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Best answer: This is a paid anti-liberal troll trying to ruin our country. Ignore it.

Best answer: Follow the logic: The GOP works for the 0.1% The 0.1% owns America The 0.1% wants to reduce payroll costs and does so by hiring illegals. If illegals become legal the cost of their labor goes up. The whole “illegal” thing is a scam. If the 0.1% wanted to get rid of illegals all they have to do is fire them.

Just curious. In the U K who funds social welfare? The parliament? What were the requirements for applying for welfare back when J K Rowling relied on it? What is the U.S., Canadian, Irish, Australian etc. equivalent for the U.K.'s idea of social welfare (if it exists in each country)?

Do all Americans own a gun?

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Is Trump misunderstood by liberals?

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What is your opinion on Donald Trump?

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The Republicans want funding for border security - including the border wall - and immigration reforms, as well as increased military spending. The Democrats have demanded protection from deportation of more than 700,000 undocumented immigrants who entered the US as children. Trump accused the Democrats of being... show more

Iv been reading both sides of the argument to keep DACA, but I don't understand why democrats want to spend millions on illegal immigrants on government benefits when there are children in our own nation that is starving and need assistance, I guess the real question is who do you value more your own people or... show more

Why are all american ceo's indian?

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fcc ceo is ajit pai google ceo is sundar pichai microsoft ceo is satya nadella does america just love indians?

What are your thoughts on the Women's March?

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Who is to blame for the government shutdown?

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What are your opinions on bitcoin?

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He accused obama of not being born in hawaii?