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It is often claimed here, that some or all of the warming, can be explained by adjustments to the instrumental record. Yet there are many good reasons why adjustments may be necessary; is there anything to these claims? If so, then specifically, which adjustments; what was the reason for each adjustment and why... show more

Why does everyone believe global warming is controllable?

16 answers · Global Warming · 3 days ago
Best answer: The Sun controls the Earth's Climate and it naturally goes through cycles that will warm the Earth and cycles that will cool the Planet. At the moment it is going through a cooling cycle called a Solar Grand Minimum and this particular minimum will be a longer and more intense than usual. Planetary mechanics... show more

Best answer: Although I pretty much disagree with just about everything you say, Solar Wind, I know you're not stupid. I know, full well, that you don't honestly believe that a late spring in Minnesota, a cold winter across Europe, and snow in northern France is proof of an all-encompassing global cooling trend. I have... show more

Best answer: Greenland temperature May 21, 2018 = - 10 F A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Is AGW causing heavy snow in France - in May?

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Best answer: climate has changed

What are advantages of Windmill?

9 answers · Global Warming · 2 days ago
Best answer: Non-polluting, cheap energy - - provided that they are located in the proper areas.

Best answer: Yes, the Solar Grand Minimum cycle is intensifying. All you have to do is check alternative news sites around the World for the uncensored data. The last two winters have resulted in record cold and record snow events, severe flooding, droughts, increased volcanic activity, increased seismic activity, more cloud... show more

I'm lookking for an intriguing title for a video?

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Best answer: The Farting Cow.

What does it mean to be a skeptic?

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Best answer: Well, everyone *should* be a skeptic, but skepticism should diminish with evidence. In terms of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), there are basically three different, but connected, issues. Firstly, there is the physical science basis on which AGW is based. We go around the world digging and pumping up fossil... show more

There's this reporter for The Detroit Free Press who covers autos for that newspaper and lives in downtown Detroit and he gave up his car.

Global warming is the science settled?

18 answers · Global Warming · 7 days ago
Best answer: Science is never settled. Only religions are settled and some religions aren't even that settled. I have noticed lately that the Catholic religion, for example, seems to bend with the wind. I notice one alarmist gave the crack pot answer that it would increase by 2 degrees and he thought that the warming in... show more

Best answer: The chart is from last month and nothing has changed. Hudson Bay is still covered in thick ice too. Therefore, not much arctic shipping is happening, just Polar Bears swimming. Great question!!

Does the power company have an electric bill?

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Best answer: they probably do, im sure they have to pay bills too

What is the difference between "Solar" and"photovoltaic"?

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When an English native says"Solar products" and"photovoltaic products", what is the difference? Thank you.

Can Meter Readers change the electric and gas units on the meter box?

4 answers · Alternative Fuel Vehicles · 7 days ago
Best answer: Nope. But the meters can be hacked in various ways. Meter Readers might know them, but they take a while, electricity has to be off, etc, and it can cost them their job. All for nothing as they would get nothing out of it...

Best answer: Get rid of all stop signs. No more unnecessary braking and re-accelerating. Very efficient.

When I look at the correlation between carbon dioxide and global estimates of global temperature I see two squiggly lines, neither a leading and neither a lagging line. This goes on and then the carbon dioxide line breaks the correlation. The temperature line does not simultaneously go up. In the past... show more

With so much of the scientific community in agreement about this issue, why might significant doubt about climate change persist among the general public?

Do pizza box stickers need to be removed when recycling pizza boxes?

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