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I need to know ASAP. Thanks

Is sky diving fun or scary?

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I have always wanted to do it but I'm afraid of heights... so will it be a good experience for me or not?

Best answer: Swimming is generally on the surface movement. Diving can be: 1. Entering the water of an elevation. 2. Swimming Under the water, such as skindiving, or SCUBA diving. [SCUBA, Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.]

Best answer: improving speed in the water, imho, relates to two things: a) having the right form in the water [coach will help with this] ... since it is easier to move your arms in the air than the water, you want your body to be tilted upward so that your arms are entirely free of the water [ie: in the air] for the recovery... show more

Best answer: You mean am I disgusted with them I think and the answer to that is no. While I think that is something important that every person should learn how to do many don't live in a place where that is easily possible or available to them or maybe they might not be able to afford it. It's an important life... show more

Best answer: Because the cop is male

I’ve never installed a pool before and have no clue where to even start. Is this hard?

Best answer: If I dived a car I'd be really, really, really keen on being able to swim - or Swim.

I have bought myself some aussiebum swim breifs, I'm 28, I have a nice body and I workout. This will be the 2nd time I've worn speedo style swimwear and it feels great not have the baggy wet swimwear on you whilst chilling by the pool on holiday. What does everyone think about men that wear them? I... show more

In several beaches I've been to in Florida and Europe the water initially gets deeper, then out a certain distance it get shallow and I can stand on the floor again properly before diving deep into the distance. Is there an explanation for this?


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Hello, Yahoo. My question is if im working with Muriatic Acid and deal with the the fumes alot (pool job) which respirator should I be using? I searched up on 3M that i should be using the 6003 Cartridge (3M) but do not know of which mask it goes with.

Best answer: This can be from the chlorine

I ve had a very sore knee for the past 2 weeks now. Today we went to a family event and got a family member to have a look at it (he is a gp). He said we should get it checked out properly to definitively diagnose what I have. I have swim training tomorrow morning and my knee hurts when I swim (I have tried... show more

Best answer: As a swimmer myself, if you are new to swimming at 16 it is EXTREMELY unlikely that you will be successful as a professional swimmer. Many professional swimmers (not all, just many) have been swimming since they were 6-9 years old.

What clothes are easiest to swim in?

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Tomorrow, at school, I have to swim in the pool with clothes on. Apparently that's something we have to learn. What clothes are easiest to swim in? It can't be a t-shirt, but what kind of jumper? I already have pants, but I'll still appreciate suggestions. I need an answer quickly!

How can you not swim?

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How can people say they can't swim? It's like a basic instinct...