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What should I name my bike?

10 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: BikeyMcBikeFace.

I am looking for a bicycle that: - Does not give me trouble going uphill. - Can go fast without having to put much effort into it. - Is a bike that is meant for roads/streets, like 700c. I was told to look at consumer report but that didn t help at all, and I was told some bike companies like Schwinn, Canondale,... show more

So I don't know much about bicycles, but I ride mine daily to university. It's about 4 miles, and for the most part, it's all sidewalk. There occasionally are some sections where the pavement is in poor conditions, but for the most part it's all well paved. My bike is pretty old, so I want to... show more

Best answer: Fast is mainly up to the rider, not the bike. Put Tour de France winner Chris Froome on a $500 bike & he'd still kick my @ss on a $5,000 bike. The $5,000 bike will... A) Weigh a heck-of-a-lot LESS. Think about it over the length of a 75 to 100 mile race. Which would you rather pedal around on - a bike... show more

Best answer: I've said it before (many times) & I'll say it again... Brand name is almost USELESS. What good is any bike if it doesn't "FIT & FEEL" right? Plus...if you compare bikes within the same price range, they'll most likely have comparable components - if not the SAME identical... show more

Best answer: Shimano's hierarchy can be found on their website, SRAM's as well. "Better" is a relative term which depends on how much you can afford to spend on your bike. As well, you have to look at the whole bike. Better components on an inferior, ill fitting frame will not necessarily yield a better bike.... show more

Bike is a Huffman Harvest and I lowered the ratio from 17 to 24 with a great improvement. But I would like to go a little further if possible. I don't see any rear sprockets higher than 24T. Front chain ring is not replaceable.

Iv changed the chain and also the chain ring and it still skips 😔

Text/logo for bike frame?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago
im planning to repaint my bike but im wondering how to keep the bike logo and i saw a video on youtube having that thing that looks like a sticker but im not sure what it is. can someone care to explain how to make that thing the process the materials used

Best answer: First of all comes the cost of the bicycle. A good quality bicycle for everyday use would cost at least $600. Then you have to add on the cost of the battery and motor. If you want these parts to be reliable for every day use, add another $1000 unless you don't care if your bike breaks down after a couple of... show more

Best answer: If you're 77 years old, surely you've driven a car with a standard (stick-shift) transmission. Did you get confused then? Hopefully not. Well...riding a bike with multiple gears is the SAME PRINCIPLE! You start off in one of the middle to lower gears (depending on the terrain) and UP-SHIFT as speed... show more

Whst color was your first bicycle?

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I'm fairly new to mountain biking and friend told me i should get disc brakes instead of the rim brakes that came with my bike. My front fork and back both have spots for a disc brake caliper however my wheel does not have a place to screw in the rotors. is there some type of adapter or something that can... show more

How can I bike?

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Best answer: Here's just one of many videos that can teach you how to ride a bicycle.

Best answer: What you should do is go to a reputable bicycle shop. Tell them what you want a bicycle for and where you're predominately going to be riding. Then they can fit you with with the correct size bike and properly adjust it for you. They can also make sure you're getting the right kind of bicycle for what... show more

Best bicycle seat for fat person?

7 answers · 3 weeks ago

what is the standard size for a 20inch folding bike (see below) bike seat post? mine was stolen last week. thanks in advance