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Was society better 60 years ago?

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As of now I just plan on driving through it, with my doors locked and the windows rolled up. I do not intend to get out of my car unless I wish to get attacked or battered by an immigrant. I'm also worried if some black people will break my windows, put their arms in, drag me out of the car and jump me,... show more

Africa is a hopeless continent. its doomed to a future as poor as its present.

What do white supremacists want?

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Best answer: "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST86JM1RPl0

Best answer: You remind me of me when I was around your age. In my case, the times I was scared, I permitted myself to chicken out and not have sex. Eventually I did have sex, and eventually I did get married, and eventually I became a mother, too. You are still young, and any or all of these things could still be in your... show more

Best answer: I wouldn't call you "smart" more so wise all those things can be addictive & addiction is never a good thing balance is šŸ— key.

Best answer: I blame religion. I suspect you do too.

American people suck! America sucks! I'd leave this miserable country, but the rest of the world sucks too and people all over the world suck! I guess I'll just have to kill myself! Bye, cruel world! I'm sure y'all won't miss me when I'm gone.

I see it all the time white women walking around alone with mixed babies or even in my facebook friends list, most white women in my friends list are single moms with mixed kids? If they are going to date a black man why not date a descent one and marry first?

It's just boring posting things when you don't have a lot of followers. Also they never increase at all.

I had a conversation today with a friend of mine who has a friend who spent some time in the states. And she told me her friend told her in america children wouldn't even go to play outside and with outside I mean leave the property not outside in the garden cause duh. Today my 9 year old sister and her friend... show more

Best answer: Chiefly the fact that that US government decided erroneously some years ago that being Hispanic somehow makes one a different race than Caucasian. Clearly a Latino majority in the US would still make it a "white" majority nation. But the actual racial makeup of the country is expected to shift to Asian in... show more

Best answer: A very large number of studies have been done. 1) Corrupt government - This is the very largest reason. A small group has control and is not acting for the benefit of the people. 2) Infrastructure and sanitation - Most surface water has been polluted. Many of the bodies of fresh water on the continent are... show more

I'm ethnically Jewish, but I'm afraid to admit it, because the nastiest rudest people I've ever encountered have been rich old jewish guys, they always seem to feel as free as possible about snapping at anybody anytime anywhere and they always assume the police will protect them because they're... show more