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Someone I know has just consumed these what’s the best step?

Last time I smoked was the 5th of may but I’m not a heavy smoker I smoke once in a blue moon but when I smoke its a lot like 6 blunts can I pass? I also smoked on 4/20

I have to pee in a cup and get blood. Will I be ok? My metabolism it’s kind of slow.

Taking old Adderall pills?

4 answers · 16 hours ago
Hello, I am prescribed 20 MG of Adderall. I found a bottle I had from January of this year. Is it safe to take these pills right now, 4 months later? Will the effects of the medication be less effective? Thanks.

I’ve been on it for about a year, and I’m worried about withdrawals in the future when I quit. My doctor says there are no withdrawals with this medication, yet I read stuff online that it causes terrible withdrawals for people when they quit. Help!

Passing a urine weed test?

9 answers · 6 days ago
I smoked heavily for months up until the month of April where I smoked maybe only 10 times total. My last smoke was the 28th of April so I’ll have been clean for 18 days since my test is this friday. I’m 5’9 150 pounds and have a pretty fast metabolism but I don’t work out. Should I be good to pass?

Do doctors still use penicillin?

9 answers · 6 days ago
I just watched this documentary on penicillin, and looks like it's a wonderful drug. I've had many infections over the years, but none of the doctors I went to ever prescribed a penicillin shot (as far as I can remember). If this is so great, why didn't my doctors write penicillin instead of all these... show more

So basically i hyped up my friend to do xanax with me keep in mind ive never done it before however im very nervous to do it ive heard blackout stories,etc im taking 1 mg however i think ill take it in half so it’ll be 0.25 mg what do i excpect from this dose? (First time drug user) 1.What does the high feel... show more

Will thc show up In my blood.?

4 answers · 4 days ago
I recently smoked wensday and took about 5 hits from three different woods so 15. Last week I took 3 hits from a clear Monday and Friday. Today witch is Friday my mom made a random appt for me to take a blood test to check my vitamin D and to check for everything in my blood. Does that means she’s also checking for... show more

Edibles wont hit?

5 answers · 6 days ago
Took 100mg the first day, didnt feel a thing. Next day i took 150, it was a slight buzz but that was it. So today, should i take a higher dosage or the same dosage? Does the past 2 days count as a tolerance break since i didnt get high off those edibles? Should i wait a day or two?