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What sort of bicycle should I buy?

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Best answer: It depends on what sort of riding you're going to be doing. You obviously don't want to buy a Walmart special for 99 dollars. Trek is a good brand. If you're a college student, a model for about 500 dollars should be sufficient. And yes, you certainly will need a good lock.

Best answer: whenever people ask what bike to buy I tell them to shop for a shop not a bike - by which I mean do the employees listen to you rather than making you listen to them? there are at least 5 really good bike shops here in town and there isn't a single one who won't set up a test ride

Best answer: good for you....they break all laws and the car is the one held responsible....the cyclists should have a license on their bikes and pay for the road like all other vehicles

Best answer: 24 or 26 inch is NOT the size of the bike. That's only the size of the tire. Bikes from REAL bicycle shops come in FRAME sizes to fit all sorts of people from your height all the way to 6' 4" tall and sometimes more. This hybrid or "city bike" from Giant comes in FOUR frame size to fit... show more

Hi, I'm 5 feet and about average weight (soo a kinda small female) I might be getting a mountain bike soon, but it seems they don't sell many bikes that are the exact size I read online that I should get, I wanted a bike with about 26" wheels thinking it would ride faster and I'd like the size... show more

Best answer: Motors hum so yes.

Best answer: On the pads no lubricant whatsoever. Brakes need friction, lubricant reduces friction. Don't lubricate your brake pads!!!! You might just be able to get a graphite based lubricant inside your cables if you hang them up and feed from the top - but it seems highly unlikely you really need to do this.

Best answer: $350 isn't much for a bicycle ANYWHERE. Even Wally World now sells bikes costing $350 and some more. Here's a Mongoose Walmart carries semi-comparable to those found in a bike shop for $499. ... show more

Best answer: Make this into a learning experience. You regret not having worn your helmet, so make sure to wear it from now on. Bad weather is no reason for not wearing a helmet, quite the contrary, you are much more likely to fall on slippery roads. You claim that you are careful, yet didn't notice a car approaching the... show more

Bike tours that are family teen friendly

Best answer: Here's a very good bicycle frame proportions calculator. It can give you a general idea of what frame proportions you need for your body build.

Best answer: Simply look at the Iron Man competition the swim is the shortest distance of them all. As far as a bike ride goes compared to a swim a steep climb up a mountain side would be about the closest comparison you could get. Though you may have to do twice the distance or more on the bike to burn the same amount of... show more

How do foot bike peddlers help?

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