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In the state of NC?

My parents are going out tonight and they said that a babysitter is coming later. I asked why I'm clearly old enough and they said I need one as I'm not old enough, and it's illegal for under 18's to be on their own.

Constitution gives us rights to persuit health and happiness... So why are only placebo effect pain meds available OTC? Why do we nit have access to pain meds that work?

In California, my father got remarried. The woman he married was broke. My father had a lot of money and a house. My father died. Everything went to his wife. Now she is going to die of old age. Am I entitled to my any of my late fathers estate after his wife dies? She does have a son from a previous marriage.

If a newspaper used my exact name could I sue them if I'm able to patent it, even if it's not actually directed at me?

I was given a paper that told me that I was in violation of one of their rules; that rule being "Parking pass not properly displayed". I know this is false because I leave it on the mirror (correct placement) every day and don't take it down. The fine price is $5 and yes, while it is only 5 dollars,... show more

Best answer: There are a few possibilities here. Suppose you're pulled over for speeding. Are you doing something that would cause an officer to have "PROBABLE CAUSE" to search your trunk? If the officer heard a thumping in your trunk that might indicate a live person in there, it would be probable cause for the... show more

Best answer: California has new laws that try to rectify the difference between what the cooks make versus front of house staff. Some restaurants have changed what they do- they add a service charge automatically and then split it among all the staff, etc. In other words, it depends on the restaurant. It may be that you are... show more

Best answer: You can allow the other parent to have full custody. You'd still pay support. That is NOT "termination of your parental rights." Your parental rights will not be terminated unless your ex marries and the new husband adopts the child. When that occurs, your own parental rights are terminated, as is... show more

Do minors have rights?

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School told us that while on our trip (that we paid for) we cannot drink. Just wondering if there are any legal rules that apply to this because we're allowed to venture off on our own, so could they really deter us?

I got a car in 2013 from Peyton place, I paid on it for a long time I finally couldn’t pay on it any longer. I called them and told them I couldn’t make payments any longer, they came and got the car. I went to court trying to get the remainder amout which is 1,900. I don’t have the car, they sold the car. They are... show more

(IN) Renters Background Checks?

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My girlfriend and I are trying to get an apartment. We just applied and got denied because she has a shoplifting misdemeanor FROM WHEN SHE WAS 17! She’s 22 now. She got a job as a pharmacy tech and that never came back on that background check, why did it come back on the renters application background check? How... show more

Was HIPPA violated here?

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I went to go get a check up yesterday do to fainting. The nurse was outside and screaming out my results so much that i could here it down the hall to my room. She said my name out loud. She screamed out "IS SHE ON HER PERIOD?" She screamed out to the doctor "PREGNANCY NEGATIVE! HIV NEGATIVE... show more

My kids’ father has stopped paying child support entirely. He is working full time making close to $50k and perfectly capable of paying the small amount ($400/month) of child support for our two kids. He says he can’t afford it now because he has a large car payment and has chosen not to get a second job. He has... show more

What happens during a Juror Trial?

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I'm going to a Juror Trial in a couple of weeks. I don't even know what a Juror Trial is nor why I'm going. I watched a couple of YouTube videos though. How was your experience?