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Is it because they love perversion?

Does anyone believe in Ghosts?

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Best answer: How would that change your appearance?

Everyone's been told "it's not like this in the real world", what have you discovered that was a total myth?

Best answer: WE DONT CARE about that crap cuz evolution is already fake and U ARE IN RELIG ON WRONG SUBJ

Best answer: It is based on natural law. Liberals have pushed Into place case law to slowly weaken the laws So much it literally destroys the constitution. As each case shifts the ruling of each law Farther and farther away from the original laws Set by the founding fathers. Case law needs To be abolished and natural law... show more

Best answer: I would make it a sacred honor to destroy any atrocity. Ideally, you need a bonfire which will consume it completely and quickly. Incinerators, you have to know your way around. You want to annihliate it. Not make it a still worse haunted doll in the trash. Best idea, entrust it to the janitor to put it at the... show more

Best answer: Maddison's Folly was lost by the USA it was just another Land Grab by the USA who attacked Canada just because they were Not American the British drove jackson from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and then took Fort Bowyer whilst jackon was getting Drunk because he Lost in New Orleans it was just a... show more

Are werewolves real?

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I have had experience with demonic activity in the past so I don't need to prove it, it's already proven. I just wanna know, How would you prove it if You haven't had any experience?

I see an old motel built in the 60s. The flashback looks like it’s from the 70s. What stands out is a vibrant red line that cuts through the image. This red line chills me even though it would seem fairly innocuous