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Best answer: Denying the Saudis their cultural norms ( like chopping up reporters ) is racist .

Best answer: It's not fake, it just doesn't say what she thinks it says.

Best answer: I was born in the United States. That makes me an AMERICAN!

Like a basic income.

Sexist comments against Kavanaugh?

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All of the leftist media outlets and democrats criticized Kavanaugh's temperament during his hearing. They said he threw a '' tantrum '' and said he behaved inappropriately. I'm sorry but isn't this blatant sexism against men? Society has an expectation for men to behave like... show more

Best answer: and divorce... idiot whore do anything for the idea of money

Best answer: I dont know why so much attention has been focused on this one disappearance when the Saudis and others do this sort of thing regularly in addition to beheading and chopping off hands for minor crimes. If Mr Trump needs an excuse to cut off relations with them, this would be a good excuse but he doesnt want that,... show more

Best answer: I believe both.

Who is Kavanaugh?

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I would make everyone be my slaves except my soldiers I would live in the biggest house ever and if someone was not listen to me I would have them put to there knees and shot

insist, the mere existence of guns is automatically dangerous? Are these people paranoid?

Va Apportionment and backpay?

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Best answer: I think you really need to go through the regular court. The VA income is used to determine the amount of child support. In addition to child custody, separating couples with children must figure out how to handle child support. While the law on child support varies from state to state, courts generally... show more