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Best answer: There is much more to dehydration than meets the eye. I'm sorry to hear of your condition. I suggest you call an Endocrinologist for starters. I wish you well, take care.

What is the illness?

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Weakness Sleep Dizness Lack of equilibre Pain allover the body Sleep deprivation You walk , kick things, push persons, etc. Lack of memory, etc

i just got home and my long distance partner texted me saying they’re going to take 4 nurofen tablets. i’m completely clueless on safe and dangerous dosages, could this actually harm them??

So i have never taken any illicit drugs before and i will pass this drug test.

Best answer: One can alter fm radio

C-section question?

6 answers · 3 days ago
I’m having my first baby by c-section and they’re going to cut me vertically, how big is a vertical cesarean incision & how much pain will I be in during the surgery? I hear it’s uncomfortable but I’m terrified I’ll be in a lot of pain while they’re cutting me open.

My doctor had prescribed me codamol, codeine, paracetamol combination, i am afraid to use it from the side effects i have read of. When it comes to nausea, dizzyness and sedating/ confusing effects i get very paranoid and i have to take this or just normal codeine which is even stronger, according to the doctor.... show more

Why is it on the butt? injection?

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Why is b12 injections on the butt? is it better absorbed? does it travel throughout the body?

Best answer: The tricky part about PET scans is that although they're designed to find cancer, there are a lot of other things that cause the PET scan to light up and the radiologist and ordering doctor have to be very careful to distinguish what's lighting up because it's cancer and what's lighting up for some... show more

Best answer: No, it is extremely vulnerable to any conditions outside of a warm, fluid environment.

Best answer: That would depend totally upon the drugs policy of your employer and also upon the confidentiality conditions attached to whatever a “wellness blood test” is. If it's a private test which you have commissioned then you have complete control over who gets access to the results. If your employer commissioned it... show more

Best answer: If there was a negative effect of zoloft taken with caffeine then there would be a warning on the pharmaceutical vial drug packaging warning you about drinking caffeine.

Always cold.

Where to buy syringe?

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Best answer: I have thousands, clean and capped, how many u want?