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I am 18 and she is 15 turning 16 in a few months. We have been dating since April of last year. We already made it clear that there would be no sexual conduct going on, considering she’s a “minor” and I’m an “adult”. This was going to remain a simmered down relationship until she gets to legal age or until I ask... show more

I worked at Target for a year from 2008-2009 and was a very hard worker out on the Sales Floor. I assisted Customers as much as possible and did my job well, until I clocked in past the fifth hour three times to take my lunches. I was therefore terminated because of the company policy. I was saddened by this and... show more

So yesterday, i was trying to sign myself out of school to leave early so i could go to my interview but the principle stop and told me that i can't sign myself because i don't have my parents permission. I told him i was 18. But then he said that it doesn't matter. You're still in school. There... show more

He got so mad and said that I was cheap and that money was more important to me than a relationship. I've worked hard my whole life to buy a house and don't want to risk it. We havent been the most stable of couples. We've been together for 2 years but breakup for a few days almost every month. He got... show more

Okay so long story short. I got a petite larceny charge from Walmart at 19 years old. 5-6 months later i got my charge lowered from my lawyer. Turned a larceny charge into a treaspassing charge, with 1 year probation. So i am now aware that trespassing is still in the class 1 misdemeanor (my lawyer didn’t tell me... show more

Best answer: Yes, this transperson can sue you.

Can my employer fire me for this?

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She says in the tax office that customers are complaining because I basically don’t have a smile on my face or that I “look unhappy.” Wtf. Next I will be charged for a thought-crime.

Is this a scam?

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I am trying to sell my car that doesn t work on Craigslist. Some lady started emailing me saying she will give me $580 for my car. So I tell her I prefer cash but if you pay with a check I can t give you the car until the check clears which could take weeks. She says she s out of town and has to pay with a check.... show more

I work night shift at a hospital. About two years ago there was a patient who came in unconscious (suicide attempt) after committing a murder. When I took care of this patient they were intubated on a ventilator (tube down their throat) and unable to talk. On a shift where I was not working, the patient had the... show more

Best answer: Since you're 13 she's legally obligated to keep you in till you're 18 (in most states) and even if it was less than 18 in your state, I'm sure it's far from 13. If you have another relative you can rely on (uncle, aunt, grandparents) you could file a complaint to the cops and they'd... show more

Best answer: To protect society.

Best answer: Every employee in the world is doing work the boss doesn't want to do. That's kind of the point of having employees. It's your job to make yourself indispensable. I know one person employed in a fairly low level job in a major corporation. The company adopted a new technology system. My friend was the... show more

Stand your ground because if he had a weapon you never know when he might stop turn around and shoot. To stand your ground all you need to do is show that you were in fear for your life.

Best answer: You should wait until the Supreme Court makes their ruling on this. Even then, since it sounds as though you're involved in the medical industry, you'd probably need to turn in your resignation letter and seek employment in a different industry that permits more religious freedoms.

My 37 year old brother has been driving a car that is in my father’s name. My brother doesn’t have a copy of the title and I’m not sure he even knows the plate number. This car was “stolen” out of my brother’s driveway two nights ago and my brother told my dad that he reported the car stolen to the police. Due to... show more