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Like in mob movies they always chop up the body in pieces, why? How will that make it more difficult for law agencies to identify the body? Anyone know?

Best answer: I sure do that's why I'm voting No on Friday

Even Islamic countries don't have school shootings, or third world countries

Best answer: i hope this satanic practice is not allowed but it probably will be. the polls as far as i was aware have the satanists ahead and set to win but it is close with many undecided and in any case u could argue what differ does it make when the evil doers can quite easily pop next door to a nation that aborts 1 in 5... show more

The American government likes to fund right wing paramilitary death squads, sterilise their own people, torture, rape, police the world through imperialism, and give platforms to well known fascists whilst simultaneously trying to ban anti fascist freedom fighting groups from carrying out their duty of kicking... show more

Best answer: Part of the (resumed) government war on motorists.

Best answer: It's cost the average family £900 already. Maybe we can claim it back from Brexit voter areas?

Best answer: Nope as the USA is more likely to be angered into rocket strikes than Iran.

Don't you just love the NHS?

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Can't beat those long holidays they hand out.

Best answer: How about starting with the same gun laws as Israel: - civilians having to acquire a license prior to purchase any gun, with only certain citizen eligible for that license - minimum age 20 or 21 fore those who completed military service, 27 otherwise - licence having to be renewed every 3 years, with a shooting... show more

Best answer: Trump is lying about thinking and praying. Seems he is obsessing over the Mueller investigation since Michael Cohen had a major meltdown this week. Now, Trumpski is accusing Obama and the FBI of spying on his campaign.

Is Brexit permanent?

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Best answer: Most people have lives of their own and can't be bothered with daft bits of trivia. Then there are people who go on the internet looking for a debate. Is this the kind of life you dreamt of as a child?

Best answer: Only to lefties and non white immigrants who feel entitled to insult white middle aged men but would scream blue murder should a term be used to insukt a black or Asian person. Typical double standards of the left? And snowflake refers to a state of mind and not a particular race, more deception from racists to... show more

Best answer: If the other half of the comedy duo Abbott was billed I would have thought about it. Laughter is the best medicine!