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when the evidence against her was laughable nearly? but ASIDE FROM WETHER SHE IS GUILTY OR NOT.....what was it about her personality that makes so many dislike her so much even today? have heard things like "She was doing cartwheels or splits in the police station!" so what? what shows about her... show more

no matter how bad they are!

Who do you think is behind it all? I have a few guesses myself.

Best answer: The government have done well here. Everyone knows blanket payments to pensioners regardless of wealth is not a good use of resources but to cut or stop them is a certain vote loser. However in this case, the BBC is getting all the flak.

I heard about this online and YouTube and social media.

Why should they get free stuff, right?

I only ask because since it happened about a week ago, there have been in the last few days, what I can only describe as some sort of conspiracy theories, it really seems to have started when people were asking why on earth is there no CTV of the attackers from the bus or from the street, knowing how many CCTV,... show more

Best answer: They will learn that their Goebbels-level fascism is a loser's game.

Now they don't even try to hide it anymore. Now they just blatantly TELL people what they want them to do.

he supports Trump, the record setting deficits, the tariffs, the exec order bump stock gun grabs. and yes they are Gun grabs ! imagine if Obama would have signed an order to come get Legally purchased bump stock !! if you listen to levin you are Neither conservative nor Christian, do not kid yourself !

Think about it - Tucker Carlson was on 'fake news CNN' for a while until he got DESTROYED by Jon Stewart. Cuck Carlson got so triggered that he moved networks and they cancelled the Crossfire show (he never wore a bow tie again either.) Same when he had a meltdown recently after being confronted by Rutger... show more

Is Yahoo anti-American?

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Best answer: They should sack the woman in the morning who thinks everything should be privatised, I nearly smashed the radio listening to her garbage. Galloway was alright in the background.

There are certain people I would not wish to attend mine and would prefer that they did not know I had passed until the funeral the wake and everything else was over