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How can you not swim?

7 answers · 1 month ago
How can people say they can't swim? It's like a basic instinct...

Best answer: They use googles, water doesn't get in your nose unless you flip yourself upside down.

Best answer: I do know how to swim. You float by laying on your back with your arms and legs spread out to distribute/spread your body weight out. Just like if someone is on thin ice over a lake and it starts cracking they lay down on their stomach in that case and spread their arms and legs to make a more even amount of weight.

Best answer: "Racism" is a proper word here because for the longest time blacks were banned from private AND PUBLIC pools. Also, inner cities where many blacks lived did not have pools nearby. In recent years blacks may have decided swimming was not that important ... or they could not afford to pay for swim lessons... show more

Best answer: To encourage the pupils to go swimming before or after class and to enable them to be healthy and stop laziness and obesity - but can the school afford to build one?

Should I let my daughter swim?

6 answers · 2 months ago
My 7 year old daughter, Alex has been begging me for weeks to let her join the local swim team. I’ve asked around and learned that it’s a year round team with about 15 girls aged 7-8. My only concerns are that the practice schedule seems a bit ridiculous (5-7am and 6-10pm Monday-Saturday) I’m worried that the... show more

Question on pool water?

6 answers · 3 months ago
if my brother swallowed a lot of pool water is that unhealthy and would it do damage to him. were not sure if it was a salt water or normal chlorine pool. i was worried because i was told some pools have muratic acid in them,. is there a max a person could drink before damage is made? if so how do you test for... show more

Best answer: I don't know what IS the difference. If you dive from a cliff you, presumably, dive into the SEA? Isn't it diving into the sea, or into a pool???

Best answer: 1) Was it a male or female cop? Could've been a lesbian cop. 2) He or she probably would've stared a lot more had you been naked instead. Post a pic next time, will ya? Guys always look at girls. Been going on since Adam & Eve. Sheesh...

I have been going to swimming lessons for 6 years. Everytime I go, im so bored...

Should i just quit swimming?

13 answers · 3 months ago
i’m a 15 year old swimmer, and i barely joined my school’s swim team not even a year ago. i was born with a messed up leg and to make it worse my knee pops out of place, it’s terrible and it hasn’t even been looked at. compared to everyone else on the team i suck. i can’t even do the basic things everyone else... show more

Best answer: That type of behavior should not be allowed at all. A coach's job is not supposed to be judgemental but to help everyone and give them the confidence and do it, not talk down to them and only notice them when they mess up. I would file a complaint and say that he is treating you unfairly. Or, I would just quit.

they were white. it is all a delusion that you think we want to be like you. White women for the most part are the most sexually unappealing race. white men are just neaderthal brutes, nothing more. all your science and technology you claim to have invented came from the indians, arabs and middle eastern. even... show more

How to like..swim at a beach?

8 answers · 3 months ago
Best answer: You like go into the water and like go out far enough to like be able to swim, then you like swim and everything.