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Who is the father of Cricket ?

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Who invented Cricket ?

Best answer: great purchase

Best answer: TBH I never expected Pak to come this close since they were batting last ,but since they did I blame Hassan Ali for playing that shot .

Best answer: Trump was the T-Rex of personal finance. Now he is the T-Rump of America, and he will, definitely, leave his mark.

Do Mexicans speak Spanish or Beanish?

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Who was at fault in this accident ?

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So the other night I was backing out of a parking spot. I looked behind before I started backing up and the coast was clear so I started backing out I then turned my head to make sure I wasn’t about to hit the car next to me and I was good so I kept going a little more next thing I know bam I hit someone’s car. At... show more

Best answer: Winning against Australia at the moment is like beating up a blind pensioner in a wheelchair. Australia may have the bowlers to take 20 wickets in a match but I doubt they have the batsmen to set a big enough target to trouble India, a 4-0 whitewash seems the most likely result.

Another EFS dumbest. International break is coming so... got to do this now King Cristiano - City didn’t have it easy against United.. United didn’t record a shot on target LOL! Nabinho - Mourinho’s tactics almost worked.. LOL he started matic, Herrera, and Fellani almost worked my d@ick OBA - King Cristiano is a... show more

Best answer: Australia have become an unstoppable powerhouse, stunning their critics into silence. With their unbeaten streak now extending to one in a row they are surely favourites for next years World Cup. They didn't get a big total, nobody got a 100 or even a 50 but that would have just been showing off. Australia... show more

Is Englands eternal glory over?

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At one time we had an empire and everyone else knew their place. But now I don't recognise any city that is still English or resembles England. Does this mean that in future we will be a weak pathetic and Islamist country? My servant is about to put my supper on. Later on my Irish serfs will entertain the... show more