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Best answer: According to the Anthropic Principle, in such a case that question would not get asked. If there was a way to observe the aftermath of such an event, we would find out that space is big. Very big. The universe would NOT be filled with pieces and dust. It would still be mostly empty space, except for concentrations... show more

Can your dick grow back??

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Say if someone’s dick comes off somehow, that could just grow right back!! Right??

Best answer: I would never have been born.

Why is racism still around?

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Best answer: No, because the Earth is not going to suddenly swerve or stop and send us all flying.

Best answer: Homo sapiens have Neanderthal DNA. That means two species did inter breed. You are correct. The paradigms in anthropology are changing. Knowledge is interdisciplinary. I read a good article in the October Scientific American written by a meteorologist, a computer scientist and a political scientist at Rice... show more

Best answer: China floods of 1931 killed up to 4 million people

Best answer: You take in atoms in your food, so you have more atoms as you grow.

they were originally fathered by the black man

how cold does it have to be and does there need to be snow? Does this happen with only metal poles or would it happen with wooden poles too?

Best answer: Any Doctorate will do, try psychology and chemistry. Since it is a Pseudoscience. There Is a Paranormal Activity Lab at the University of Virginia https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archi...

Best answer: If the Sun engulfs the Earth when it expands into a red giant then there will be no possibility of escaping from sunlight. Before the Earth disintegrates it will be immersed in the photosphere of the Sun and it will be daytime all over the earth. Sunlight destroys vampires. Even if they hide underground the Earth... show more

Best answer: You would think with all the practice he had at being alive he'd have been better at it in a pinch. Are you people really so desperate to have people think you're smart that you correct a troll.

Best answer: Speed of imagination is even faster. It can take you from your chair to the furthest edges of the universe almost instantaneously

Best answer: It’s proof it’s not

Best answer: Ice that's already floating won't cause sea level rise. Unfortunately for you, dummy, the vast amount of frozen water is on land, where it will indeed cause oceans to rise when it melts. But if you think you can put an ice cube into a glass full to the brim with water without spilling any, be my guest. . .