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Who's the best looking man you have ever seen?

24 answers · Current Events · 20 hours ago

What country is the most beautiful you've been to?

27 answers · Current Events · 2 days ago

You do realize Fox News is the most watched News Channel in America?

17 answers · Media & Journalism · 20 hours ago
Best answer: Yes. Most Americans are republicans and conservative.

Why does Roger the Dodger believe Dianne Fox is really a man?

15 answers · Yahoo Answers · 19 hours ago
Best answer: He caught it out using phrases only a man would use.

Is Trump a traitor?

56 answers · Current Events · 4 days ago

the NRA gun fanatic's union being a Russia spy organization

Since when did the term "half-caste" become racist?

18 answers · Current Events · 2 days ago

Best answer: In the first place, our evolution into modern type humans occurred over 200,000 thousand years ago, so it is meaningless to talk about a missing link phase 2000 years ago. And who the heck is Dianne? In the second place, the evolution of humans from an early pre-human ancestor is covered quite well by the... show more

Who are 'The White Helmets' ?

10 answers · Current Events · 4 hours ago

Who is more Liberal, Hannity or Tucker Carlson?

12 answers · Media & Journalism · 22 hours ago
I would say Hannity is quite Liberal middle of the road Tucker is pretty conservative to the right Hannity is mainstream at where most Americans see the world, as well as many abroad

What have the far-right done to enrich the UK?

17 answers · Current Events · 2 days ago
Best answer: they volunteered to become spooning partners to prison population

Best answer: No, the myth that the Dogon tribe must have met aliens was debunked nearly forty years ago. The down side of the Internet is that it gives the credulous conspiracy theory nut jobs a platform for their... show more

Best answer: There are far more constraints on a PM, party politics, diplomacy etc., Major is now free of all that and can be honest and say what he thinks. I've always said that when you enter politics, the first thing you have to ditch is your integrity. Even at a local level you are expected to follow the party line,... show more