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Aren't you proud of Alabama?

61 answers · 4 days ago
Wow! Now hundreds of women are going to be extra secretive about their pregnancy, and now you won't even know if they're pregnant or not anyway! wow! and, they probably won't even tell their families in case they decide that they need to terminate, because ya never know who's gonna snitch, yo. WOW!... show more

There's many things that could make me successful without school education for example a boxer,youtuber,rapper etc

Best answer: They dared to ask some awkward questions.

What does Change UK want to change?

10 answers · 4 days ago

Best answer: Our Nigel shows himself for what he really is when on shows like Marr or Question Time. He can stand, pint in hand on his soapbox spreading his idiotic message regarding WTO membership and all the trade deals that other countries are gagging to sign, perhaps he can do better than Fox who managed one with Figi in... show more

Do UK referendums work?

9 answers · 6 days ago

Best answer: Hopefully he’s learnt his lesson over vanity bridges and won’t do it again. Although more worryingly if Boris becomes PM he can start a vanity war.

Best answer: looking good for the tabloids

Best answer: It still goes on in road side pull ins and woods they call it dogging but it must have been rough messy and smelly in air raid shelters

Best answer: Did the elephant complain? It's political correctness gone insane. I doubt the animal was affected in the slightest as their hide is very tough. The people that thought that was wrong are pathetic. The lunatic fringe always needs an excuse to complain.

Best answer: Rich people like lower taxes and the ability to abuse their employees so they donate to the Tory party.

Best answer: Obviously you didn't watch the trial. Jodi was always talking about anal. It was hot

Best answer: Humans, no. But the descendants of the house cats that were left behind still live in the crumbling houses. And the wildlife is flourishing. 9-foot long catfish live in the streams. Wolves are doing great; they send in a human wolf caller now and then to take a census. People concerned about the endangered... show more

Best answer: They always say Labour governments tax a lot but I have never seen it like that. I can remember voting for Harold Wilson from when I was 21 in 1965 and I supported Tony Blair all the time I was on the steelworks but can never remember feeling the tax was especially high.

Best answer: I've never heard of him.