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Best answer: Heart They play for their people.

Best answer: This

Best answer: False. They're played on grass, and the ball is basically the same shape, but the rules are very different.

Best answer: I've see several explanations on why they call it football. The strangest one, for me at least, was that it was called football because it was played on foot, rather than on horseback. To be fair, football isn't the only sport with a name that doesn't seem to fit. There are no boxes used in boxing, ... show more

I'm not generally a rugby fan but I was very impressed by England

its over whelmingly liberals doing it, maybe a few republucans. but it hurts decent people like me when you do this. sometimes I will agree with a democrat and sometimes I agree with republican. so why do they hurt peoples lives? it really is a real hurtful and helpless thing to do.

Best answer: Premiership players have their surnames on their backs. Players play a position, that is represented by the number. It's not going to change.

Best answer: First off, rugby (either code) has rather strict head injury assessment protocols. For union, the issue of how to deal with scrums has been an ongoing issue for the last 20 years. But, we digress. In the US, MLR (Major League Rugby) is a domestic competition with clubs in the US and Canada. If you want to play... show more

Best answer: It probably is,with the old style rugby ball.

Rugby is a real mans game. Thomas and the gay lobby wish to have gays in this sport! How would after games shower and the drinking culture work then eh? Also how did Thomas a 20 stone man brick shed get beat by a 16yr old snot nosed kid on a canal towpath? Unless Thomas went to meet him eh?eh? Why not keep their... show more

Are England respected in Rugby,?

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I know they're not liked in football, but what's their reputation in rugby and cricket?

Best answer: Yes it appears so

What do people eat at rugby games?

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Rugby league or union?

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Best answer: nope it's shape is undeniably elliptical..and not round..just like another American game which has stolen Football's name.. oh and obviously they are just pretending..

Best answer: No, she got droopy eyes

Best answer: Taylor Swift.

Why is New Zealand so good at rugby?

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They just thrash everyone

Why rugby is mostly played in Africa?

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