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Do you support Israel or Palestine?

38 answers · Israel · 3 days ago
My class was having a discussion. Who do you support? Please tell me why.

Best answer: i don't really care either, they need to get over it.


So why are you still playing the victim card? There were many other genocides committed on other groups but your story gets the spotlight, all the sympathies and like so many movies made about it. Its like you people are more important than everyone else. Other groups never got any sort of reparations and no... show more

What are the homes in saudi arabia called?

6 answers · Saudi Arabia · 1 day ago

Best answer: That depends on what you mean by censor. You're allowed to express any of those opinions, but you are not owed a platform. It simply means you cannot be punished by the government for those opinion.

Best answer: C.

So you plan on visiting Africa before you die?

16 answers · Kenya · 5 days ago

Long live Iran?

6 answers · Other - Africa & Middle East · 2 days ago

Israeli Control. Only good things will happen to Israel (they won t have anymore rockets being shot into Israel by Hamas in Gaza) & after a few months the few people who won t like it will forget all about it.

Best answer: In Israel you elect the party not the leader. If the leader cannot run his government he gets re-elected within his own party. This makes it more balanced. Instead of the president firing people within his cabinet the party also can depose him as well. It also makes the leader less dangerous because he can be... show more

Best answer: LOL.....are you doing OK today Yoel?.......

Best answer: Maybe, but not necessarily.

Both his parents wanted a daughter at the time he as born, of course he ended up a boy and both his parents are disappointed, though Prince Charles as far more open about his disappointment than Princess Diana as. Also, lets not forget that Prince william is destined to be future King, and Prince Harry never will... show more

Does Fireball need to take her own advice and GUS?

6 answers · Other - Switzerland · 5 days ago
Best answer: Fireball always says not to call people out, but she keeps calling out this Gus guy. I don't know why she hates him so much. I've never even met him.