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Best answer: You'd be over the assett limit, so the SSI ends.

they are ugly and useless why not just cut them all down

Asking for a friend.

My boyfriend is joining the military and we have a child together. We’re not ready for marriage yet, but will be in the next few years. We still want him to be able to watch our daughter grow up and all, and I’m willing to move wherever need be. I read that partners can’t live on-base unless they’re married, but... show more

Best answer: You are correct. I started college in 1962 at Penn State. Tuition, room and board for one year was $1350.00. That would not get you lunch money these days.

Americans where were you on 911?

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Best answer: Hate speech honestly should not be legal especially if it promotes violence since younger people could be easily influenced.

Is it okay to punch a Nazi?

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Best answer: Not just okay, it's recommended.

Best answer: We don't have a president, we have a princess.

their time going after the Clinton's and Obama?

Was 911 an inside job?

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Best answer: The scary part is she has a college degree. But appears to have little understanding of economics.