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Best answer: None of them! .

Best answer: Yeah.

Best answer: If STL were interested they'd have to get permission from CHI since they're still paying his contract. Have to think Chicago would like to see Q end up coaching in either the East or the Pacific Division and NOT coaching a divisional rival. 3 teams that make sense that aren't in the Central would be... show more

My favourite will always be Borje Salming, I know there are a few better (not many) defencemen that have played the game but being a Leafs fan I was always in awe watching him play.

Do you like nhl hockey?

10 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: its alright. ill watch it and support the Blackhawks, since I live near Chicago. but it's not my favorite pro sport.

Who are your favorite 3 NHL teams?

12 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: San Jose,Pittsburgh,Toronto.

What size hockey jersey am I?

5 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: I am 6' 1" 200lbs and normally where XL tshirts as well. Large jerseys fit me well (size 52 for the new Adidas NHL sweaters).

Best answer: We do that in Buffalo

How do TV timeouts work in the NHL?

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