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Please explain

Best answer: Look at what "The Economist" has to say about Trump --- they are a bunch of smart, well-educated Brits with a bias toward capitalism and good government.

What can you say about fake news?

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edited and influenced by the old boys in the cabinet

The statement is this: Democrats are wrong about absolutely everything; Republicans are right about absolutely everything.

Best answer: CNN doesn't cover real news. If they did, their brainless zombie-like viewers would be confused and possibly commit suicide.

Best answer: They've be3en brainwashed, so they're hopelessly retarded and mindlessly believ3e all the awful lies MSNBC and CNN tell.

Best answer: I hate it too, there are a few things you can do - join a campaign to stop it switch your wifi hub off every night switch off and keep your mobile and tablets well away from where you sleep don't have a smart metre or tv keep your body in optimum health - plenty of omega 3 vit c zinc etc get organic... show more

Best answer: i am pretty sure Time Warner owns CNN. Now, who owns Time Warner? Wanna bet George Soros and Warren Beffet have a chunk of it?

Opinions on Jacob Rees-Mogg?

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Best answer: Is he still around ? I Have nt watched CNN for a long time

cnn is Truly the leader in Fake news.

When their stories are proven fake and their opinion heads are caught faking it and exposed to the world, why do they keep doing it?