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Best answer: Yes, the licence should be done away with and the BBC show ads. They already show ads for their own programmes so why not toothpaste etc?

She wants to remain in the EU in all but name by an extra year until 2021, with no explanation of how we do leave. Does the 2019 instant break sound better?

Best answer: Brown Shirt activists plus nostalgia-laden Tory 'gammons', plus skinheads for attitude = nazis. It never ever pays to split a country almost 50/50 on any issue there's no going back from. It's why referendums were rarely used here in the past.

Will you be buying a Poppy?

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Best answer: Not a chance.

On the grounds of sxism, mansize tissues are a thing of the past. Yes, I use them a lot.

Life means Life. Never get to be released

Best answer: No, the BBC is an outdated institution and should collect revenue by advertising like all other broadcasting agencies.

She was a British Muslim WW2 Spy heroine I've seen articles in several newspapers today about calls for her to be on the note

Best answer: This is the price civilized countries pay for not executing terrorists. He is not being released 'early' but in line with normal practice. It upset the ultra PC London Lord Mayor's office - so they just had it banned without further ado. NB - I do not blame this on the EU, nor do I feel thay anyone's ethnicity was a factor either.