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Bank deposit scam?

7 answers · 2 hours ago
Hello, I recently got a job offering about depositing checks into my bank account and cashing it out for him. I was offered $1500 to do this. This sounds way too good to be true. Does anybody know how this work ? Is this a fraud? Is this illegal? This is what he said; “Hey whats up i deal with checks , clearing... show more

I just got terminated a few weeks before my termination period ended. I was told that I wasn't a right fit for the company so they decided to terminated me, only thing is that none of the managers told me anything about it. I just assumed that they didnt any hours for me so I called my store manager to ask and... show more

My bf was arrested for a dui. The officers took him to the local hospital for bloodwork for his alcohol level. It’s been over 2 months and his lawyer said the police station has not released results yet. I work in a lab and to my understanding after 7 days you can request results, get them printed and put directly... show more

I'm 15, and I need a way to get money. I know it's legal for me to work on the weekends, I just can't find any company who will hire 15 year olds. Is it illegal to lie about your age on a job application?

My finger is smashed completely, they took off the sensor at the press machine, can i sue?

I may have gotten impregnated by a minor, he’s only two years younger than me, and I want to know if I would go to jail for getting pregnant by him or if his parents would press charges on me for having sex with them. Or if they’re okay with us being together and if they don’t press charges will everything be okay?

They have a press to fold metal sheets at my job, and i was working but they took off the sensors to detect any object in the machine and thus my finger is completely smashed, could i sue the company for them taking off the sensor of the machine? My finger is going to be deformed but complete

Contingent on the type of question, certain questions wouldn’t even get the chance to be posted or removed because they wouldn’t allow you to post such questions at all. The posting of such questions would be blocked at the very outset. True or false?

Me (18) and my girlfriend(16) strongly believe we are ready for marriage. Though i know for a fact, her parents won't consent to it because they kind of hate me. I've heard of judicial bypass used for marriage under special circumstances. I believe we can fit under these circumstances but I'm not sure... show more

I keep getting busted :(

Don't you think this is unfair?

10 answers · 4 hours ago
Several weeks ago, my boss treated several of my co workers to dinner after work. I and several other hard workers were snubbed. Honest opinions please