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Best answer: Depends on the Christian you ask. You could also ask the same about many religions you christophobe

Who's smarter Einstein or Hawkins?

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Does science have an explanation for this?

Can blue and red make pink?

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Best answer: Well, you’d go through the stupid 2012 warnings and the start of the Obama administration.

What are the chances the RMS Titanic could've avoided sinking if it had run straight in to the iceberg and not try to move around it? Would it still have breached the watertight compartments & sunk because of the pressure from hitting the berg which is WAY BIGGER than the ship? Or could it still have... show more

Maybe DNA, GENETICS, for example?? It felt horrible! LAST YEAR! I am alive right now, and VERY HAPPY. I was 16 when I have felt suicidal last year.

Best answer: “Living fossils” are animals and plants that supposedly lived millions and even hundreds of millions of years ago that forgot to evolve and look the same as they do today. There are hundreds of these, from coelacanths to ginkgo trees. They say, “Well, their environment must not have changed.” Are you telling me... show more

Will there ever be flying cars?

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Best answer: I believe someday, I have been reading in the news of companies working on models.

Distilling rubbing alcohol?

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What would happen if something like rubbing alcohol was distilled?

Best answer: No because then some of our greatest discoveries and breakthroughs wouldn’t have happened.

Best answer: LOTS of of people have had near death experiences where they DID die but survived and eventually wrote about it , often with the help of coauthor. I have read lot of those books, especially ones medical doctors who 'died" and had NDE. Thee ... show more

Is science a religion?

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Is water wet debate?

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Using the definition given by google "covered or saturated with water or another liquid." and using the quote "Scientists have now shown that water does not start to behave like a liquid until at least six molecules form a cluster." from https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg1...