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My boyfriend of a year is going to jail for 5 months due to technically child pornography charges due to a 17 year old pretending to be 18 online and sending him nudes. We have been struggling over the last year (in part due to this stress) because he has been really distant and struggles to open up or spend the... show more

Last year I was in a car accident. No damage to either car. I talked to the other driver and agreed on exiting the freeway since it was dark and unsafe. I didnt get any of his info since it was my first accident and I wasn't thinking straight. He never took the exit. Now I got a letter saying that I have been... show more

I was shopping at Lowe s and one of the employees caused a fully built door to fall and hit my upper arm. I am currently going thru HR but I am thinking is it better if I resolve this thru lawsuit instead. I am not sure which direction since this is first time something like this happening. Advice? Thanks.

Best answer: The problem for conservatives is that they usually claim that laws should be left to the states. They want state control of education, gun laws, medical care, etc. but now suddenly they're face with having to support a federal intrusion into state's rights over marijuana. Of course, holding contradictory... show more

Does you think that punishing underage for drinking/smoking bellow allowed age is good policy? Maybe authorities should punish vendor instead? In my country drinking age is 18, but we not punish teens for drinking, our police goes after people who sold those kids/people alcohol/tabasco instead, such sellers... show more

So my ex gf was not over me and was stalking me. One night she entered my property and physically assaulted me while she was drunk. In self defense, I had to push her away from me but due to her drunken state she tripped and fell and sustained bruises and minor injuries. She called the cops and she got arrested... show more

Is this illegal?

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I recently discovered that my ex-wife has enrolled our daughter into a different school for next school year without telling me. We have been divorced for 5 years and have a custody agreement signed off on by the courts. Things have been fine. Until recently. She has decided to move across the state line with her... show more

My friends parents passed away almost a year ago, and she has been getting 1,000 dollars monthly deposited into her bank account as social security. these deposits are intended to last until she graduates which is next weekend. Ever since she started getting the money, her step-mom demanded that my friend transfer... show more

I have been arguing with her about my son and i cant be home for curfew when she demands it. She said she is fed up with me not coming home and feeding my child which he knows how to feed himself. His uncle who also lives with us feeds him on time. She is threatening to keep my son from me stating that I don't... show more

A family has moved in across the street bringing with them 6 vehicles. It’s no problem to me until they started leaving their vehicles in front of my house days at a time and my company didn’t have space to park. I went across the street and introduced myself and asked politely if they could give me space in front... show more

Fist time DUI in Tennessee?

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Okay so my husband is a hard worker and we were doing really good on building our future here in Tennessee Today he was in a car accident. He was turning out on the road and the sun was in his eyes and there was a motorcyclist coming his was at high speed and my husband didn t see him coming. The motorcyclist... show more

Was this an unlawful police stop?

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My friend and I were pulled over by the police for a "seat-belt check" and my friend had an expired license. I let her drive my car as it was late, I was tired and had 2 drinks a few hours prior. The officer called a tow truck and I contested that I was fine to drive as I got a couple hours of sleep, was... show more

Best answer: Yes. No doubt the father believed himself to be a "responsible, law-abiding, gun owner" as well. Goes to show that simply the presence of firearms makes deaths from firearms increase, regardless of how much the gun owner thinks that they are impervious to human error or theft. If, however, we reduce... show more

Are pro life hypocrites?

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Best answer: You wrote, "no matter how serious the situation." Let's imagine that when a woman gives birth, everything in her life is perfect. She is happily married to a great man, they have good income, and they have a nice house. They decide she will stay home and raise the child the first few years. A year... show more

Can I report a neighbor for this?

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A new neighbor moved in to a house across the street. Unfortunately his house sits higher ground so he can see over the fence into my house. Whenever he sees me in the kitchen, he turns on his bright floodlights, doesn't matter if it's 7AM, 4PM or 2AM, he always turns them on within 15 seconds. So he's... show more

It makes me sick to my stomach that 40-50 year old men can have sex with 19 year old girls and get away with it but an 18 year old boy is hated for having sex with a 15 year old girl even though they are both teenagers.

Best answer: In what country or state? This is impossible to answer unless I know where you are so I can look up what the age of consent is there.