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was squeezing my neck under jaw on right side of head whilst thinking about something, and I must have passed out cuz i only remember waking up a short while later. what happened?

She doesn’t want to go. She took 20 Advil pills (4000) mg And 10 Aleves (2,200) mg she doesn’t wanna go to the hospital. Along with one pill of Exerdrin and one pill of Tylenol. All at once and all on an empty stomach. She just got diagnosed with gastritis last week. I’m no doctor but that’s A LOT! I’m scared to... show more

Do doctors smoke or no?

8 answers · 3 days ago
And should they be allowed?

Fail a drug test?

5 answers · 8 hours ago
So last Saturday I acted dumb and took about 2 hits of a cartridge (cannabis oil) I didn’t get an effect. But I recently got an interview and I will have to do a drug test will I fail or pass?

I have epilepsy medication that expires on 9/20/18, so about one month. I got the prescription on 10/19/17...I know it doesn't expire for another month but is that pushing it?

Was this appropriate?

4 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Yes, it was. A medstudent at that level is very close to being graduated (and what = he is a fake doctor?), almost anyone with training can get a history and physical, then the results were reported to a senior attending AND a specialist, So he was seen by THREE doctors. Med students are also extremely meticulous... show more

Can I die from overdosing on tums?

9 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Tums are an antacid made from calcium carbonate. Tums are a relatively low risk medication for most people. The body has hormonal mechanisms which limit the absorption of calcium from the intestine and which prevent hypercalcaemia (too much calcium in the blood). The main risk would be formation of kidny stones... show more

Is weed a drug?

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I'm starting a paramedic program at college soon and I just found out I need to take a drug test before i get into the program. I didn't think schools needed drug testing and I should be fine other than the fact that I smoked with my neighbor 2 weeks ago. He was moving away so he convinced me to smoke with... show more

Long ago I was told by several people that aspirin can be good for athletes as it helps the body process oxygen because it makes the blood travel faster through the body. I was told that it it good for runners or others who are "breathing a lot." I've looked and looked and have found no information... show more

I don’t believe mental illnesses should be treated with medication, she’s is not citizen from this country, as last resort I will move back to my country with her to avoid her treatment, but for now, will this country allow me to refuse her treatment? I know the best course of action as I’m her mother,... show more

Best answer: ...with a little addition here: I would like to go into detail. It is not easy to get a good level of Vitamin D - in USA, people are used to D2 which is made of plants; in Europe - we use Vitamin D3 which is made with animals. Vitamin D3 is "better" for the body because the humans produce the same D3.... show more

I really, really want to become a doctor because I genuinely want to devote my life to helping others, I'm doing neuroscience undergrad right now, but I honestly can't handle seeing blood or cuts or needles :/ do doctors just learn to get over it? I was looking into radiology because that mostly works with... show more

Did I pass my drug test ?

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So I was a heavy weed smoker for 7 months and stopped smoking for 5 weeks and drug tested myself and I passed but barely due to the cutoff level then after that I smoked for 3 days and I haven’t smoked in 2 weeks and my job drug tested me. I’m 5’10 145 ibs my metabolism Is pretty fast I play basketball everyday so... show more