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what is there plan?

Best answer: It's rooted in abject, unjustifiable fear.

What would you do if Trump resigned?

21 answers · 2 hours ago
Best answer: Be very disappointed, however I would not be too surprised if Trump says "this is the worst f***ing job I ever had"" and decides not to run for second term

Best answer: Vomit preferable over his shoes

Is it because they live in states that are no where near the border? So they can't see what is going on, therefore, "There is no problem?"

I mean, the FBI has been exposed as trying to overthrow a President.

I believe hes could be trump crazy guy or whatever i would like to report him so the polices can take his guns out can they do this if i tell them he might shoot a place up? couls i sleep with him again and set him up maybe?