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Schrader valves or Presta valves?

7 answers · 2 days ago
I have just got a new mountain bike that came with Presta valves in the tyres instead of the more common Schrader valves, fortunately I have a bicycle shop near me and I was able to buy a special adaptor that fits over the Presta valve to let me inflate it with my foot pump. It got me wondering why there are two... show more

I'll see this a lot. There is a road and a sidewalk next to it. Lots of people like to ride their bicycles on the road and I have move my car away from them and/or slow down a lot to be careful not to hit them. Why not ride on the sidewalk??? Is it even legal to ride on the road?

Best answer: $250 for what? Year, make & model? Condition? $250 is too much even for a brand new bicycle at a discount store, because they're junk. $250 for a year old racing road bike would be the steal of the century. Look up used bicycle prices on Bicycle Blue Book.

Are cyclists the gayest people alive?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Nope

Best answer: Other than inclement weather...what cons? To those who rant about idiots in cars, if you want respect from motorists, you have to EARN it. I've been getting around with NO CAR for about 11 years now without a major incident or wreck. Take classes either online or in person. From... show more

I weight around 170, maybe 180 pounds & I bike almost 3 or 4 times to the airport for Aircraft Photography & a total from home to the spot I need to go to is 4.2534, multiplying by 2 to get back home on it, equaling 8.5064 everyday of biking. Everytime I get home, I feel pretty tired. Is that normal or... show more

I'm thinking Oats is a good source of carbs and protein, And perhaps a few cans of tinned Fish. Won't be able to bring much in the way of fruit or vegetable as I won't have access to a frige while camping. All the food will be in my backpack during the day

Best answer: If you ride fast enough, you will dodge all the raindrops and remain perfectly dry.

I have both, and for me, I think Giant has better quality bikes.

Within a reasonable price frame? In the past I have had bikes which have needed to be repaired every few weeks. Also I have had lots of trouble with nails or stones on the road causing damage or puncturing the tire/tube.

Would the ever burst or anything? Should I chill abit when cycling? Or is it okay and just go full pelt as normal? I do cycle as fast as cars.

Best answer: If we're to believe what's on the link supplied by LandRiderJerry, you've far exceeded what any bicycle tire manufacturer expects. So, congrats! You must've taken care of them well. However, considering you can get two of the folding bead version of the same tire on Amazon for under $70, why wait... show more

Best answer: Flip your bike upside down, and put the wheels as straight as possible. Go stand several yards behind the bike. Hunker down and look how the wheels align. Both wheels should be "flat" WRT each other, like putting two coins flat on a table. If they are, you're probably imagining things. If they... show more

Cushions for bike pedals?

15 answers · 3 weeks ago
Do you know of any cushions for bike pedals, or bike pedals designed not to be hard on the feet? I go barefoot, and I’m trying to figure out what I can do besides just using my heels. If you say wear shoes, you’ll be wasting both of our time. Please and thank you.

Best answer: Update 5: Ok can someone recommend a racing bike that won't fall apart the minute I get on. Someone has recommended a bike such as that. At least two people have. Either go find a quality used bike in good condition. Something like a Fuji, Trek Specialized, Giant, Raleigh, Cannondale & so on. Or... show more