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"Ocasio-Cortez policies drives a STEAK through the growing US economy: Sen. Barrasso"

Is it all about brexit these days?

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Best answer: He's a clown an orange clown

Best answer: Democrats are angry that a magazine is talking about the life of a white teen in midwest. Don't you know that whites are not to be given importance by a magazine and that is considered as racism and supremacy by the left. This country is becoming deeply anti-white after decades of brainwashing by cultural... show more

Best answer: It is the one world order propaganda system. Around year 2000, (don't write that year down, maybe it was earlier or later) all the major USA news medias were loosing money and it was feared only one was going to be able to survive. Then after a while, without another word, they were all doing great and... show more

Best answer: Why is CNN putting this POS on TV? He is a stalking horse for Trump and, as such, I hate his guts.

Best answer: It's not to blame. A kid at my school back in 1989 topped himself he was about 15. No Internet in them days. He was bullied If you are desperate and see no way out suicide is gonna seem pretty appealing. Thousands of people use social media and never dream of suicide. It's being used as a scapegoat. I... show more

Best answer: Dummycrats do nothing but deflect and lie

Best answer: Fox is the Gospel according to Trump, everyone else is out to get him 😂