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If you would, please explain how incredibly important its existence is. I would not care. It is just a building, that serves no logical or benefical purpose (does not advance or protect continuty / realisation of desirable human and/or socetal characteristics).

In places with no food, why do people still produce offspring?

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What should the new Independent party be called?

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Best answer: Funny Tinge Ltd.

Best answer: Good job it isn't up to him, isn't it? Nor ever will be.

Are criminal rapists that murdered more than six children somehow more important than a baby who's only crime is being in this world?

It has now been revealed that Shamina Begum has been deemed a Bangladeshi citizen who can be stripped of her British dual citizenship without being rendered stateless by virtue of Bangladesh conferring citizenship on children born to Bangladeshis in any country and her mother being Bangladeshi. If the Home Office... show more

Best answer: Because it's fox news

Why doesn't Trump address the rising rates of domestic terrorism? How much of a problem is this to you? WASHINGTON — A U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant working in the nation's capital lived a secret life as a "domestic terrorist" who aspired to mass murder and compiled a target list of prominent... show more

This week Corbyn said we cannot strip a UK national of their citizenship even if they were part of a terror organisation. In 2014 John McDonnell (Corbyn's sidekick) called on Theresa May to strip UK citizenship from anyone who served in the IDF. (Israel Army). there we have it..... with Labour it's... show more

Best answer: at washington? No. nice way to clean up

Do you find black people attractive?

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And they don't deserve our help to come back?

Best answer: The process can go on for a year or more.

Will there be a nuclear war in 2019 or in the near future?

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I just read an article about how Russia and US are pulling out of their arms treaty. Now I'm pretty scared

Should England Annex the whole of Ireland?

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The Irish speak English like us and I have many serfs who work for me who are Irish and love England and our noble Queen. A united kingdom including Ireland with English speaking people would surely be a better economic prospect then this loggerheads we have reached with Ireland? Forget the catholic and... show more

An ordinary murderer might deserve no more than a life sentence, but someone who can do things like that to a child deserves to die, a life sentence isn't enough. As a parent this sickens me and makes my blood boil.

So what is Bill O’Reilly doing these days?

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