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Best answer: I Will Say The Chicago Bulls,Because They Had Michael Jordan.

Why players fight in hockey?

4 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: A bit of fisticuffs is a better way to solve emotional differences than bashing each other over the head with sticks or kicking each other with sharp skates. BTW I didn't say it was a good way to solve issues, just better. I don't really support fighting in hockey but mostly it is between willing... show more

Best answer: Chech Republic, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Slovakia, Latvia, Poland, UK, Denmark, Finland.... The list goes on and on.

Yes we all know that Boston itself is racist to the core, and is segregated. Just look at the ethnicity of their fans. All white and Anglo looking. And didn't they make monkey noises at black fans when the Habs visited Boston? Philly/the Flyers come a close second. Then Detroit/the Red Wings. There is no... show more

I don't know why they don't have camp this week, and start the regular season the first weekend in October.

It obviously exists, but only forwards.

A little context, I recently moved to college and my roommates both play hockey. I have been recently hanging out with them and some of their teammates who come and chill. Well they like me and I like them, but the issue is I have never skated nor played hockey in my life; so they proposed I be the equipment... show more

I know I might get some hate for my opinion, but I would say Erik Karlsson is the most overrated today. Mostly because he is a defenceman and he is quite bad defensively. I am not doubting his offensive abilities, but to fill his position well enough to his hype, he does need to improve defensively alot. What... show more

My money is on the British hooligans. I'm certain Leafs, Habs, and Canucks fans would poop in their pants when confronted by Arsenal, Chelsea, Cardiff or Newcastle supporters. Fun fact: a 10 year old British boy could lift a grown Canadian man off his feet and throw him 100 feet into the air. Anyway if... show more

For example at Canucks, Leafs, Canadiens, Oilers games do the fans do the following: 1) Take their shirts off and flaunt their beer bellies. 2) Yell insults at players. 3) Get very drunk, until they vomit. 4) Throw beer bottles on the ice. 5) Run onto the ice completely naked. 6) Yell racial slurs at black or... show more

Does height matter in ice hockey?

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Best answer: At the amateur/recreational level not really. At the professional level, goalies are getting taller as it helps to cut down on open space (NHL goalies are all pretty much 6 feet tall or taller, and several are 6'3" and up). As for position players (forwards/defence) skating ability is probably a bigger... show more

Matthews or eichel?

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Best answer: in the NFL it's the blacks and mexicans that don't work hard enough for the MLB i blame the steroids i blame the russians in the NHL for not putting their full force 100% of time, they're only in north america for the money, they dont care about having their name written down for history on hockey's... show more