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Best answer: We don't ENcourage them, we just don't DIScourage them .............

This is how we should treat mental health, for the safety of the majority these mental people should be put in sealed chambers to end their suffering and not inflict harm on the normal people

Best answer: Scientifically there is no God, because there is no evidence for God. But, God does exist in a more philosophical and cultural sense if you look at it that way.

There are billions of perverts in this planet that would pay for it and the celebrities would raise money to solve the worlds problems yet they don't do it because they are greedy and selfish

Supposing at the front of all armed conflict the participants had weapons that could shoot back..

like i met this french lady while i was doing uber driving and she was really thin but i saw her with a can of coke.she is also not into going to the gym and wearing gym clothes all the time americans seem to be obsessed with health and fitness yet i see so many lard ***,es while drinking diet coke

Best answer: In western society, we set the age of adulthood at 18, despite the fact that previous eras tended to set it at puberty, for girls, at least. At that age, they could marry, though boys were generally not regarded as adults until and unless they had completed an apprenticeship or were doing a man's job of some... show more

And are there any instances where you should recommend that someone commit suicide

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So I met a girl at work today named Neelakshi. She's from India and she's a new employee at my workplace. Obviously no one knew how to pronounce a name like that, so she taught us a simple way to remember the pronunciation. Knee-lock-she Knee-lock-she Knee-lock-she Kneelockshe! So I as a joke I said... show more

Best answer: Where I live there aren't even a lot of guys that can say that. When the price of a shack is 500k even engineers and accountants have a hard time making the down much less the monthly house payment. My landlady has a good steady job, child support from her x, my rent payment and she still lives from month to month. show more

Best answer: it is like all skills, why can everyone sing as well as others, why can't everyone hit home runs, how come everyone cannot dance ,,, how come some people are crippled like me ,,, I am a terrible speller and long ago decide it was not going be something I could learn ,, in the old days I used a dictionary all... show more

Best answer: Rock stars are masculine no matter if they're skinny or average weight. They're not afraid to grow hair or wear tight pants without being gay. Just look at metal heads they have long hair but are still masculine.