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Best answer: Because THAT doesn't fit the liberal agenda

Why does our culture suck right now?

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Everything sucks. The fashion, the movies, music, even tv shows. everything is dumbed down, i'd rather know which person is responsible for this?

What ethnicity do they look like?

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I want to be a florist. Senior Florists make $16/hour in my area. That's barely enough to earn a living, at least here in Los Angeles. My parents suggested I can become an office clerk (salary: $15/hour) or payroll clerk (salary: $22/hour) since these are more stable positions. _______ Advice Please. Would... show more

Best answer: No playing with your weeny.

Best answer: Move to the other side of town or make your own food. I wouldn't trust the hygiene.

Best answer: According to ancestry dna about a quarter of blacks in the United States are of scot Irish descent as well. America is diversified.

Best answer: Because of bad parenting, if a child learns to accept failure, learn, and move on from there then they (HE or SHE) will be more successful at life and not take rejection, failure, and disappointment personally and rant about it

Y do ppl support retardism?

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Last week I was robbed a man came behind me and snatched my purse when I was on my way home in broad daylight. I tried to hold on to my purse but the guy ripped it from my hand. I filed a police report and there wasn't much they could do. I never been through anything like this. I came to terms with what... show more

Can pigs fly?

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Best answer: He was invited to give this sermon by the bride and groom and his speech was about the teachings of Jesus Christ. So I can only assume you are not a Christian.

My boyfriend and I are currently in a three year relationship. In the three years we were together, we had only ever gone on four dates. Two outings. When I moved away, I could only see him once every six months. But even then, he stuck by me and stayed loyal. I admire that, and I am grateful for that. He has... show more

Best answer: I think having a normal day job to start with would be good. Then pursue this on the side, as an extra passion of yours. Maybe study with some good teachers, so that you get more experience, and at least a few credentials and recommendations. People tend to take you more seriously that way. And it also shows that... show more