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Best answer: They will never admit they are wrong. They will seamlessly move one to more fake news and lies.

What do you think about Putin?

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Is he a villain a scoundrel or a rogue ? Or Is he a saint ?

Best answer: Nunes made a mockery of his committee's "investigation", and turned it into a Trump defense team. He closed it precisely because it was getting too close to uncovering evidence of obstruction and money laundering. The Dems on that committee still know how many leads they left on the table, and will... show more

There are a lot of African Americans and Hispanics who want to stop illegal immigration, cut taxes, rebuild our military and support our constitution however they vote overwhelmingly for democrats because the Republican party panders to white supremacists or ''the angry white male''. You guys lost... show more

Best answer: Paris Hilton is sexy to me...nice petite body! But the other women on your list I would agree they're not all that.

What will you do when they leave and they economy suffers?