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My beagle knows how to jump over the fence?

15 answers · Dogs · 18 hours ago
Hi, so we've had our beagle for about a year (got him when he was 8 weeks). We would always sit outside when we let him out because he keeps finding ways to escape and he runs straight for the busy road outside his neighborhood. We placed cinderblocks around the whole fence yet he kept squeezing out. So... show more

Should I contact the police?

24 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
I was looking to buy a dog and I got referred to a dog breeder by one of my clients from work. I contacted him and he gave me a picture of the puppy and said I would need to pay a deposit ASAP to get that dog. Also before I paid he said for any reason if I’m not thrilled they do COMPLETE refunds. After I paid the... show more

Dog won’t leave her stitches alone?

13 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
my dog was spayed 3 days ago and managed to burst a stitch slightly today. she now has a buster collar but is still trying to scratch with her back legs. what should i do

I'd like to foster an adult or senior-aged shelter pup. I live in a one-bedroom (~800 sq ft) apt and work 4 12-hour shifts per week at the hospital across the street. I plan on coming home every lunch break to take the dog out (so it would be cooped up for 6 hrs at a time), and of course taking it out to use... show more

Is it okay to feed my dog a raw chicken leg?

12 answers · Dogs · 12 hours ago
My dog came from a sled dog facility so her diet was pretty good. She was on raw food up until we got her. E have her on 4health food so she still eats decent but she doesn't like dry food as much so we do mix wet food along. Would it be okay to give her one raw chicken leg 5 hours during her next meal? I know... show more

Menacing neighborhood dog?

14 answers · Dogs · 23 hours ago
My little Terrier and I will soon be moving in with my mother in her little country house who has Alzheimer to care for her. My cousin lives two houses over and has an off the leash female Pit Bull that basically roams the neighborhood at will. She's not cared for, unloved, and underfed. She had a litter of... show more

This is going to be my first 2 dogs I am a senior in high school and I will be getting help from me mom and little brother. I’ve never had dogs before and we decided to get 2 because we didn’t want one to feel lonely and if we get tired we can just let the 2 dogs play. So they are keeping each other company. I was... show more

Do you also wash your pet with bleach?

14 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago
I have a white dog and I would usually mix a few drops of bleach with water and use it as shampoo. I wonder if my cat will be ok with it too.

Can i give my dog a baby aspirin?

19 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago

Like let them roam around in a play area all day instead of cages. They can still sleep in cages. Idk it seems so plausible.

Shock collar as a method to control your dogs?

14 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago

What will happen if I leave dog shampoo on my dog?

12 answers · Dogs · 19 hours ago
Hi washed my German Shepard today and I think I’ve left the shampoo on but I can’t bathe her again. What will happen now? She has a very dense coat and I don’t think the shampoo reached the skin on cleaning it was a v quick job to get rid of some rather nasty scent she aquired.

What does your cat do at 7:30 am?

15 answers · Cats · 2 days ago

How long do I have left to take action?

14 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago
Yesterday morning I got attacked by a dog while riding my bike. I have bruises, scratches, and bite marks. The owner came out to appologize and thats all and i asked if it had rabies he said no. I would have taken action but im not sure if i should even take any action. What do you think i should do about it? My... show more

Dog fight is my dog innocent?

11 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago
moms bf and his friend bought property, his friend has the fenced in house we got the shop as a house we all share the property. the freind has a bulldog i have a german s and a pit my dogs had to be tied to a tree his got to play in the fenced area but while i was taking my dogs back in the friend decided that his... show more

DO GEESE try to fight CARS?

6 answers · Birds · 2 days ago
Cars honk. Geese honk. Do geese think cars are ever making fun of them, or want to pick a fight? Geese are very territorial and aggressive. Probably smart too. Obviously cars have the advantage of being huge and fast but geese can fly and are unpredictable, ruthless, and unstoppable machines of destruction. Their... show more

How do I prevent dogs from crapping in my yard?

44 answers · Dogs · 6 days ago
Best answer: Hire some homeless person to camp out on your front lawn and ask anyone passing by for "spare change". Most of your neighbors would be inclined to cross the street rather than be solicited. If anyone of your neighbors complain, you ask them for a better solution to stop dog walkers from using your lawn as... show more

* that can be used with a tie out* The first collar my dog wore was a nylon collar with a plastic quick release buckle. This collar worked well until she broke the buckle. I realized then that she needed something that could withstand more force. I then tried 3 different types of harnesses, but she was able to... show more