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I seen these two teenage kids, one male and one female beating up a USA marine. The marine threw a punch at the girl and missed, she punched him twice and he screamed for help and urinated himself. He tried to run away but he slipped on his own urine and fell flat on his face. The male begin beating him with his... show more

Best answer: Maybe. Are your shoes dirty now?😁

Best answer: Lots and lots of army rimming!

im in a very good shape and i dont smoke or drink.but i think age matters

Best answer: Only Democrats have drafted Americans since WW II for illegal 'UN' wars. Trump is a reforming Democrat.

Best answer: They ARE useful because communication to submarines is very difficult.

Request leave for husband in army?

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Best answer: By joining the MILITARY of one of the countries that supplies UN peacekeepers. They get all their UN Peacekeepers from nations that provide a contingent of soldiers.

Best answer: Yes my friend

Best answer: Active duty is a full time job with meals, housing, Medical, and full time pay. They also earn the full benefits under the GI Bill. In the reserves, a person gets those benefits only when on duty which is only 2 days each month and two weeks each summer. Their benefit package is also rather small. Guard is... show more

So horribly led astray. Why would anyone knowingly militarily serve a nation (that is, even when the conflicts are just, which they almost never are) inherently opposed to the following? 1) Maximum protection against internal threats (lack of political or cultural safeguards against subversive elements, lack of... show more