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The high schoolers would ask questions about enlisting in the military. This perv would then hit on these boys. He was some 60 year old loser who was, allegedly, in the marines himself. Did that child molester ever get run out of here

my husband is about to join the Navy. My concern is that I m a stay at home mom. I just want some insight on how s it like especially when they re in Basic Training. Pay, lifestyle etc because for my children and I we need to know whether or not we ll be financially secure while he s gone.

For a long time now I’ve been very interested in joining the U.S. army infantry in the future. And I would really like to be 11b. Now the only thing I’m worried about is the asvab. From posts I’ve seen with similar questions like this, people have given answers saying that as long as you pass the asvab that’s all... show more

Best answer: Ask the recruiter anything you want. But from your question history it seems that you are trying to be prepared for any and all possible scenarios of what might occur during your training. Forget about that. They will find a way to catch you off guard. They will be attempting to train you to react to unexpected and... show more

and many GAVE almost all for this nation. No one I know believes those people are taking from of "mooching off of" the taxpayer. If YOU believe there are Red States who take more than they give -- after removing those two categories for fairness and accuracy -- which States would those be and would... show more

Best answer: You will still commission. The requirement is that you must have a Bachelor's degree. You must also be a full time student. There was a friend in my class and ROTC. He was on academic probation and lost his ROTC scholarship. Although he graduated on time, he was dropped from ROTC. He appealed and was able... show more

I m 16 right now, and I m debating whether I should enlist then go to college, or if I should enlist after college. But the thing is, I don t know if I am able to enlist after college. Does anyone know which option would be better? (considering the first option is available.)

Should I do 100 push ups a day?

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I got an army APFT next army reserves drill and struggle with push ups I was told to do 100 everyday 25x4. Would that be enough to pass? My minimum passing is 40. Thanks! Would working with a kettle bell help too?

Military spouse physical?

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My husband says I have to get some sort of a physical... we are moving to Alaska (I currently live in TN), but I don’t know why I’m so scared of this physical. I get anxiety about stupid stuff I guess lol has anyone ever had this physical? If so what does it consist of?

Best answer: depends entirely on the country and your then status/relationship. example: my cousin was stationed in Germany. He married a German woman and did not return to America for over 15 years ... His children were born in Germany and are German citizens. He's staying. counter example: without a similar... show more

Best answer: Get a bachelors in something that will get you into med school Go to med school Do residency Apply to join the military Or Get your bachelors Apply for HPSP or USUHS