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Whats the A for on nhl shirts?

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Best answer: Relax! I’m excited the Blues won too!

How was hockey last night?

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what position would he play

bq: If not him, who do you think should get it ?

Best answer: That's a tough one. Will they win? I don't know. Can they win? Yes, if they're willing to pay the price, play disciplined hockey, stop making lazy cross ice passes, stop passing up on shooting opportunities, and if they stop turning the puck over in their own zone.

Best answer: NHL Teams are in places with over a million people. Every Canadian city that size has an NHL team. Winnipeg has a team and is 700,000. Quebec City is about that size, and also couldn't support a team in the past. Then quickly, the next largest cities quickly fall way below 500,000 people.

Best answer: Even though I'm a Bruins fan I still hate Marchand and the licking thing (and many other low-class moves). He's an embarrassment to the black and gold. I've never experienced that before in being a lifelong sports fan. I really want the Bruins to win the cup but I also want to see someone knock... show more

Blues or Bruins?

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Who are you rooting for? Though I live in New England, I was born in St. Louis, so I'm definitely a Blues girl. My husband is a Bruins fan. lol

How to score on tukkaa rask?

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The better team doesn't always win but logically who is better?

Best answer: 1) Stopped watching weeks ago when it became more of a farce than normal. 2) It won't change anything. 3) I'll probably watch the elimination rounds of the World Championships to see how Canada does. FWIW, the league has started the Final on US Memorial Day for the last few years. Comes down to arena... show more