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What time is it were you live? Give state ?

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Is Leader of the ALP the most unwanted job in the country now?

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Best answer: I see people wearing tank tops and shorts on planes. I think they're crazy! It's COLD on planes.

Best answer: Socialized Medicine uses that delay as a cost savings mechanism. If the patient finds another cure on their own or dies the Socialists don't get stuck with the bill.

Help with plane ticket?

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So, I’m going a few states over by plane, alone. I’m 15, but you can’t purchase a plane ticket under 18 online. Is it fine if we change the birth date that would make the person 18, and then explain at the airport desk the situation? Thanks.

Best answer: Is Australia even a country? It's foreign born population is nearing 30 percent of the country's population. Their rate of mass Immigration of highest in the world. They add literally one percent of country's population every year thru Immigration. Vast majority are from Asia. You need to drastically... show more

How many suns are there in milky way?

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Solar system has only one sun. However solar system is very small part of milky way.

Why did Frontier Airlines lie to me?

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Best answer: They didn't LIE to you; you didn't read their website. I once got a REALLY good deal for a round trip on Spirit, and their website SPECIFICALLY said "you can buy space for checked luggage online for $20/piece or wait until you get to the airport and pay $75/piece."

Aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, imodium, Dramamine, Mezacline, Pepcid. I know you can get these drugs over the counter but what if I need them on the plane? Also do I need to declare them?

How to handle a long plane ride?

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Best answer: I've taken many 16 hours trips. First of all, you know its going to be long so prepare for it. Bring a journal, book, magazines as suggested above. However, most airlines have lots of choices of movies and tv shows. I don't know your schedule but you do want to sleep so that you are refreshed getting there,... show more

The treatment of females in Australian politics really highlights how badly women are treated overall in Australia. On International Women's Day, Scott Morrison delivered a speech where he said he didn't want to see women rise if it came at the expense of men. In 1990 Australia ranked a respectable 15th in... show more

Best answer: Houses are cheap at Broken Hill

What are the cheapest airlines?

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My military fiancé want to come home to surprise his family this weekend. We have been looking up airline prices and they are an arm and a leg. Also he is not allowed to leave until after noon so I need help to get him from Jacksonville North Carolina to Pittsburgh PA as cheap as possible. Thank you!

How much safer is South Africa than Canada?

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Best answer: -100%? Canada is MUCH safer than South Africa.

Which state in the west?

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Besides California which state in the western part of the USA has pleasant weather ? I know no where is comparable to California however gotta be somewhere where the weather is pretty good. Arizona Hot Nevada Hot Colorado cold Utah cold Washington cold ?

As an american why do you hate me ?

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After regular Muslim attacks, Christian Church desecrations and the takeover by 500 illegal migrants of Charles De Gaulle airport

What to do on plane ride from Orlando to Dublin?

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