Current Events's questions - English iziqna Witnesses suggest it was clearly deliberate. A black man in his late 20s was arrested.

Best answer: No dim, but I'm sure you look lovely in yours.

Has the UK become a police state?

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how would we stop people flooding in from abroad to get a free home

If so, could it be even worse than the 2008 Global financial crisis or won't it be so bad? When is the next financial crisis likely to happen, could it be in the next 2 years?

Should the next james bond be black?

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They could make the spy who loved kfc

They are not doing themselves a favour simply because most people agree with his sentiments and if May punishes Boris expect eruption from the masses. Why don't those muslims just shrug it off and call it a day

I was born in 1997. Just wondering if the world will run out of food and water in my lifetime

Best answer: Of course it should

He doesn't have to say anything, as per the caution the Police read to him - what a load of Police g0bsh!te

Would he have Diane Abbott as deputy PM and make JC a Superstar ?

Best answer: Then the villagers will be furious. The only 'work' there seems to be in the countryside is concreting-over farmland that surrounds villages and building houses on it. It's usually the best-quality farmland too, which of course was why the villages grew up there in the first place!

Best answer: Capitalism needs borders, but people don't. A world without governments or borders or countries, where people owned the resources of the planet in common, would be a vast improvement: peaceful, co-operative and without poverty. Date set for legal bid to lift the lifelong anonymity protection of one of Jamie Bulger's killers. He has reoffended multiple times since his release, including two convictions for child porn. Ralph Bulger's lawyer argues that the original 2002... show more