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Best answer: The Fox News crew will say anything to make Trump look good.

Best answer: They are basically brainwashed zombies so will continue to believe left wing propaganda promoted by the Jewish media and not listen to the truth, even if it's backed up with facts.

Why is this FOX news analysis wrong?

12 answers · 2 weeks ago
“It’s not his amorality, it’s his temperament. He’s impulsive and erratic. He changes his mind quickly. He lies frequently. He’s not judicious. And he’s not measured. And he doesn’t have the temperament for the hardest job on the planet.”

Best answer: Liberals mindlessly believe lunatic left fake news media like MSNBC, CNN, NYT, WP, etc.

Which news is more fake-MSNBC or Fox?

11 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: I'd judge them both to be on the same level of fakery.

Best answer: CNN is gay porn for liberals.

ill give you a hint, its a 3 letter word and it starts with a J.

Best answer: No, they don't care and don't want to hear anything that opposes their world view.

Best answer: These are the people who use as their icon, the flag of St. George to promote their pure English ideas of race, St. George was a Greek. So expecting logic from such people is optimistic.

Best answer: It WOULN'T be if Donald and John hadn't had some disagreements. The fake news outlets seem to think it's big news. Anything to try and make the POTUS look bad, even total bee ess.

People who work in the media tend to be well educated city dwellers for obvious reasons. Therefore, their world view is probably going to be more cosmopolitan than people in the burbs or country with a high school education. Furthermore, intellectual conservatives such as George Will or David Frum are apparently... show more