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I got pregnant by a one night stand that I met online. When I first told him about it he asked me once a week if I decided on if I was going to do abortion, keep it or adopt it out. I told him every week that I was either going to keep it or give it up for adoption but I haven't made up my mind yet. He asked me... show more

I was with this bloke for just over a year. When we met we were immediately attracted but it turned out he had a girlfriend. He dumped her to get with me From what I'd gathered from him doing that as well as what people had said about him i realised he was a player and it took me a few months before i could... show more

Best answer: break down the cost of living on your own...rent, insurance, bills, gas, food, etc. Literally write out every single penny she makes or would collect on welfare then show her how much it costs to live and provide for a baby. she won't be able to afford it

I hate our new puppy. Help?!?

12 answers · 2 days ago
My husband and daughter convinced me to get a beagle puppy about 2 weeks ago. We just moved into a brand new house 2 months ago. I established that early on in our relationship, before having a child, and we have not owned a dog before. But somehow they talked me into it. I have horrible anxiety and I had hoped... show more

Why do women get preagnant?

25 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Because some man f+cked them. It is a natural thing to do.

Is she stupid?

14 answers · 3 days ago
My ugly cousin is marrying a beautiful woman

I wanna know because if she's pro-abortion I can her bang her without condon.

Best answer: No one can make you feel inferior without your permission. Think about what is really being said with that "when your childless friends talk about being tired" remark: Holy Toledo, I am SOOO tired; having kids is SOOO much work! You should be feeling sorry for these people instead of angry with them,... show more

For me it would be not getting on YouTube earlier in the decade (2010s) as well as not writing up a novel around the time of my High-School Senior-project when I had the chance as well as not seeing more rock-concerts in the past as well. I mostly just regret being such a lazy-homebody for those reasons. How about... show more

A person who has children and relationships to avoid working,but does a good job as a parent, or a person who has no children or relationship but tries their hardest to make something of their life through study, work and academic pursuits?

I’m 17, last year a guy how’s 21 DM’d me on Instagram, he honestly looked so hot, we started talking to each other a little bit and we hooked up. he knew I was a virgin and he didn’t really care,I didn’t really enjoy it,it mainly hurt but I honestly have no regrets. A few weeks after that he texted me,this time he... show more

Did my dad go too far?

22 answers · 5 days ago
He kicked out my 32 year old sister out of the house because she is a liberal.

Best answer: Of course. This jeans the guy has really deep feelings for her

I’m 16 and my best friend lives in a neighboring state. Driving to his house, spending time with him, and coming back would take all day. I have a drivers license and a car that I inherited but if my parents don’t know ahead of time where I’m going they will call the cops. There is an Onstar tracker in my car and... show more

Scared? Advice?

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Im too nervous to get a boyfriend in case I pick the wrong guy because I know i wouldn't be able to break up with them??? Any advice? Im 18

I'm in my 30ies, married, and just had a miscarriage - it was my first pregnancy. My parents (who live pretty far away) told me not to call them during the coming week, because their grandson (my nephew, who is 6) was staying at their home and they didn't want him to possibly hear a conversation about... show more