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Best answer: We know ZERO about your situation.

Is joining the military worth it?

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Does he want a parade for himself or dead soldiers? We already know he doesn't like POW soldiers because they got captured. He thinks they should've gotten killed.

To start out my father nearly died a couple weeks ago he was rushed to the hospital after passing out and was diagnosed with a severely leaking heart valve. the issue is so bad that the surgeon at the hospital would not touch it and referred him to someone 2 hrs away to preform the surgery. now i am suppose to... show more

Best answer: Yes. The military of the United States, officially known as the United States Armed Forces, is made of: United States Army. United States Navy. United States Marine Corps. United States Air Force. United States Coast Guard.

I got into a fender bender a few MONTHS ago. The details of the incident aren’t important here but she wants to take me to small claims court. Only problem with that is that I’m leaving for basic training in a month. What should I do? Contact the courts and explain my situation? Contact my recruiter?

Where is the rebel base?

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Best answer: Dantooine. Its on Dantooine

Negative reactions to pregnancy?

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I am 20 years old and pregnant. I live in military dorms and people have been staring and laughing. I’ve been called a thot and a hoe. I have no family here. Me and the babies father aren’t getting along. I feel super alone and I feel like a joke. What do I do?

We only have two cats and an apartment's worth of furniture. I'm leaning more towards DITY. What have your past experiences been with a PSC move? Tips, advice? TIA.

Long story short I was discharged for a condition that existed prior to my military service a few years ago. With my Re 3 and separation code my former branch won't take me back but another branch is more considerate. Will an attorney up my odd? I know it'll be a few of you morons give your negative feed... show more

So I've been wanting to join a certain military branch for a while now and I finally contacted the only recruiter on the website that was anywhere near me. He replied twice and we were in the process of setting up an appointment, he suddenly stopped replying. Its been 3 months now and I finally messaged him a... show more