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Do you think I'm a homosexual?

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If i join the military can I land a job doing HVAC inside the military and get paid AND get paid for military pay as well ?

Best answer: OSHA: occupational safety and health administration. Hospitals. Research facilities and make their lives a living hell by making all these rules that they have to follow.

Best answer: I'd be the new "Vera Lynn". Keeping up morale.

Chances of me being a cop?

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Im trying to join Navy reserves so I can get veterans preference when I apply to be a cop. I failed asvab practice test and the real test. Should I just say screw it and get a job? My worries is how hard would it be to get hired as police officer without military background.

I want to ensure that I get my claim approved.

Best answer: They're good on paper, but not so much in reality. Most illness on active duty is handled through sick call, where you go to your unit's clinic if you're not feeling well. The results here are usually underwhelming: you may get a "profile," which is a doctor's note *recommending* that... show more

I've seen a couple of ISIS execution videos and some of the victims were shot with Military issued American firearms like m4 carbines. M249 saw's, etc? You can even clearly see the serial numbers on the weapon.. This is so weird and sometimes I wonder as if those executioners ARE American behind those... show more

Best answer: Kaley K is the military section's biggest imbecile. And with Ninefinger still here, that's saying a lot.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen... I’m aware you’re able to join the irr 90 days prior to your reserve ets, are you able to do something similar if you’re trying enlist into active duty? Or do you have to wait until you’re out completely from the reserve? I’m passed the 8 year obligation so I don’t need to do... show more

Also, do I have to enroll in the Air Force to get a job there?