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Poll were you born in the ghetto?

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Best answer: Christianity considers women to be possessions. Gays aren't even human to many of them. No good comes from that. Look at the idiot statement here by Logan. People who thrive on hatred, will fiond someone to vent it on. Christians like minorities because they are cowardly, and small demographics like gays... show more

Best answer: your sons 17 in finding out Santa is not real please go troll some where else

Best answer: Ignorant barbarians created God.

Are the Jews a cursed people?

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You think about all the bad stuff that has happened to Jews and Jews still deny it is because their choice of God

Best answer: Not as much as I think Amway is.

So far at least 3 felony counts according to a former federal prosecutor, 1 for paying Stormy Daniels hush money, 1 for paying Karen McDougal hush money, and 1 count of conspiracy to influence the election.

"miraculously" appear under the tree or on the fireplace every Christmas morning?

Why do Atheists worship Satan?

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Mary Steenburgen

Best answer: Because the media are so far to the left that they can't see what "far right" really is. Or they feel they have to play along with a certain narrative. Whatever your feelings about Tommy Robinson, the idea he is "far right" is ridiculous - the far right either hate him or think he's a... show more

Hi!! I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl, and now we have Identical Triplet Girls on the way!!! My daughters name is Charlotte Grace and my sons name is Brian Michael. We love classic names and we are not fans of the matching/rhyming/same first letter names Some ideas we have are: Eleanor, Penelope, Rosalie,... show more

Best answer: Great question, beautifully illustrated...You are a genius.