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Were the Nazis the good guys in ww2?

12 answers · Israel · 2 days ago

Best answer: Put a towel on your head and wear your bottom pyjamas leggings

Sultanas were Slavic, Greek, Venetian and Caucasus women

Why does Saudi Arabia hate Yemen so much?

7 answers · Saudi Arabia · 1 week ago
Best answer: The fighting is really because they hate Iran so much (but neither Iran nor Saudi Arabia wants war on their own turf).

Best answer: yes, im afraid so. dont know why the US taxpayer allows it.

Why are Levantine Arabs lighter than Gulf Arabs?

7 answers · Israel · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: It might be so

Who is more likely to support israel?

8 answers · Israel · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Since none of the qualities you mention intrinsically lead to supporting a particular geopolitical state (I notice neither of these individuals are Israeli) then this is a simple matter of determining how many independent qualities are mentioned. The person with the fewest number of qualities mentioned is more... show more

Why do most women want to be hors?

4 answers · Saudi Arabia · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: If you mean "why do women want to have sex for money" (which is the definition of a whore), they don't. No one wants to do that- mostly they are forced into it by poverty or after being hooked on drugs by some guy. If you mean "why do women want to have sex?"- that's a natural part of... show more

Can you buy pork meals in tel aviv?

9 answers · Israel · 2 weeks ago

Why can't Jews accept the Palestinians as their brothers

Best answer: Interesting! I would have never imagined the amount of subterfuge this otherwise adorable, oriental person posts to this forum! Personally I have set my preferences to simply ignore a few users of limited brain function capacity, so it came to me as a surprise to read such a long list of nonsense and "Fake... show more

Did she ever proof it?

Best answer: As a visitor you wouldn't experience the issues some of the native whites have. Also being there only 3 weeks makes your exposure to any possible crime more limited. You really have to read the history. It mostly comes from the government taking over privately owned farms because they say the whites used... show more