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I mean , that is what they do in other civilized countries like France, UK etc isn't it? they even kick their doors down in the middle of the night and put them into a van (just like the Gestapo )? what is wrong with that if they are ILLEGAL ?

Best answer: Japan has had high speed trains since 1964 and has moved over 5 billion people. The US should just hire the Japanese or Germans in a trade deal.

Best answer: Lets put it this way I don't think there would be many countries queuing up to help the United States.

How many genders are there?

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How many stamps are needed?

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If I write a 10 page letter and use a manilla envelope, how many stamps are needed to mail it out?

Best answer: Because those networks are run by democrats.

Let me pick your brains for a second...

It seems like I'm in the minority here but I don't have a political side. I just choose whichver candidate I feel is the best for the job. Sometimes it's republican. Sometimes it's democrat. I choose the person, not the political party. But it seems like most people are either democrat or... show more

I'm legit trying to understand but I don't want to read long *** articles. And I try to stay clear of the news but at this point what the f is going on.

Is it enough to pay for the college intuition of one's children?

why the US doesn't have federal agents cracking down on the people hiring them? (just like they do in most all other countries)