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Best answer: Trump is basically an idiot with one gift, the ability to sway the opinions of rather uneducated people or people with hateful cores.

Best answer: No family lives near the facility in Georgia so she wouldn't have any visitors and what kind of a life could she expect there, drawn out for how long? It comes down to "quality of life". If she has a Will or a Trust, which she likely does, she no doubt has a Healthcare Derivative, which means she... show more

So I took my parents credit card and bought a bunch of things for the past couple of months. I bought 4 samsung phones and now I bought 5 computers. 3 laptops two desktop computers. My parents credit card company named discover they are now suspecting that it is me now. They sent me a letter a few weeks ago saying... show more

Why don't you give Trump credit for a good economy?

32 answers · Politics · 3 days ago
He is doing a good job as president

Is Mexico still paying for the wall?

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Best answer: Im pretty sure its my farts.

Best answer: Guarantee liberals cannot name a single one of them either

What do you think of this policy? Should companies be required to disclose all salaries paid by race and sex and be fined if they can not prove non discrimination? The revenues collected from fines could help fund entitlement programs like medicare for all. https://www.wsj.com/articles/kamala-harr...

Won’t free healthcare take away our freedom?

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if we have free healthcare the money will be coming from our taxes. This money will go towards things many do not support - abortion, gender change, etc. the argument no longer becomes “my body my choice” when our tax dollars are going to it. Agree?


prices of goods rise on the shelf. Does this make you happy?

Agree or disagree: Poor people are poor because they don’t value education?

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Is Melania Trump the most useless FLOTUS?

25 answers · Politics · 3 hours ago
What has she actually done?

Best answer: Cost ALWAYS matters. Socialized medicine, like all other forms of socialism, suffers from the same failure. The failure of ANY form of socialism occurs when they run out of someone else's money to spend.

Why do people think Bernie Sanders is an extremist?

14 answers · Politics · 2 hours ago
Best answer: They are misinformed. The right and even some Democrats like to paint him as some radical but in reality he's a social democrat. He wants an economy that worka for everyone not just those at the top.