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Are all scientists asexual?

7 answers · 1 day ago

Does dehydration make me die?

5 answers · 1 day ago
if i dont drink water for 3 days, will i die? I have been thinking about many different types of suicide but i feel like dehydration will be painless.


So I made a really beautiful paint job on a PVC project of mine. Unfortunately while touching it even though it was hard and the paint left with a fingerprint of mine. I need to try to not touch it, of course, but how can I remove the fingerprint? I intend to put a glossy clearcoat over this. Will that hide the... show more

Best answer: It would look like a straight pole. At some point it would leave the ground and be in mid air, and eventually miles up in the sky, but it would still look like a straight pole.

What is life like for a scientist?

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“I think the greatest discovery will be made along spiritual lines. Here is a force which history clearly teaches has been the greatest power in the development of men and history. Yet, we have merely been playing with it and never seriously studied it as we have the physical forces. Someday people will learn that... show more

Best answer: Yes, is true, but only if the explosion is on another continent.

Whats it gonna do build itself some legs and hands and arm itself to take over the world?

Are studies really science?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
A lot of people point out data from studies which look at variables and see if they're related. e.g. whether one type of surgery is more effective than the other But is this actually science? If you don't know why two things are related, then isn't it just recognizing patterns? And if you know the... show more

Best answer: Since you don't give any details not much we can say. Where were you. What time did you see them. Were they moving - in what direction, what altitude, what speed. What color were they. Did they make any sound. Did you rule out any of the normal choices - plane, helicopter, drone, Chinese lanterns, searchlights,... show more