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He claimed Mr Trump had "engaged in specific actions" that "meet the threshold for impeachment". Mr Amash accused Attorney General William Barr of misleading the public about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's findings on Russian interference. The president responded by calling Mr Amash... show more

Is Obama Black?

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They're constantly forcing sexual perversions on a society where very few people are gay. America has been a Christian society from the beginning that values marriage between a man & woman, but out of nowhere they force every fetish & deviancy on everyone, even children. The government is just like a... show more

Best answer: This is all I found from a quick look on the State Department page on Cuba travel: "Cuba does not recognize the U.S. nationality of Cuban-born U.S. citizens. The Cuban government requires Cuban dual nationals to enter and depart Cuba using Cuban passports. Cuban-born U.S. citizens will be treated as Cuban... show more

and compare it to the US health care system or whatever place you are in

Best answer: Conservatives live in a fantasy world where Nazis were liberals and the KKK was founded by black Democrats. They are not to be taken seriously.

Will Social Security be around for you? Why or why not? What is the problem? Will the problem last? How can it be fixed? Will Social Security go away! What are the political implications!

Is Donald Trump, a paraplegic?

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Best answer: No. Where's the wheel chair? FDR was not a paraplegic. He had the use of his arms. Pelosi is not a paraplegic either. Neither is Melania. How she can be so graceful in spike heels and not fall over amazes me.

That way the President can do X - Y & Z, But not to do 1 - 2 & 3. This way no laws can be broken by any sitting president and all rules checks and balances would be in place to keep the leader in place.

Would America get things done better if it had a parliamentary system?

Great man. He did more for Blacks than President Lincoln.

I've heard that there are currently 16 states in which the government trusts the people enough for this to go on. (It should be all 50, but I'm not holding my breath on that.)

If we had a Parliamentary Republic System, would everything be better or worse? Thoughts?