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Deluded newco fans were bitterly trying to criticise Celtic for not winning the Treble while Sevco werent in the Premeir League to stop them doing it. Well sevco have been in the Premier league for the last two years and Celtic have won the Treble TWICE. Every little retort they have managed to summon up since... show more

Why are Man City so overrated?

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World Cup 2018 - who is going to win?

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Are you laughing at Man Utd ?

15 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 3 days ago
Sure, finishing 2nd and winning f*ck all is better then Spurs but some of their fans will consider it a successful season won't they ?

Do games like today show why Paul Pogba should be sold?

21 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 4 days ago
He can have great games and great moments. That performance against Man City being one. Ashley Young's reaction to losing was brilliant, Pogba reacted by having a smile and a laugh with Eden Hazard. Thats the height of disrespect to your clubs suicidal fans. He missed a great chance today that header although... show more

Will Messi play his last world cup?

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Why is David Beckham a world famous sports star?

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How did Man U get owned by Chelski in cop?

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How pathetic was our performance yesterday against Chelsea?

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Is FA cup not as big as it used to be innit?

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Where will Man utd finish next season?

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They could still fight for top 4? Its not like Chelsea and Arsenal are any good lol

Is Pochettino the most overrated manager in the PL?

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Conte and Wenger still win more when they have nightmare seasons, LoL

Is paying Pogba £29 per minute?

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or £0.50 per second too much for the fashion conscience icon that he is. Has Mourinho got value for money this season and will another club offer him £0.51 per second to shine at another club ?

Who is going to coach Arsenal next summer?

9 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 2 days ago
Best answer: Arteta Viera Enrique Emery..and i'll throw one up Eddie Howe.... Of the 5 i can see Arsenal wanting Enrique in the hope of trying to create and build something in the mirror image of what Guardiola has created at City, i also believe that one of the others whoever that is will go to Everton... well looks like... show more

Premier League Predictions Farewell?

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Remember when United fans said Linegard is better than Hazard?

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How delusional.

haha, its the year of the overrated English players

As bad as Manchester United have been this year they've still finished above?

10 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 3 days ago
18 other teams and the only team besides city to get over 80 points. So lmao at the 18 sht clubs below us

Why does MU suck despite having 10 defenders?

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shaw,jone,bally,blind,youngg,valencia,ro... ,darmian,smaling,linderfot. and wanting to buy more this summer