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Are England respected in Rugby,?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
I know they're not liked in football, but what's their reputation in rugby and cricket?

Best answer: Yes it appears so

What do people eat at rugby games?

10 answers · 1 month ago

Rugby league or union?

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Best answer: nope it's shape is undeniably elliptical..and not round..just like another American game which has stolen Football's name.. oh and obviously they are just pretending..

Best answer: No, she got droopy eyes

Best answer: Taylor Swift.

Why is New Zealand so good at rugby?

10 answers · 4 months ago
They just thrash everyone

Why rugby is mostly played in Africa?

6 answers · 4 months ago

I’m very much working class and I played Rugby Union. Just picked up a rugby ball instead of a football, joined a local club and loved it. Still a huge rugby fan to this day and have never followed the EPL. My team was a mixture of working, middle and upper class guys which was great.

How old does she look?

9 answers · 5 months ago

I think baseball is dumb?

5 answers · 5 months ago
Best answer: i played baseball once. Someones mom made fun of me.

I personally don't like God Save the Queen at all as neither do a lot of people. I don't have a problem with the Royal Family but the anthem itself is awful. You look at rugby players singing it. They have no passion at all. Whilst when you see them singing Jerusalem a few times they belt it out. There is... show more

Do I need to lose weight?

7 answers · 7 months ago
Best answer: Why? Women like big fat guys--teddy bears. Then they cry when they die of heart disease.

How do I throw a rugby ball?

3 answers · 7 months ago

Are ireland playin scotland tday?

3 answers · 9 months ago

Are you left or race handed?

9 answers · 11 months ago

Could i get a career from boxing?

4 answers · 1 year ago
Hi. Im 16 years old. I have no boxing experience but im starting in a gym next month. Im very interested in boxing. Could i make money out of it someday or make a career out of it? Am i starting this too late? I dont want a normal job.