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Kurds want US to attack Iran?

23 answers · 1 day ago
I was reading that the Kurds want the United States to attack Iran, and destroy as much of Iran as possible. Is this true? and if so why?

Best answer: She didn't say if Remain would be on the ballot paper as an alternative to her deal. Without that option I can't see it getting much support in parliament.

Best answer: Inaccurate 92% of the time? Perhaps not....

Best answer: I vote tactically in most elections, except local government elections, because I live in what is often a marginal constituency. I'm minded to vote for the Lib Dems in the EU elections but I shall check when they make their recommendations later today to confirm that would be the... show more

I work at a fast food place and noticed that 90 percent of the men, even in their 20s, have a small belly that sticks out. So many guys come in wearing shirts that they either bought too small or have gotten too fat for. Even the construction workers in their 20s have bellies that stick out. Are flat stomachs... show more

One in particular gives himself best answers

American style. Do Brexit Party voters bother to read the manifesto?

Would you date a porn star?

32 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Maybe if he was retired from it (and hadn't racked up dozens of STDs in the process) but definitely not if it was something he was still doing for a living. Shame that most of the really hot ones seem to be gay, though.