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Why is the U.S so loyal to Israel?

15 answers · Israel · 21 hours ago
I'm not saying we shouldn't help them, but I'm just wondering if they are loyal to us just as we are to them

Therefore their descendants are also European. The Israeli Arabs are middle eastern, which is why there are so many problems. Two different cultures completely clashing. Arabs are taught to hate Jews. There will never be peace.

threatens to do a 9/11 style attack on Canada and literally crucied a man all with a span of a month and the US says nothing. We accuse Syria of chemical weapons with no evidence and I that means we need to attack them and almost trigger WW3

Why does Israel gets so much criticism?

26 answers · Israel · 1 week ago
Best answer: Not because they are Jews, but because of their blatant discrimination and cruelty towards non-Jewish Palestinians.

Is Shay an Ashkenazi Jew?

5 answers · Israel · 2 days ago
He always talks about Palestinians being fake people who invaded Israel but I have a feeling his ancestors came from Europe.

Why did the US not condemn the attack on yemen's children?

5 answers · Other - Africa & Middle East · 5 days ago
Best answer: What?! And annoy Trump's favorite people the Saudis? He hasn't done squat about any of the other human rights violations they have committed. Why would he care about bombing children, especially what he himself has done to children here?!

Will the Israel / Palestine Conflict EVER end?

18 answers · Israel · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Hello, In order to have the best possibility for peace there would need to be: The removal of hate and prejudice against Israel and in particular against Jewish people from the Palestinian education system, which could eventually lead to significantly less hate by Palestinians against Israel and Jewish people,... show more

Israelis: Why do you hate Palestinians?

11 answers · Israel · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Khazars hate all non-Khazars.

Best answer: Terrorism against Israel predates Israel’s controls over Gaza/the West Bank. Arabs were massacring Jews in Hebron before the Jews had even established a defensive militia. Keep in mind, the rhetoric and philosophy of Hamas was not unlike the rhetoric and philosophy of Arabs prior to the establishment of... show more

Best answer: N O N E !!!!! BECAUSE >>>>>>There has never been any Palsetinian state, neither any Palsetinian archaeological find nor coinage. The present-day "Palsetinians" are an Arab people, with Arab culture, Arabic language and Arab history. They have their own Arab states from where they came... show more

Why does the E.U hate Israel so much?

13 answers · Israel · 3 weeks ago
Is the E.U Pro-Palestine

Could Israel conquer Russia?

10 answers · Israel · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: If they were bigger and maintained the same standards for their military, they theoretically could. Given their limited size, though, it's not something they can do. Russia doesn't want to attack Israel, so I wouldn't anticipate any sort of scenario where they're directly opposing each other.... show more


7 answers · Israel · 3 weeks ago

Is it true Israel is full of Greeks and Turks?

19 answers · Israel · 3 weeks ago

Hummus and Falafel are Arabic food eaten in Palestine way before Israel was a thing.