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Cricket or baseball?

5 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Most English would say that is a no brainer but most Americans would say exactly the same thing. Funnily enough I like both but cricket is the game of choice whenever possible.

Test test test?

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How to get Xanax out of urine?

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AUS or Ind best cricket team?

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I wanted to become cricketer but my parents have denied clearly now I am in 10th class and badly confused what to take in 11th and what to do next. Please give a suggestion that could help me?

Do you Like BPL T20 cricket ?

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Which player is best of ICC rank.?

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Who is the best cricketer in 2018?

13 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: If you we are talking about batsman then no doubt Virat Kohli is best player but if look at bowling side then we have to say that Jasprit Bumrah is doing a tremendous job with ball.

Now we won't hear anyone saying this?

3 answers · 2 months ago
Win a test Series in Australia only then you can talk.lmao Aussies go cry in the corner.

Best answer: that's outrageous