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Best answer: Indeed, how can the requirements of limiting freedom of movement and no hard border in Ireland work together? If there is no border between Europe (Ireland) and UK (Northern Ireland) how can you restrict movement of people or goods

Best answer: Hillary who? Oh, that warmongering, now irrelevant cow who lost the US presidency in 2016. Viktor Orbán is a great leader. I wish we had a man like that leading the UK. He's not even "far-right", by the way.

I personally would not shed a single tear if the whole of Iraq and Syria disappears under the sea. Why are these people heading to Europe? Why do we not deport them to our so called best friends called Saudi Arabia? These states have oil, money and are involved in terror in the region. Sink the boats I say !... show more

off to foreigners and Labour wants us to increase our control over them! Who honestly falls for this toss!

Best answer: There won't be any borders in Ireland and that is final and the rest I could not care less I will always be an EU citizen

Best answer: The Tories are dying as a genuine political party, they're just a business/criminal organisation now.

Best answer: another entitled right wing benefit scrounger

According to economic journalist Nicholas Shaxson it makes us poorer.... http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2018/...

Best answer: Coz they is white professionals innitt... There was ample available evidence for child neglect of their three children, but the Portuguese police were persuaded by the Brits to back off that and concentrate on the *abduction* for which there was no evidence whatsoever then they refused to answer questions, fled to... show more

When will impeachment begin?

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Statements made by Ruth and Chuck? Impeach! Impeach!

Best answer: They are certainly trying very hard to destroy the economy. Cameron will go down as the weakest PM in history, giving in to the hard right of the Party and calling that referendum.

Best answer: No. The two events are unrelated. He had been critical for decades about the level of public investment and how science is funded generally. It has not stopped him refusing other honors, but he disliked the idea of being "Professor Sir Stephen Hawking"

He really knows how to put on a show and humiliate his foes

Best answer: No, they have far more pressing matters of spending on healthcare, education and other essential services.

Best answer: A world would exist, with nice friendly vegetarian, with an occasional bit of meat, none too bright, a bit xenophobic, Neanderthals, who would probably blame all their problems on upstart Homo sapiens, and claim they were vastly superior to the would be immigrants. A bit like here, really.

Best answer: It makes them feel smart. Nothing else does.

Best answer: Assange is being sought after for releasing US military illegal criminal activity, the rape case is a ruse to get him even the dog on the street knows that, they couldn't care less about a paedo in Poland

Best answer: I believe it is totally unnecessary - why are they bending over backwards to impose it on us - we know they don't care and yes it is dangerous - make sure you switch off wifi at night make sure you are topped up with iodine either from Lugols iodine, bladderwrack seaweed foraged from a clean beach or... show more