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Does Trump really abuse Melania?

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What would this count as?

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Me and this boy met up so we could do stuff (sexual stuff) he started fingering me which I was ok with, and then he started being too rough so I told him to stop. He would stop for a second but then he would just keep doing it. And I continued telling him to be gentle. When we stopped I got home and my clit was... show more

Who do you love the most?

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How can I help my parents cope?

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Almost 4 weeks ago, my younger sister and brother passed away in a car accident. They were 19 and 17. It has been indescribably hard for all of us. Especially my mom. She still struggles to get out of bed most days. My dad went back to work, so it's kinda up to me to keep an eye on her during the day. I dropped... show more

My 41 year old brother in law started dating a 20 year old back in February, she recently turned 21. They work together part time as she works as a waitress and he is the restaurant manager. Their co workers know they have something going on and that's no secret. He recently took her on a trip to Costa Rica,... show more

Best answer: I was 19. I'd been on my own for two years guarding myself fairly well.. quite a feat for a young girl out in the world without a safety net but I managed it. I wasn't interested in pretend love or little horny boys or creeps.. A mutual friend introduced me to a lovely adult man, 12 years my senior, well... show more

Ok so a friend who one of her adult children passed away a few weeks back suddenly I message asking how she was ect and this was the reply I got Thanks the kids are great levelers and life goes on even when you want to stop and get off! Xx I m not sure if I should be worried about that reply?

Some guy was looking at me wierdly?

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I’m not gay.

I have been planning my 18th birthday ever since I was a young kid. I was have this awesome cake, go out with friends and have a big birthday at my house. This last few months I have seen my friends do this and I couldn’t wait! My dad’s 50th was 2 weeks ago and he went out for dinner and had a small birthday. My... show more

His wife and daughter died in a wreck 20 years ago. He still struggles with it everyday. To the point where he left one Friday and I did not hear from him for two days. He lied about where he was and what he was doing and after almost a week he finally told me the truth. It was Thier anniversary and he went to the... show more

Best answer: Why are the contractors expecting to be paid for work that they should have completed on Thursday, but have not completed by EOB Friday? I agree that it is wrong for him to set an expectation, and then not keep it - but it was also wrong for the contractors to set up an expectation (done by EOB Thursday) and then... show more

Best answer: Some do, some don't. I disagree with the idea that the perfect couple never breaks up- most people I know had a temporary break up with the person they are now married to.

Best answer: It is a precursor to going further. If she says not to, it is abuse.

Say if someone work from 6.30 am to 6.30pm would you be OK with that or get fed up

Pretty self-explanatory. I have my Instagram set on non-private so anyone can follow me, but if I see a spam account or something following me I just block them manually. It's never been much of an issue to keep mine on public. Recently I saw that my manager someone found and followed me on Instagram. I usually... show more

Best answer: The advice is to move on with your life. This man is clearly an individual with serious mental issues, probably coming from his troubled childhood. Maybe sex abuse by an older woman, mabye raised by a single mother who was exposing him to sexual activities, maybe walking naked in the house, maybe bringing her... show more

Should I break up with him?

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Best answer: It sounds from what you have put that he is stringing you along so you have to ask yourself if this is what you want. Whilst marriage is not everything these days, if someone proposes to you without a ring they were either drunk at the time or were just seeing what you would say. Sorry to say this but id challenge... show more