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Best answer: I don't think that there is anyone at customer care anymore. This has been affecting lots of people since before Christmas, it seems possible for any multiple account holder to get rid of questions they don't like with impunity.

Far more practical.

Have you been to church today?

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Do all liberals hate Jews?

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every single day is just part of the countdown to Mueller revealing his findings showing Trump colluded with Russia and obstruct ed justice it's similar to OJ Simpson where we know the person is guilty, we just need to make sure we have the proof in order so he can't get away with it

Why is rape culture a thing?

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Murderers have always been held responsible for murder, and thieves for thieft, so why are some rape victims still being held responsible for rapists raping them?

Why aren't there blacks on Fox News?

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How can i tell what's fake news and what's real news?

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Can you believe this crap?

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Best answer: It kind of proves the point that Obama often violated Federal Law. Just allowing a State to be a "Sanctuary State" is illegal. Any State that does not follow all Federal law including immigration law will have Federal money withheld from all programs until the State comes back into compliance. Marijuana... show more

Why does USA do nothing when Turkey attacks Kurds in Syria.?

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Best answer: its what they wanted they stated they were going arm and train the Kurds to police a part of Syria as theirs they occupy parts of Iraq and Turkey and are unwelcome a long standing situation it is no secret the USA know exactly what they are doing throwing petrol on the fire they started now they are retracting that... show more

Best answer: I'm in the 75-85 range and watch Rachael Maddox, definitely wouldn't listen to Sean Hannity.

Are BBC hypocrites?

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Why does Trump look like a cheeto?

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