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Me and my boyfriend have recently moved in together , i have a 120 pound Rottweiler, that he loved until we started to live together. He yells at him for no reason, calls him a dumb *** , an asshole, always yanks his leash super hard and complains when he has to be taken out to uses the bathroom (he only takes him... show more

Do dogs really love us??

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Cat throwing up daily?

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For the past few weeks, my cat ha been throwing up every day at least once, most days are multiple times, though, The weird thing is that this happened shortly after contracting fleas and now that they’re gone, she hasn’t been scratching, and even playfully runs around the house like she’s fine. Also, after... show more

Is it illegal to have a pet seal?

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i take very good care of it and its not bothering anybody

We were probably gone for 45 minutes. We came back to see that the dog had chewed up a few of my notebooks and a book that i rented that is worth 140 dollars. it was all over her bed. she didnt warn me that the dog would chew up my stuff if i left it on the bed. i think it was the first time the dog chewed stuff on... show more

Is it ok to give my old cat up to the shelter?

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She is about 7 years old and still healthy but I know they start developing problems at this age and I can't afford expensive vet bills. I am also planning to get a new kitten. My friend has a Siamese cat with a litter and she offered to give me one of the kittens once they are old enough. Thoughts?

Best answer: I think that he is sore from something he did recently. I want to be a vet when I graduate college (freshman in highschool) and I feel like I need to see this dog in order to really give a good educated guess. I know you don’t want to hear this but I would go to the vet because you’re asking a bunch of strangers... show more

Not asking for your moral opinion on this, simply asking that if you chose to save the dog, and let the human die, could you get into legal trouble for that?

My dog has been acting really strange lately. Shes a dachshund named Lily, getting on in age, I d say at least 6 or 7 years old. She s restless, having trouble sleeping, shivering all the time, panting and drooling. All she seems to wanna do is follow me around the house. At first I thought she just wanted cuddles... show more

So I got a cat recently, SO CUTE, and my boyfriend claims he's allergic to it. I feel like he's lying or exaggerating. His eyes didn't water and nothing happen, but he says he feels awful. He has been around cats at a friends house and nothing happened to him. Why does it happen in my house now? Should... show more

What kind of dog is this?

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She’s 1 1/2 years old and around 15 lbs.

If I got a collie it would have to go outside or in the garage, meanwhile his pug would be able to be indoors. His problem with collies is that they shed, size and he doesn't like how they look. when we move out animals wont be allowed on couches, and beds. I'm fine with that. I just don't understand... show more

Best answer: Half term eh? No, but you might argue with the Poodle's owners for a stud fee.

How to get dogs to stop eating their poop?

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I have three dogs, the one I most recently adopted eats her poop and I can t get her to stop even if I yell at her or even smack her, what can I do?