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Best answer: Killing the killers is barbaric, it makes the state guilty of murder too.

Best answer: No. They would not add more multiculturalism to Western society, which is totally beneficial. :D In all seriousness, I do greatly doubt that any of them will be granted asylum, because the governments of Europe are hostile-aligned.

Best answer: Laws in Florida may require that the arresting officer have backup before a formal arrest can be made. The real cowards are Rick Scott, the governor of Florida, and Senator Marco Rubio for a) taking money from the NRA, and b) not having the guts to stand up to the NRA and protect the American citizens, especially... show more

Are you a Labour voter?

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Best answer: Ha ha ha.

Best answer: In principle I agree with it, but it concerns me that they will in effect be 'nationalising' our bodies as a resource which can be used by the state on a use first, inform later basis. A business will be made from monetising it like the large charities which keep between 1/4 and 1/3 of any profit for their... show more

Best answer: No, if men or women choose to have tattoos then that is their business. It s not for the ignorant haters to slate them when that is their personal opinion. I dont go round slagging off people who choose to dye their hear or have body modification. Having tattoos is in no way indicative of a persons ability to do a... show more

Best answer: Not a chance. It will encourage more shootings.

Best answer: "..................teachers couldn't hit a cow's bum with a banjo" And let's hope that they never have to! Any nation that turns its schools into armed camps is seriously f***ed-up! No CIVILISED society could ever fall this low!

Why did France and Britain decline?

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Europe was mainly controlled by two world powers after the close of the 2nd World War. France and Britain. 70 years later, these countries are the mistresses of Germany. It is quite impressive to see how fast the Germans rebuilt themselves and how, after the fall of the Berlin wall, they came to took control... show more

The trains are currently split into 25 privately owned franchises. Labour has said they could bring back British Rail as part of its renationalisation plan, with shadow chancellor John McDonnell promising "full integration, as best we can" between track and train. Would it be possible to do so within... show more

Best answer: The UK voted to join the EEC for the benefits of free trade so naturally people involved in Free trade are keen to remain.

Best answer: Call 911. Then until they arrive, talk to him. Tell him you followed him because you felt something you can't explain, but you feel you were meant to talk to him. It's fate or providence or something. Hopefully this will distract him from the suicidal impulse. But don't get to close to him as long... show more

Best answer: It's worth a try. If they have to wait a few years before revenge/hate attacks, they might just change their minds.

Best answer: The same people complaining about this are the same types of people who tell us that the presence of foreign cultures in the West enriches us (muh multiculturalism), but when white people do celebrate or interact with these foreign cultures, we're accused of "cultural appropriation" and other... show more

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