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I do live in California so I highly doubt it is like our winter but idk ?! Also I am only going to take a carry on

Is it a sin to touch my pee pee before bedtime ?

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Best answer: Walmart Supercenter is likely to be the cheapest (that's the case up here in the FL panhandle), and I see via map that there are 3 in Miami. After that, for us, it's Piggly Wiggly (but not a large selection), Winn Dixie, then Publx. Publix has the best quality and service, but they are more expensive than... show more

Why shouldn’t Puerto Rico become a state?

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I was assigned a speech on why Puerto Rico, Guam, and other us territories shouldn’t become states. I can’t find many reasons besides that it would increase crime rates but I don’t know how that would be a severe cause. So what are the main reasons that US territories shouldn’t be states?

Where have you traveled recently?

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What comes to your mind when you think of New Mexico?

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Best answer: Breaking bad, Jesse, Walter White, Saul and Mike and the whole crew. Carlsbad caverns, and el Santuario de Chimayo. Great food great salsas and an abundance of fresh and dried chilies. Navajo res, mutton stew and fry bread and beautiful turquoise jewelry, pottery, and woven goods.

How is life in suffolk united kingdom?

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Best answer: Suffolk is primarily a rural agricultural county with an attractive coastline. There may be technology jobs in the largest town which is Ipswich

I want to go to Paris?

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But I just saw TAKEN. Now I am scared to leave the USA. Should I still go

I just got my flight itinerary and I have layovers in 2 countries before getting to my destination countries, how many times will I have to go though customs?

Best answer: Mistake? That's a funny name for it. The Nazis murdered about 12,000,000 people, not counting those killed directly or indirectly due to combat. But then consider the USSR. About 20,000,000 to 60,000,000 people were murdered under Stalin's rule alone. And Mao's China, maybe 65,000,000. I'd be... show more

How is the Life in Londres united kingdom?

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Best answer: Fun but expensive.

You tell me a reason why I should go to visit Italy?

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Best City for Young People in the South?

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hi! i am an 18 year old female. i have lived all over the world and lived on my own from right when i turned 17 until now (staying with a family member). i’m getting my GED, saving some money, and then i want to get a car and drive to a city in the south (preferably) and be independent. i’ve always liked the south... show more

So my husband and I booked a 3 hour flight for tomorrow through Allegiant and I bought economy tickets without paying to reserve our seats. Turns out they’ve assigned us seats away from each other, and I now realize just the thought of sitting by myself Is insetting a panic attack in me, as I suffer from anxiety.... show more

The protest was a bit surprising for several reasons. Firstly, Australians are generally very insular and don’t know much about foreign politicians. Secondly, the majority of Australians seem to agree with his policies on immigration and smaller government. Thirdly, the average Australian is far more racist than... show more

Whats the best travel destination for first time travelers?

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