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Neighbors male cat keeps peeing on our house!?

23 answers · Cats · 1 week ago
Best answer: get a picture of the cat while inside the house if you see it in the window. get a picture of it going to the bathroom on your property. and file a police report animal abuse. maybe look into getting security cameras on your property.

Is it okay to get rid of a dog after 2 years?

37 answers · Dogs · 1 week ago
Best answer: Put it down

My dog ate children's liquid aleve?

18 answers · Dogs · 1 week ago
Shes a small dog and i dont know if i should be worried.. the bottle wasn't full i had used about 3 of little plastic shot cups they give you

Best answer: Expensive Whiny, attention-demanding, keep you up at night Disturb neighbors Poop & pee in the house Must be taken for walks 2-3 times daily no matter the weather Fleas & ticks Forget weekend visits to friends' houses or, well, anywhere Cost $$ to board Food's $$ Vet's $$ Emotionally... show more

Should I bring the dog inside the house?

26 answers · Dogs · 1 week ago
Okay so I live with my boyfriend's family and they have a pitbull who doesn't come in the house. He's very sweet very very respectful, I live in Norco CA and it's very windy and very cold it's 59° but feels 50° I feel so bad for him he hates the wind should I bring him in?

Best answer: Forward him one of the letters I send out throughout the year, I will add your name to the top of the list. Dear P****e If you’re reading this, then you’ve already started the chain reaction and there’s no going back. The events I am about to warn you about will definitely unfold, even if you discard this letter... show more

Best answer: Because they don't know any different, the same reason they assume anything.

Best answer: I find Irish setters and most cocker spaniels quite beautiful, but I would never want to deal with the grooming. I suggest going to your local shelter and finding the cutest dog there and seeing if that dog would match your lifestyle or using an online website, such as Petfinder, to locate rescues in your area and... show more

What type of breed mix do you think this is?

11 answers · Dogs · 1 week ago
I know she’s a Boxer mix of some sort. I wanna say probably Walker hound or beagle because she has short legs, but I wanted some opinions. I’ve had her for a year and love her regardless. I adopted her at 5yrs old and I’m her 6th home so nobody knows anything about her. She’s staying with me for life, but I’m... show more

What is another name for corn?

19 answers · Reptiles · 1 week ago

I have a 1 and a half year old pit bull terrier. She only poops and pees pews in the house when no one let's her outside to go, but other than that I can leave her inside for a couple hours without any accidents. Well. I wake up and feed her about half hour before I go to work than right before I leave for work... show more

Can anyone identify this fish?

5 answers · Fish · 1 week ago
I ve been wanting to buy a cool fish tank but before I make that investment I wanted to search a wide variety of freshwater fish to see which ones I truly want. I came across 2 youtube videos that had one of the most gorgeous fish I ve ever seen. But the videos are in a foreign language. I googled searched the hint... show more

What can I wash my 7week old puppy with?

14 answers · Dogs · 1 week ago

today I got a dog from the pound, female pitbull mix, very calm and mature, 7 years of age. On the papers, it said that the dog was good with cats, and at first he was, but a couple of hours ago that proved to be untrue. The dog attacked the cat and bit into it causing the cat to die. I am very shaking and... show more

My dog died, I can't handle it?

27 answers · Dogs · 1 week ago
My dog that I grew up with since I was born (my parents had my dog before me and I have never known life without her), it has been 5 years since she died and I still cry everyday like she died only a few days ago, I have been somewhat crazy to my pyhspcolgist said (I stare at one spot motionless for hours per day,... show more

My friend says a year but my other friend says 6 months. What do u guys think?

Dogs or cats?

24 answers · Cats · 1 week ago
Which are better and why?

What breed of dogs have you owned?

13 answers · Dogs · 1 week ago
Best answer: 1st dog was a beagle/lab mix. All the rest have been Standard Dachshunds of the wirehair variety. Beagle mix & my 1st standard dachshund were rescues. Beagle was an abandoned dog & the dachshund was a foster that never left. Since then, all the rest of my dachshunds have come from reputable... show more