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Best answer: Systemic racism continues to put Black minorities at a disadvantage in the U.S. for a number of reasons. Yes, it is possible for Black people to be privileged, but it is statistically far less common than it is for White people. In an impoverished environment, crime and drug use will always be higher regardless of... show more

Best answer: noone under 25 should have kids. There's nothing prude about that

I have an apple mac mini and also a Windows desktop computer. I would probably get an apple laptop in the near future. The thing I cannot understand, is why apple users only have apple computers. I'm not sure if they have it out of innocence with them just not knowing about any other type of computer or... show more

Best answer: I am not overly friendly with my neighbors because when I want to go out in my yard I do not always want to have a conversation with them. last neighbor I had would let her kids hang outside all day, and when I went outside her kids would yell my name for about ten mins--and then she would trot across my yard and... show more

That's why there are so few blond-haired white men. Because they're stupid and dye it to darker colors, even though blond hair looks so sexy on them

Best answer: GUESSING YES... I WENT TO QUEBEC IN 1969 AND THEY were not friendly at all.

I m really dying to live in beautiful sunny california, I m from asia it is my dream to live there, I don t know how do I achieve it because now it is completely unrealistic dream because I m college drop out and don t have any job or money, no support from my parents, I will do job but I m not sure that I will be... show more

Best answer: She just needs to be rededicated and go to counseling

Apart from the support that abused wife's can and should get from society while bully victims are just told its their fault and the abuse is no big deal.

I was asked what kinds of decisions are usually made by street punks and failures.. That would stop them from buying a house that would make them my kid's neighbor, if I bought a $500,000 house for my kid, who has Primordial Dwarfism, as a method of protection. How is that protection from street punks ? So I... show more

Should I care what people think?

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Best answer: Not at all. It is currently 33°C on my deck at 1pm on Tuesday. 14 out of 15 days this month have been above 30°C while the long term average is 17 days above 30°C for the whole month. The average maximum temperature is 33.4°C while the long term average for January is 31.3. In December the average maximum was... show more

What if someone has a rough life? What if someone close to them died? What if someone lost their job? What if someone is being abused? What if they had a rough childhood. Why do we still have to be polite abd sociable? We should be able to be how we want when we want to regardless of how other people feel about it

What did you do afterwards?