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Best answer: I think we have to ask them to look at our face. I think it may be other things, I hope. Saying bluntly, (but not rudely), 'when you stare at my body, I feel uncomfortable.

I saw this guy once and was wonderstruck by his beauty. I started fantasizing about being held in his arms, kissed and protected. I live in a stupid family where a was never loved and my mom has always worried about the sons of my uncle than me. I feel like a piece of s***. Sometimes I just think about running away... show more

It is incredibly offensive, everyday I have to drive by it and look at it. It is really triggering and I have to cry as I drive after because he takes his cis gender white men privelage like nothing.

I’ve been dating this girl for about a year and when we first met on match, she told me that the father of her child is not around. He’s actually three states away and moved away when my GF was pregnant, but my girlfriend became best friends with his sister. My girlfriend then became the God Mother of his sister’s... show more

Last thanksgiving they say they cannot afford a big dinner like usual cause trump is president and he destroying their jobs with his trade wars. I say Trump is making America great again and they need to stfu and respect him. Now I’m not invited to this yesrs thanksgiving dinner. What about my freedom of speech?

How do old men date young girls?

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Best answer: Get rich, boy. Up your skincare routine. I hope you're good looking.

Of those types of men who say "I have a beautiful daughter, a weapon and an alibi" are not admired by most women, why do not most women value men like that?

*JUST A QUESTION* I know most people say “your not ready to have a baby” “babies are expensive” “your just a kid” etc. But I see so many wonderful teen mums who support their babies. Just because they are in their teenage years (not necessarily talking about underage mums, ALL teen years) does NOT mean they cannot... show more

Best answer: This sounds harsh, and I apologize in advance. Genealogy is about biological relations. Your adoptive father has no biologic relation to you, no matter how kind, loving and honorable he is. Legally he's your father, and you may admire him more than any other male in your life, but he's not your biological... show more

Sometimes I'm woken up in the night and it's as though I'm in the middle of a Yemeni fish market at four o'clock in the afternoon. I love this girl and she loves me, but I'm using an unsustainable amount of laundry detergent and Vicks VapoRub at the moment. Someone suggested pineapple - I've... show more

I'm 22 and this is my firsy relationship. First of all I have to say that I'm a difficult type of girl, I need a lot of affection and attentions, I cant stand fake things, or non genuine feelings. I love with my whole heart. I fell really bad for a 25 years old guy, he's everything I have ever dreamed.... show more

Best answer: Why do American and British men say "have sex" and not "make sex"?

My responsibilities are making dinner taking care of the kids and cleaning up

Best answer: That’s hard to deal with. In a perfect world they should respect your political differences. I think it’s very adult on your part to set a limit of no political talk especially knowing it won’t go well. You’re going to have to be very blunt and tell them this is not okay behavior to keep doing. Respect each others... show more

Is this fair to ask of her?

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Best answer: Accept it is her choice. As long as it does not interfere with the two of you

Hes married. We are together for nearly 2 years. I asked him if he loves her for first time and that was his response. Then he says I've told u this many times that I'm in this coz of kyle for how much longer I don't know,. if I leave I have nower to go and until I can figure out how and what I'm... show more

Best answer: That's their gift. Not everyone can do it. You can try. If everyone criticises and everyone have to swallow the criticism then everyone would be a robot. There are different groups of people staying together so that we can perfect each other using strengths and weaknesses.