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Can an American and an Australian understand each other?

36 answers · Other - Australia · 1 week ago

Are Palestinians the REAL JEWS?

20 answers · Israel · 7 days ago
Best answer: The Palestinian people are a smart, hospitable, democratic group of people, with roots in the land of Palaestine for thousands of years before the advent of the lovely Jewish wanderers of Asia. Therefore, in a broader sense, yes the Palestinians are the true people of that area on the map. However, if they were the... show more

Is China turning Australia into a puppet state ?

10 answers · Other - Australia · 1 week ago
Best answer: Yes. Australia is weak and Melbourne is already Shanghai of the south. But greed runs everything thanks to Labor's open immigration policy.

Are Ashkenazi Jews proof that Jews ARE White?

13 answers · Israel · 7 days ago
Best answer: No. Do Ashkenazi Jews represent all Jews? No, they don't. There is a reason the term Ashkenazi exists separate of the term Jew. Because you can't use it to represent the totality of Jewry, you can't use them to "prove" such a claim. True, most Jews tend to have some Ashkenazi ancestry;... show more

I plan to go to Nashville and has to touch down in London The lay over is an hour and a half. Do I have to check in, go through custom and immigration again? I am really concern not having sufficient time to be on the next plane. Thanks for the help.

Best answer: Yes, you can fly alone at 17. No airline will require you to use the Unaccompanied Minor service at that age, and some will not offer it at that age. However, if you are flying internationally, you will need written permission of your parents to leave the country without them, and your destination country will... show more

Does san francisco have a subway?

11 answers · San Francisco · 1 week ago

Do you prefer Jews and Judaism or Arabs and Islam?

10 answers · Israel · 7 days ago
Best answer: Jews, because they seem to be decent folk. Arabs and Muslims just play weird victim games that turn people off.

I want to live in a place that is mainly nature(mountains, trees, forests, lakes, etc..). Please give me a list of places in North America that are like this and are habitable.

Is Ireland a better place to live than the UK?

16 answers · Other - Ireland · 1 week ago

Best answer: lots live in country towns which they would like better