1975. Also, that "Palestinian" flag - identical to the Jordanian flag, save... show more

Best answer: Israelis are 13 million people, but on a whole, yes. Why the need to ask this anonymously? I'm assuming either an anti-Israel troll account or Shay will recieve best answer, even if neither puts their point forward coherently.

Why does user "Amleth" attacks TNO so much?

5 answers · Israel · 3 days ago
Why does he have a grudge on TNO

Best answer: Israel is indeed a terrorist state - it's murderers kill innocent Palestinians by their thousands and rob them of their land. Land which they have occupied for thousands of years. I've got some bad news for the Jews. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was born in Bethlehem, which is in Palestine. Therefore... show more

Are gay people aloud to visit Saudi Arabia?

9 answers · Saudi Arabia · 1 week ago
Best answer: As long as they don't proclaim their orientation "aloud," as it were. Really strict, religiously-conservative place there. They don't even serve alcohol... like anywhere. No pork, either. In 120-degree weather the women are still expected to wear them black burkas that expose only the eyes and... show more

So, I was really interested in moving to the Middle East and my Top two choices were the UAE and Saudi Arabia. At one point in time I was leaning towards moving to the UAE and then Saudi Arabia and I am now leaning towards the decision of the UAE. The reason I was leaning towards saudi Arabia was because of Cheap... show more

is it because it is the centre of the old World (asia Europe Africa )

How many Saudis have immigrated from their county ?

5 answers · Saudi Arabia · 1 month ago
I heard it’s one million Saudis have left their county. Why?or is it true?

Is knowing Arabic mandatory in Dubai?

6 answers · United Arab Emirates · 1 month ago
Do the locals understand English??

Why are arab women viscious?

5 answers · Lebanon · 1 month ago
Best answer: They are? I didn't knew it. Well, maybe's only their culture. Every country has you own culture. #TKOM

How to get an Hr job in Dubai?

4 answers · United Arab Emirates · 1 month ago

Once upon a time the country of Africa was a happy people living with riches and silver and safaris and drum rhythms They sang one song called Hakuna Matata it means “no worries for the rest of your days” It was their problem-free philosophy And they lived in a great circle of life And then Trump people came... show more