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I mean if people were more aware of energy they may not shop there that place feels really dark I am not the only one to say this. Also think about what kind of effects the things you buy may have on your home. Do you really think the energies of things made by people some of whom are enslaved in prison camps has a... show more

Are fortune tellers to be trusted?

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the traditional gypsie fortune teller at a travelling fair in a darkened tent with a crystal ball reading peoples fortunes? do those kinds of fortunes tellers still exist or are those kind of fortune tellers the stuff of folklore?

Best answer: I know what you mean. On this site I'm always seeing questions about 'does this count as white' or 'how can she say she's white when her grandmother was black' or 'what race do I look like' and so on. I'm in the UK, and hardly anyone here cares about labels like that -... show more

Best answer: These three books discuss your question: "Walking among Us" by Dr. David Jacobs; "Galaxy Gate" by Colton and Murro; "A Dweller on Two Planets."

That title actually belongs to Viktor Okrugssky, who touched down on the Mare Imbrium in 1946, but both the USSR didn't make much of a fuss about it, because they didn't want to admit that it was an eastern Russian, from Vladivostok, and not someone from Moscow, who managed this feat. And it's self... show more

Best answer: If you follow Abraham faiths then yes its likely

Best answer: They need more photos for the 2020 elections. They've already used all of the ones they have from the 0bama Administration. Oh Wait!!!! And Goebbels learned propaganda from Edward Bernays from the Wilson Administration. From the last Progressive Movement. Progressives are evil. "Propaganda is the... show more

Are ghosts real?

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my mom has told me a bunch of ghost stories along with a few of my friends but never had any experiences myself. I just wanna know man

Best answer: Because black and brown people know that THEY CAN NOT COMPETE w/ the WHITE MAN. So, they demonize him. You will notice that the achieving East Asians do not join in this sickness. Why? They CAN compete

If you go riding and they offer you cake, ice cream, Italian ice, pie, gyros, pizza, Italian beef, hamburger, fries, chicken, fish, salad, onion rings, hotdog, polish, water, soda, and alcohol. What all would you pick?

Best answer: Try Tiger Balm I love this liniment : .It is oily so wear clothes you don't care about.