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Should I just take this bike?

11 answers · 2 weeks ago
It's been in our apartment bicycle room for over a year with a back wheel missing and no chain. No one gonna miss it right?

Best answer: You're getting all bent out of shape over this? OK...let me run these scenarios past you. Did you ever have to stop & wait for a bus to drop off and/or pick up passengers? Have you ever seen a car double parked on the street & you had to wait for a clear opening to go around? Have you ever had that... show more

Type the name of your bike?

17 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Do you mean 'Name the type of bike you have?'? A trekking model (Dawes Karakum), and an elderly MTB (Falcon Stealth) used to haul a cargo trailer.

Low average speed ?

7 answers · 3 weeks ago
My average speed is often around 20-23kmh on asphalt, it's around the same on gravel roads or paths. I have a mountain bike, but it can't be slowing me down so much... No matter how hard I try, it will ALWAYS be around 21kmh. When I think I drive pretty slowly, it always gets me to 20kmh average speed,... show more

Best answer: Everyone has to go through what's commonly called 'butt training'. The more you ride, the more comfortable it becomes. Start with more rides but perhaps short rides & work your way up to longer rides. About the saddle itself, stay far away from those over-stuffed with gel or padding. As... show more

Disc brakes. Currently shimano XT M8000 with 160mm rotors. About a year old Flat bar gravel bike. Specialized awol Towing a trailer. 30lbs empty upward of 100lbs. Surly ted trailer Valley roads, hills everywhere. Upwards of 15miles each way. ____ Larger rotor -vs- 4piston caliper XT and Zee have 4-piston calipers

School policies??

10 answers · 4 weeks ago
This year, my high school decided to move the bike racks to the far end of the campus. Away from where I usually park my bike. I got warnings to move my bike, but sometimes I get to school late and I have to park it nearby to avoid being late to class. Today, I had my bike taken by the school because I did not... show more

will it makes better?

Best answer: If you fix the leak, co2 in a tire should be as good as air.

Best answer: Depends on If you’re planning to compete, or only do the training sessions. MMA training might be more all-round than bike riding, and ”better” from a certain perspective. If you’re planning to compete, my vote goes to bike riding being healthier. A pro rider can do far more races before retiring than a MMA fighter... show more

I would like to get a bike that is easy to handle because I haven't ridden in 20 yrs and was only going to ride it on pavement around town. So, no off road stuff. I though a Coaster or a Comfort would be best and went to two bike shops for opinions. So, I went to the two bike shops in town and each suggested... show more

Would a hardtail bike be good enough for the green circle or blue square trails at a lift-serviced downhill park like Killington, VT?

Is $250 too much for a bicycle?

12 answers · 1 month ago

Does riding my bike count as a sport?

22 answers · 1 month ago
Hi, so I am a 14 year old girl and I do not play a sport that everyone plays at my school like volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, etc, but I ride my bike almost everyday. Each day after school once I finish my homework I ride my bike multiple times around my neighborhood for 2-3 miles. On the weekends I’ll... show more

Riding disc bicycle downhill, on newly paved roadway. At bottom of hill is traffic light, myself having a red. It appears blacktop was accidently dropped and left in newly paven roadway. When going downhill, 25+ mph, i started to brake and hit a rough patch causing me to go airborne. Brakes still being applied,... show more

So i need a new front fender, The tire says 700 x 32 but i cant seem to find any 32s. How much leeway do i have here? Like if i got a 700 x 38, Would that still work? Im guessing no right? I really dont know about this stuff so any help would be great. Thanks.