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Best answer: Please don't insult retarded people by comparing Trump supporters to them.

When will trump be impeached?

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Best answer: It can't happen soon enough.

Or the poor or colored people? Ill bet they don't care much. https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2018/...

Best answer: You kiddin'? Trump's supporters could hear audio recordings, see him on video, or even be seeing him in person when he says that, and they would continue to support him and claim he actually isn't racist.

That's absurd.

Approximately how much it cost. For example if u had a thorat infection and needed a course of antibiotics from your doctor, how much would it cost to see the doctor?

Best answer: Draft dodger medal.

I'm Italian American and think we're superior: The highest IQ in the world (along side the Chinese) Best government (current) Not politically correct Founded America Roman Empire Best food Pizza