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Best answer: No. In science, Evolution is so thoroughly proved, there is no doubt about it whatsoever. There is no evidence for the supernatural in science at all. However, .... There are other ways of knowing things. Epistemology teaches us that. However, even though there is evidence for the supernatural using these... show more

Best answer: Room temperature is relative to what people are used to more so, so if you are used to it being 75 inside, that will be your room temperature.

Farmers have told me that potatoes roll over in the dirt on a full moon. Farmers tells me weird stories about potatoes and the moon. Wouldn't it be good to study how potatoes react when the moon is full --or out? Wouldn't scientist want to take in consideration about taking a sac of potatoes out when... show more

Living near a transformer?

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I bought a house a year back. Today when i went to check on my property i found out that electric company have placed a 11000volts two pole mounted distribution transformer near my house just 15 feet away from my living room. Now i am scared of emf. There are various articles on internet about emf and their... show more

Best answer: There's no such thing as evolution based on no transitional fossils found. Just for one species to evolve into another there would have to be trillions of iterations. They don't exist. Only similar species exist.

Best answer: It depends on how dirty it is and what kind of dirt is on it Surprisingly, you can give your bug a bath. This is effective when you have a lot of small dirt. For example, you might want to remove pollen. Remember that bugs live outdoors and get rained on. They won't melt on contact with water. Just don't... show more

The latter says that fossils need at least 10000 years to formulate but is this correct? All fossils found have been made of stone, are they sculptures planted by the Illuminati? No! That is too far-fetched, however, are there any modern animals with stone bones? Yes, I hear you say, of course, horses have stone... show more

Best answer: No, that's rubbish. Astronauts already experience a similar effect under extended periods of weightlessness, but their height always reverts to their pre-space heights under the effects of gravity after their return. Hanging upside down a few minutes a day won't get it done. . <this seems reasonable to... show more

Is trump high in vitamin c?

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I know trump is not really a orange but since he is orange. is he high in vitamin c?

What can cooled lava used for.?

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Best answer: How do you know that the idea of hoaxes isn't itself a hoax?