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We found tiny kittens in a ditch! Looked everywhere for mom cat but nowhere around. We even waited for a while but sadly she never showed up. Still keeping an eye out though. Anyways these babies are being fed kmr kitten formula every couple hrs poor things are skin and bones right now so giving them as much as... show more

Best answer: You hate dogs... Or hate poorly trained dogs? Because it sounds like you werr raised around a poorly trained dog. Those are behaviors I wouldnt tolerate in my own pets.

Can you eat horse meat?

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Best answer: You’ll never forget that your dog died, but more importantly you’ll never forget that your dog lived! As time goes by, the sad memories of losing your dog will be far outnumbered by pleasant memories of being with and loving your dog. After all, you played with, cared for and enjoyed your dog for a very long time... show more

How to make myaelf hate or fear dogs?

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I want a dog, but the breed I want is too expensive. So how can I make myself hate or fear dogs so I will stop wanting one?

What’s the grossest part about owning a dog?

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Best answer: Dealing with the crap, piss, and vomit so yeah that is gross and anyone saying it isn't is a damn liar. You just put up with it because you don't have a choice in the matter if you want a dog. They lick their damn butt holes, some of them roll in and sometimes eat other animals ****, some eat their own ****... show more

Can you put uneaten kibble back in the bag?

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When I feed my puppy kibble, there are some meals where he won’t finish every last piece so I put the kibble back into the bag. Is this okay to do or does this effect the food and him? I’d hate to have to throw away the remaining kibble but if it’s bad to put it back into the bag then I definitely don’t want to do... show more

How many cats do you own?

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Best answer: I only have one cat at the moment

When do puppy’s stop looking puppy cute?

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i dont have a litterbox. i just trained my cat not to piss and poop inside the house. i live in an area with just a few neighbours and they are nowhere near my house.

I have a daschound I rescued and he has the blue mark indicating he has the microchip but I unfortunately have no documents of any kind or no idea what the microchip number would be, I don’t even know his birthday :(. I was wondering if there’s a way to get it scanned to learn some of his information? And also be... show more

Can A Dog Replace A Cat?

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Best answer: No animal will be able to replace your cat. Not even another cat. Because no one will ever be the same as your cat was. However another pet can help heal the pain of loss by allowing your heart to love again. They can’t fill the hole left by your cat. But they can fill a different one. If you get a dog you must... show more

We have cats that we have that live outside. We have had problems with dogs coming in our yard and killing our cats, they just recently took the life of one of our kittens. I just wanted to know if there was something inexpensive that can keep the dogs out of the yard but make sure our cats stay in the yard.

My cat is hurt.... help?

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About a month ago this thought to be stray cat started living in our garage, hes EXTREMLY friendly, not neutered and not declawed. He loves to eat and cuddle and roll in grass but today we found him and his right eye was swollen, he didn’t want attention, and his tail seemed a little droopy. We actually found the... show more

I was just messing around in the kitchen and came up with the idea to mix peanut butter, a little milk and coconut oil and flour to thicken and rolling up some peanut butter balls and freezing them to harden and using them as pill pockets. They worked great and my dog loves them but how unhealthy are they?

Best answer: a grown dog does not have to have a series of 4 vaccines. Vaccinate one=ce and 4 weeks later vaccinate a second time and in a year one more time, and he should be good for 5 years. The reason to vaccinate puppies so often is because of what they call the maternal window of susceptibility. It's long and drawn... show more

What breed of dog do you prefer?

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Best answer: I like German Shepherds.

Sick kitty! what should i do?

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hello, i’m really worried about my cat and im not sure if i should be taking her to emergency vet tonight, which i can’t really afford, or if i should just monitor her and call a vet tomorrow. she is only 6 years old and generally seems quite healthy and is an indoor only cat besides sitting on our balcony. she is... show more

I have three dogs, two of which are a 8 yo pug and a 1 yo boxer. They never used to mind each other, but in the last month, they've started fighting a lot, seemingly unprovoked. The pug typically starts it. However, they sometimes sleep together in my bed, so it's not all the time. They've yet to do any... show more