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Best answer: Its becsuse of MSM and the education system. They usually say left wing good and right wing racist ryc... to them any opinion other than theirs is mot only wrong but its a flag for white nationalism and NAZI’s so its ok to hurt them.

Best answer: Willy's political instincts are generally pretty good. If he ran Crooked's campaign, she might have had a chance, well not really.

Is it true that GOD judge not you?

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Best answer: YES OF COURSE.

Why do Democrats hate white people?

38 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: because most white people are not dumb enough to buy into their BS

Does he wear high heels to reach the pedals?

Who believes in these?

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A talking serpent. A talking donkey. A jewish rabbi walked on water. A beast with 7 heads and 10 horns.

Are Jews wicked?

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Best answer: Actually, people in various parts of the world picture Jesus as looking like themselves.

Is illuminati real?

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Are there atheist cults in 2019?

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I do not believe in God. I want to live in a community full of friendly people who feel the same as me and actively promote our beliefs. I don't believe in God, but I do think we have been recycling our lifes/we have been here before. Do atheist cults exist? Is there an online community I can go to and talk... show more

Best answer: ask god to rnake hirn love you

Is he mean, nice, sarcastic, naive--what?

Also oaths in Islam can be broken and they can deceive Kafirs through Taqiyya.