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Best answer: Define "not too expensive"! I'm not privy to your bank account or credit card limit. $200? $500? $1,000? I will tell you this much... A) Get a bike based on "Where & How" you will be riding. In other words, don't get a mountain bike if you'll be strictly on paved surfaces.... show more

Best answer: Even if you've got the right of way it still hurts if you get hit. Try looking before you step out

Best answer: Perhaps pedestrians and cyclists should follow your example en masse, and start applying that spray-on snow to car windscreens as we go along the street.

He/she could've just have lost the key to the lock, or that's what they say when you try to confront them, so how are we to know whose bike is whose? Having been framed a rapist by a cult that raped me, I have no friends willing to vouch for me, and even if I did, they might be impossible to get a hold of... show more

Last value for Russell 2000?

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Best answer: Really stupid. Even if the helmet protects your head you damaged your neck and end up paralyzed.

Best answer: There’s no set answer to that. It depends not only on temperature, but also on humidity and how much you sweat, level of exertion. Generally, cold air is also drier air, so you lose more water through breathing. OTOH, it’s easier to limit sweating when it’s colder, so you lose less from that. If you’re exercising... show more

and has fair grip and not overly expensive to get

How many wheels does a bicycles have?

It takes all my force to get them to stop and sometimes they won't, would ruffening up the rims with sandpaper make then por grippy?

Best answer: A helmet is a one-time-use insurance policy. It's good for one solid hit, then you replace it to get a new policy.

Best answer: No, I haven't

Best answer: Cateye Orbit 2.

For less energy for riding , distance , carrying loads , dirt paths ( obvious answer) , paved roads , adding parts , comfort use and this is from beach cruisers to flat bar road bike styles hybrids bicycles

How to cycle in the dark?

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Best answer: I do a lot of night cycling, some on unlit roads. I use two lights at each end, partly so a battery failure does not leave me totally unlit, partly so at the front I have one light aimed at the road close ahead and the other lighting up the road further ahead. I use a Cateye EL 135 and a Lezyne Microdrive at the... show more

Best answer: Unless it's over rough terrain or very steep hills cycling.

I have an Ellsworth Specialist (2007 I believe) hardtail suspension mountain bike for sale/trade. This person offered me a It's a '08 Raleigh rush hour with aerospoke front wheel, is it worth the trade or is it a rip off? Is there a price difference (it will be a bike for bike exchange) ?