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so this was my first time i had ever filled out the application and i was answering the questions to the best of my abilities. some of the required questions made me think why do they need to know that? Then one of the required questions asked me weather or not someone in my family has committed a crime in the last... show more

There are 2 spots left in a parking lot, one handicapped spot and a regular spot. He decides to park in the regular spot, and now the last regular driver that pulls in has nowhere to park! Can the handicapped driver get a ticket for this? Did the handicapped driver do anything illegal here? Are they legally... show more

Can you legally change your age?

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There’s this lazy mailman in my town that constantly puts random mail in our mailboxes so that he doesn’t have to sort it out making us do the work for him. My neighbors were complaining about the same thing too and I’m not even sure which exact mailman it is either. How would I even go about reporting this? Would... show more

I had a police officer come to my house to ask me about a report someone filed against me for thief in another state. I immediately said i wasnt gonna talk without an attorney. So he arrested me kept me for 2 days without bail then released me with no charges being filed. Do i have any legal options against them... show more

This is in indiana. Their son, who lives with them, is a heroin addict and was stealing rent checks and forging their signatures. They did not inform me that they hadn't received the checks for over 2 months. I had no idea since the checks cleared. They now want me to pay late fees and want me to continue... show more

Why can you be terminated for working off he clock? There's no law requiring employers to fire you for it.

My parents?

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My parents always told me to never be scared of any human and always look people in the eye and stand up for myself They say nobody is another creature we are all flesh and bones

I dont care if you think its wrong or disgusting or whatever Im just asking if its legal. is a 17 year old female and 28 year old male legal in the UK to date and maybe move in with each other? even if hes married w kids.


4 days ago I found an iPhone X in a coffee shop, I took it and I want to keep it because it’s really nice and it didn’t even have a passcode on it so I deleted everything on the phone and put my Apple ID on it, no one has called the phone or anything so would it be illegal to keep it and is there any way for them... show more

I just had this sudden urge to be a trial attorney. It came out of nowhere this morning.