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Iraq, Egypt, Canada, Yemen, Cyprus , Myanmar, Malaysia , Falkands, Ireland were also ruled by the British.

Best answer: Without any doubt it's MS Dhoni

Best answer: Yes. Once I made a fantasy football league using a spreadsheet and each 'game' was equivalent to the toss of a coin. I then generated a ladder out of that data and it came up surprisingly realistic. I then concluded that following sports was like watching a coin toss over and over. It's much better... show more

Who is an honest cricketer in word?

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How many watches do you wear?

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Best answer: One..........I have a pocket watch. I hate things on my wrists.

Or is it mainly the person on the team who is the best leader/most charismatic?

Who is Ms Dhoni ?

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I am supporting Mumbai Indians

When does IPL 2019 starts?

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Best answer: yes its 100% correct

Best answer: I will win. I am the greatest player of all. Funny thing is I’ve never ever seen a game of cricket. I will still win though.