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Best answer: Human nature scares many people.

OK so its my 21st birthday and I asked my mum to get me some Nike or Adidas stuff. Now I know its not cheap so I wasn't expecting more then a jumper or a tee-shirt but it turns out I actually got nothing I asked for. Instead I got some cheap girly clothes my mum thinks I'd look nicer in and my brothers old... show more

Is a cousin a girl or a boy?

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Best answer: No daughter is ever to old to feel loved

dont know where she go but i have noticed that its same cab picking and droping every time. i am confused now what should i consider can anyone help me out ?

Best answer: My mom was very beautiful, not so sure about her heart.

I can’t interact with people and I am beyond socially awkward. Even if I have pleasant interactions with people I will leave being more unhappy than if I had never interacted with them because I will criticize everything I said and did and I will think they hate me. I am also crappy to other people. I let my... show more

Can I have your opinion on this?

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So today I saw that my razor had been used. It was really dirty and had hair on it. It honestly looked gross. It had like gray gunk stuck on it. So I asked this one person if they had used it but they ended up getting mad and defensive. They started saying things like "why would I use it if I have my... show more

Is it bad that I'm old school?

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I'm a 20 year old male. I'm not like everyone else my age. I'm very old fashioned. I'm classy. If I don't like something, I get up and change it. I work hard. I mainly watch old TV shows, movies, and listen to old music. From the 1950s to the 1980s. I'll open the door for my girl. My car is... show more


So basically, i am in my final year of school only a few months left. I am currently 18 years old too. So there is this teacher i have for French, and his pretty young. His like in his mid ish 20s, ive had him for about several years even when i was younger. I recently grew a crush on him, as i have had him for so... show more

Is being sly a sign of intellect?

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Should I got to my In-Laws?

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Best answer: at the end of the day, these people are your wife's family and as such it going to be pretty hard for you to never have anything to do with them ever again... Christmas, weddings, family visits etc.. it is also going to put a strain on your relationship with your wife. Is what happened with them previously... show more

Does this make any sense?

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I was standing in line, this guy in front of me looked back at me like 3 times and when he’d look I would, but by the third time, when he looked at me I looked back at him and he gave me a dirty look like I was looking at him first?

I have a 1 year old, 15 months old to be exact. At night she wakes up crying, sometimes it appears shes screaming. During the days shes happy and wants to run around and play but during the night its hell because my husband and I are trying to sleep to wake up early in the morning since we have so much to do during... show more

Best answer: What does your partner think? It's not a good look if your partner turns up on their own.