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Why spend 3k on a road bike?

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Most calorie calculators all seem to figure you are on a road with a road bike and street tires. But a mountain bike with knobby off-road tires on a street has more weight and more resistance and takes more effort. Any idea how much more? I am generally doing about 5 to 6 miles in 30 minutes.


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Reccomend a bike for newbie?

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Best answer: What do you want to do with it, how much do you want to spend, how much work are you prepared to put into maintenance? Do you want to make mainly fairly short utility rides (to shops, etc) and to minimise maintenance? If so you may want a low-maintenance 'town bike' (or 'Dutch bike'). These are... show more

Ok so I just now was stationed in okinawa so im thinking a bike would be a great way to explore the island and shred some trails. I really want/ wanted a fat tire bike but cant seem one that will suit me!!! Long story short im looking for your opinion on what kind of bike is best for off roading! my preference... show more

Hello, I just took my bike into my local shop to get a rear derailleur adjustment, Now before the adjustment the smallest sprocket was the easiest to pedal in now it’s reversed where as the largest is the easiest to pedal in. Is this some kind of tactic? Thanks

What to wear mountain biking?

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I am going mountain biking for the first time ever with a coworker who does a lot of mountain biking. I am not sure what to wear as I do not own any gear. I am a girl - what type of shoes, shorts/pants and top should I wear so I don't embarrass myself?

Will cycling tone my tummy down?

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Best answer: Absolutely, positively, without a shadow-of-a-doubt...nope. If cycling reduced belly fat, I'd be skinny as a rail logging over 8,300 miles last year. Cycling is a cardiovascular & aerobic exercise which can help to reduce body fat all over on a PROPORTIONATE level. Cycling does NOT target one specific... show more

I live in Orange County area in Southern California, and these a lot of hills around here and I want to start mountain biking, I don’t want to buy a cheap bike from Walmart but also don’t need a high end. My price range is about $400.

can I use them for short term lubricant or is it ok to use them for long term lubricant I saw online forums saying all these oils like castor oil, olive oil and even vaseline is ok for chain lubricant. So is it ok to use them as bicycle lubricant and for how long and are there any other cooking oil that are ok to... show more

Best answer: Your legs will.

Best answer: Somewhat agree - somewhat disagree with answer from Terrence B. I wouldn't exactly call the FX Sport 4 an "entry level bike" - not at a $1,149.99 price tag. Entry level fitness or hybrid bikes don't come... show more

So I was riding a hotel bike today, and fell off of it twice. When I looked at the seat, it looked like a portion of the seat was missing. I didn’t fall two hard, but hard enough to hurt my leg a little (I think a bruise is going to appear). I’m not sure if I should notify the hotel, because I don’t know if it was... show more

Most drug addicts looking to high again so they steal your bike with bolt cutters and some of those bolt cutters are really big. So how do you stop them? Not all bike thieves are drug addicts here in UK especially in London and other big cities bike thieves are very common? luckily I live in small town the most... show more

I got this bike just a little over a month ago. It's a MTB, made in Bulgaria(I think), costed 450eur. It started recently after I drove 100 miles with it in a single day(on bad roads aswell).

Best answer: Without several closeup photos, no one can tell you a thing. The Hardrock has been made for years with varying degrees of components from poor to good. It's the 'entry level' MTB from Specialized. As another has suggested, you'll learn a lot more about the bike by simply visiting a bike shop... show more

Do cyclists get hot when cycling?

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Best answer: No, I would freeze my rear end off. Just kidding. Of course. What would you think.

So couple of days ago I was completely clueless about bike frames and parts of bikes now since I done my research online thoroughly. I have found that aliminum bikes are lighter, cheaper, offer faster rides and lastly requires fewer maintenance then steel bike. I did have bmx and mountain bike in the past I never... show more