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Hello, a friend of mine recently was charged with his first DWI in Van Zandt County in east Texas and I just have a few questions about the case. So about 4 months ago he was in a serious car accident (hit a pole) and broke every bone in his legs and totaled the truck. He was careflighted for emergency surgery and... show more

My mom died back in 2014, so i have no way of knowing if she was the one receiving any of the child support. But my aunt (moms sister) has been my legal guardian since i was 8 (im 23 now). She said she never got any money. I guess my dad told me they take it from his paychecks and taxes or whatever, but where has... show more

both food and sex are basic necessary components to live survival humans need both of them, yet food is allowed to have a price tag on it. you can say youre paying for the labor put into the food but sex also involves effort and labor too, so why cant you pay for that labor. these two things are on the same level... show more

Legal Question?

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I put a 1 star on a google review for a medical clinic. Because that's what I believe they deserve. Now the owner has been contacting me saying she is going to get her lawyer to take legal action against me if I don't remove the 1 star. I didn't even write anything. Just put a 1 star. My question is,... show more

I was just really wondering say if you were on trial for murder, and wanted to tell your story and then just refused to answer any questions, and not plead the 5th, as that would sound like you were guilty? No matter what, you refused be crossed. Has a scenario like this ever play out. Could you be banned from... show more

Legally, can I sue my house sitter?

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Best answer: Those grounds would not hold up in any court. Dogs don't get any of the illnesses we would get. Kid could just have allergies or sines issues. Kid is really building his own immune system by constant exposure to bacteria, germs & all those yuckies. He probably doesn't get all the colds & flues... show more

Who pays medical bill if you are involved in a car accident during the workday. My daughter is a Caseworker and on the way to a client had an accident. She is a full time employee. We ended up getting the bill for the ambulance. Where should that bill be submitted/. Thanks . we live in NY State.

Can I forgive child support arrears if my kids get Medicaid? My kids receive Medicaid and their father and I were never married. We were forced to go to FOC because of the Medicaid and they didn’t care that he’s given me some cash. They backdated the support for several months so he’s already a few thousand... show more

I went out to eat with my family and had let the staff know my son could not eat any meat because he could literally DIE. and if they could cook his meal on a clean stove because he was vegan. They assured us that they would and it would be no problem. He got a quesadilla and it wasn't until 2-4 minutes into... show more

*Leave Negative Comments To Yourself* Okay I’m 16... So there’s a HIGH possibility that I’m pregnant. I live in Utah with my parents... and my parents do not like my boyfriend. Could they file a restraining order against him if he’s the dad to my child?

Was what happened to me lawful?

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Best answer: You asked if this was lawful. You are 16, so your parents can make medical decisions for you. So yes.... it is lawful. Any other comments I make would be opinion,so I will refrain.

I m 18 she s 15, help.?

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Assuming there was a moment where sexual contact was made with a minor (meaning I would have touched her erotically over her clothes) and the event was consensual in fact she had taken part in escalating the contact could I face serious consequence? What is the worst that would happen in said scenario and what is... show more

I received a final charge for a traffic fine in the mail today on the 13th. However, the due date for the fine payment is listed as August 7th. To make matters worse, the letter issuing that same fine is dated for the 8th AND the envelope it was mailed in is stamped on the 9th. Do I have to pay for that fine... show more