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balcks do not have control over democratic party its whites who section 8ed black men put them in undesierable housing conditions, promoting gay marriage so black men can not reproduce.

I think it's already happened. :-( in the phrase "he is a secret gay."

David duke may have a right to free speech but I do too and I will use it to shout him down and out of town.

What does a first class stamp mean?

13 answers · 5 days ago
What do you use a first class stamp for? What makes a first class stamp different from a normal stamp?

A lot of people believe it should be, but can someone offer an actual adult explanation (that makes sense) as to why (with evidence)?

Best answer: Collect them up and find out what the hell's going on. Move them on to avoid the kind of nuisance you talk about and give them psychiatric help, rehab, training etc so that they can actually make a contribution to society.

Best answer: I would get radical about it. Collect them off the street, find out who they are, what their problem is and how the situation can be remedied. Make it clear that begging is not an option.

I idiotically signed up to vote?

13 answers · 6 days ago
Does ohio voting registration mean i could gt summoned for jury duty?

Could I get food stamps?

9 answers · 4 days ago
Hello, I was wondering if I should even try to get food stamps with my current situation. I work at a minimum wage job, because I can't find anything better at the moment. I graduated High School in 2017, but I haven't went to college yet, because I feel like I am not mentally ready yet. I have read that a... show more

...despite turn the other cheek, blessed are the peacemakers, give unto ceaser what is ceasers, and him allowing himself to be crucified while instructing the apostles to not fight back?

Why are Democrats condescending?

4 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Democrats are dumb no matter where they are.

Will the UK prosper after Brexit?

12 answers · 6 days ago
Trade deals with the world Lower immigration More freedom to make our own laws No more human rights for crims