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Was my dentist flirting with me?

4 answers · Madagascar · 3 hours ago
I was at the orthodontist complaining about my loose retainer that I could take out with my tongue ..when I asked my orthodontist he just laughed and asked me if I knew any other tricks with my tongue..he also always laughs and leans in very close to my face and touches my arm..not to mention he is much friendlier... show more

Family members hearing recent planes went down are cancelling trips because what if we die in the air? How safe is it to fly commercially?

Who is powerful? USA or China?

9 answers · China · 23 hours ago

Is Israel a better country than Greece?

15 answers · Israel · 2 days ago

Frontier Flight Reservation Change Fee?

9 answers · Air Travel · 13 hours ago
I have an upcoming flight and I was wondering if there's any way to avoid the $99 reschedule fee? I just wanted to change my flight to a couple days before my booked day and wasn't sure if there was any way around the fee.

Is Israel really a racist country?

8 answers · Israel · 6 hours ago
Why do people keep telling me this.

Why do some people still deny the Holocaust?

13 answers · Israel · 2 days ago

Where can i stay in Manhattan or near for cheap?

12 answers · New York City · 2 days ago

Hey guys! So I m 25 years old from Chicago and I ve been considering moving to Los Angeles for a while. I like the scenery, the weather and the beaches and shopping of LA and thats why I would like to move out there. But I have a problem. My mom doesnt want not move out bothered moving out there because my brother... show more

Best answer: Dude, lose the "Q/G" shtick. It's WAY past old.

Any Tips for Driving from Florida to Los Angeles on I-10?

10 answers · Packing & Preparation · 4 days ago
My aunt (52) and I (19) will be taking our first long distance road trip next month. We'll be traveling from the Orlando area all the way to Los Angeles where we'll be staying a for a few nights before going south to San Diego. We plan on taking our time getting out there and not pushing a drive longer than... show more

Best answer: Vancouver is very nice, though it was better in the old days when it wasn't so crowded and traffic wasn't so bad. And I totally fell in love with Montreal. Like NYC only less urine smell.

Best answer: Some of them can see a change coming. And they will do everything possible to stall that change.

Why are Palestinians so violent?

24 answers · Israel · 5 days ago
Best answer: Hello, Palestinians are taught hatred of Jews / Israel, by their education system. The Palestinians attached to the land of Israel - Really? - They tried to take Jordan by force in 1970-71, and tried to take Lebanon by force in 1975. Also, that "Palestinian" flag - identical to the Jordanian flag, save... show more

What is America's position on Vladimir Putin?

14 answers · Other - Destinations · 5 days ago