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Best answer: Hopefully a subpoena instructing him that he has to answer questions under oath.

Best answer: sure, but I've never blocked you, and I often have no one blocked because I am a 100% tolerant, I am a master debater and I can debate anyone

I’ve seen a lot of people calling it ‘Sandy Hoax’ or something like that, why do they think it was fake?

Best answer: Well I watched them for a while last night and some "expert" was claiming that even if Trump did all the things, which the evidence is pointing to, there was nothing illegal in any of them. Ten minutes was all I could cope with.

I think are world is ****** up

Best answer: Are you trying to say these British left wing protesters are impotent, useless, and just in awe of American presidents?

Do you remember the first gulf war?

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Best answer: He can't be innocent. There was no way to frame him with the evidence they had. They didn't have a witness to the crime and never found the murder weapon but they had a lot of evidence which would be impossible to explain without OJ being the killer (or at least present when the killing happened). OJ was... show more

Best answer: Yes


Best answer: No doubt magpies are notorious for "confiscating" aka "liberating" (shiny) stuff. So they may well be the members of opposing elites for and against Brexit who are also know for their fondness of shiny stuff . Anyhow isn't two for joy ,so you ought to be very happy ,now

Is Theresa May insane?

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Best answer: The British constitution reads @ United Kingdom AND Northern Ireland so you have England Scotland Wales leaving and Northern Ireland are remaining so the entire UK cannot leave the European Union it is a folly # BBC news