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My left hand can't fully open , I was thinking about joining the army , can I get disqualified for my hand

Am I eligible for any va benefits?

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I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps on Jan 31 of 2018. I went to boot camp on July 18 2016, while I was unable to complete my full enlistment, I received a full honorable discharge, with no negative paperwork or anything of the sorts. I am just curious, because I paid for my GI Bill in full and cannot... show more

Hypothetically, If these two groups took each other on head-to-head, which would win?

My SAT score is above the recommended and average score and physically im well above the average acceptance also, but my gpa is only a 3.0 and im ranked in the middle of my class. I plan on going into the airforce and would like to pursue a area involving aerospace engineering.

Best answer: * .You *file* taxes, but you don't *pay* taxes. Government employment means that you do not pay taxes, but rather you are paid by taxes.

The reason I'm asking this is because my asshole brother is a liberal and he thinks Chris Kyle is a liar and fraud and he thinks that in the military your only serving the president

I am 31 year old, and I'm considering becoming an Air Force officer (hopefully, one that does cyber security stuff, since I have an MS in computer science). Problem is that I might not be clearance eligible. I've been denied Secret clearance twice (for civilian computer scientist positions at both Air... show more

My friend leaves soon and I want to know what it’s like. He’s nervous about it

Best answer: Sure, you don't need all your limbs and killing children is fun.

Best answer: -They don't do that anymore, but hardly ever did. The US Military is so disorganized and incompetent that it seems like your housing will change more than you change underwear. You think generation Z can't pay attention? What until you get your orders from an officer who has his head up his as.s -As far... show more

I was told by my Marine recruiter that he heard from his command that they wouldn't accept my dependency waiver because of the extra money it would cost them. So my recruiter told me my next best option would be to join the army instead and try again with the Marine Corps later on. How does this work? Will... show more

Can you meet girls while serving on active duty in the army?

Best answer: Everybody who replied before me gave correct answers, especially relavant were Daniel and Goose. If you qualify to join the USAF with an ASVAB minimum score of 50, you probably have a line score (USAF AFQT MAGE in the General area) over the minimum required for SF. As Daniel wrote, “investigator” is jusr a duty... show more

Will you enlist in the Space Force?

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Best answer: Space Corps, actually. The United States Space Corps was a proposed sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces that would have absorbed the United States Air Force's space warfare mission, which is currently conducted by Air Force Space Command. The idea of a separate Space Corps was killed in conference.... show more

Recently, I was supposed to start a job as a computer scientist at Air Force Research Lab, but prior to that, I screwed up at a NASA internship, which caused me to be denied Secret Clearance. I couldn't even get an interim. This is a problem, because government jobs not requiring a clearance tend to pay less.... show more

Best answer: Buckwheat & Darla were in school, and the teacher asks Darla "How do you spell 'dumb'?" Darla says "d-u-m-b, dumb" The teacher says, "very good, now use it in a sentence." She says "Buckwheat is dumb" Now spell "stupid". Darla says "s-t-u-p-i-d,... show more