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How do we stop climate change?

40 answers · Global Warming · 2 days ago

Why do conservatives hate our environment so much?

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Trump will seek to weaken Obama-era wetlands protections: https://thehill.com/policy/energy-enviro...

Or will it be too late by the time oil is dried up? Imagine, no more CO2 from burning petrol, kerosene or diesel into the air, but will this fact, which will happen in roughly 50 years but enough to revers the climate change we cause so far, the warming of the Earth, will it reverse? Or will the open ocean of the... show more

Best answer: I am not a Libtard not a republican either. My View on climate change, Is Man has an effect on the climate, but I am very skeptical about the magnitude of that effect. If by climate change you mean global warming, well great lets have some more.

How much danger are we in for climit change?

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Climate change is real, so why deny it?

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Best answer: Good question. Most people deny it for political reasons. They love big oil. Also, they don t want to make any sacrifices, like driving less.

Do they really have to kill thousands of animals and ruin the entire rain forest for... toothpaste and laundry detergent?


Best answer: From the ideal gas law, PV = nRT T = P / (R x p/n) P = R*T*p/n P = R*T * rho/n = R*T * n/V rho/n = n/V rho * V = n^2 kg/m^3 * m^3 = n^2 kg = n^2 kg ≠ n^2 = (kg/mol)^2 Non-skeptical me, I'll be back... Continuing my inspection of the equation using unit analysis which is important: In the basic ideal gas law,... show more

What places can you NOT bring guns or weapons Period anywhere?

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Best answer: Schools and universities. Some cities are extremely strict about it, like NYC

Can you be a Conservative and care about the environment?

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Why has N.America had its highest November snow cover?

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Why do people hate oil companies?

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Oil And Gas Added $1.3 Trillion To The U.S. Economy In 2015 and 10.3 million jobs in 2017

Will the open ocean of the North Pole collect so much heat?

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keep warming up the Earth

Best answer: Never thought the French would go first, but great on them. As Global Cooling intensifies there will be more dominoes falling, just wait and see!!