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Anyway to become a good swimmer?

7 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: The way you become good any anything is by doing it (over and over). Spend ONE Hour a day in the pool.

Can some demons swim?

4 answers · 5 days ago

Best answer: Not actually killing ourselves but chlorine has been proven to have an adverse effect on the immune system especially in people that drink tap water containing chlorine and chloramine.

How to swim?

8 answers · 2 months ago

Best answer: In my view everyone should get used to swimming naked.

Men brief style speedo

Best answer: Do not share risk of a blood contact transfer involving other people. Even it requires interrupted razor usage. Wait until all others depart. If you do shed your blood be courteous and flush it all down the drain. People who feel tainted by contact with your blood may seek legal recourse for their aggravation... show more

Did cave men wash in rivers?

11 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: Its unlikely they washed at all.

these days people swim in regular clothes

Best answer: This is a complex question It depends on the locations' rules about change rooms, some have a zero tolerance policy for any age entering opposite gender room, others may have it 5 and under, others may go up to 10 etc, you get my drift here. It seems with the place you attend, that there isn't age limit to... show more

Best answer: Big baggy boardshorts are an american fashion, which make swimming really difficult. I do not know why americans all wear them, unless nobody there can swim. Women wear smaller and smaller bikinis while men wear bigger and bigger shorts. There is a compromise, which is a tight speedo fit but longer, so you can... show more

Im really embarassed but please read?

6 answers · 3 months ago
I was swimming at a public wave pool but then i accidently pissed in the water for fun. Then the water turned purple and everyone was laughping. The embarassment made me sh.it myself and it floated all through the pool and it hit a kid. Any than the embarassment from that made me keep shitting. And the cycle goes... show more

I need to know ASAP. Thanks

Why am I scared of underwater caves?

4 answers · 3 months ago
Ive never had problems with caves or water. I’ve never had a bad experience with either. I love to explore and I think it would be amazing to visit a cave. For water, I love to swim, layout, and I don’t have problems going underwater. I prefer pools over lakes and oceans just because it’s cleaner, but I don’t mind... show more