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How did Obamacare impact you?

83 answers · 1 day ago
For good or bad.

Why didn’t even one democrat vote in favor of it?

And what gender or you?

I think he's a great President. If I do vote, I'm definitely voting for him.

Best answer: Hopefully. He can try to pardon himself but that may not work. He can resign and get Pence to pardon him if he loses the 2020 election. He can escape to another country and seek asylum before he can be arrested. He can commit suicide if he knows he is going to be arrested. Or he may die of a heart attack, or AIDS... show more

Best answer: Take a look at the British NHS - their equivalent of Medicare for all. They ration care by making you wait - in pain. For example, 25% of diagnosed cancer patients don't get to see a specialist for more than two months. Their survival rates reflect that, too - for example, just 83% of patients in the United... show more

and his team of investigators?

Best answer: Because it isn’t. The fetus is more like a tumor, cancer, or parasite, hence morning sickness. It is an organism made from the hosts cells and foreign DNA that consumes resources and nutrients from the host.

Best answer: Socialized Medicine uses that delay as a cost savings mechanism. If the patient finds another cure on their own or dies the Socialists don't get stuck with the bill.

This guy is some brown Mexican, he is stronger than me since I am very thin. He says very offensive things to me, he calls my mother very bad names. I once tried to respond and he began pushing me trying to stir a fight. I've told the school principal but nobody cares. What can I do?

Why do liberals hate President Trump?

26 answers · 5 hours ago
Is it because he's a Christian Republican?

In France, recently, 500 self-identified illegal aliens occupied a Paris terminal to keep people from traveling freely and demanded to made citizens of France. Do you agree with these people and politicians like Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez who has suggested in the past that illegals occupy airports in the United... show more

Regular working class people, those people dems pretend to care about, are really taking it on the chin in California.

Why are republicans so hateful?

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Best answer: They have been radicalized by their party's lies and propaganda. Example 1. poor people are lazy and/or stupid 2. pro choice people are baby killers 3. liberals are fascists 4. immigrants take your jobs 5. illegal immigrants are criminals and rapists 6. politicians who help the poor are communists 7. people... show more

Trump or Nixon?

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Who's the worst President?

Best answer: The group that sponsered her DID hold auditions. She didn't even apply - her brother put her name forward.