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Best answer: I don't like a hairy body, but compared to stubble which can hurt your skin rubbing against it, its probably best to not shave.

Why do men lie about being married?

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Husband being too bossy?

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I've noticed a change in recent days from my gentle spirited husband. In the past he always thanked me for working hard at keeping the house in order and taking care of our pets. He is covering for his boss who is on vacation. He is in upper management and I think the added stress is getting to him. I... show more

I feel hurt and like I am not enough for him. He has been divorced for 3years and says he doesn t know if he will do it again. I have never been married or engaged and I have always had that dream. He says he loves me and does things to say he does but the thought of never having that dream really hurts.

Best answer: Don't be naive like me. My ex husband was cheating on me since we dated, It took me a full 8 years and 2 kids later to catch on. I counted many affairs after digging through the aftermath. He was an excellent liar, covered his tracks very well, fooled me, my family, even his best friend. Because my ex... show more

I'm a 23-year-old female and feel as if the type of marriage I would like to have someday is grossly unattainable in today's world. People abuse each other, cheat on each other, have children with other people, break up, reunite, and break up again, endlessly drawing stress and heartbreak from one another.... show more

Should I go see him? I could fly out for a day but cant stay long. Maybe we can find the spark again? I really cant afford it right now, but if its worth having him again, then I would,. thanks

So my mom is in the process of getting a divorce from my narcissist father who has caused emotional damage to our family throughout the years. The divorce is not completely final but my mom seems to think it is. I did something any daughter would do and SNOOPED around because she was acting weird and her “gym”... show more

Best answer: Each couple is different in this way. Sounds like you two have way less sex than most young couples though. I think the rule of thumb usually is no less than twice a month (some folks do it twice a day) or that part of your relationship just starts to disappear. Some couples survive that part of their relationship... show more

Advice On Military Marriage :-)?

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Best answer: I have documented many times on this forum how the following are higher for military men versus civilians: Spouse cheating Wife beating Divorce Compulisve sexual behavior (e.g., excessive masturbation). See comments for sources from the VA and other studies.

Best answer: Yes, end the relationship now. This man is a con artist. The biggest red flag (which you unfortunately ignored, but lesson learned) is that he hid the fact that he was married from you for years. That's not an "oops, I forgot" kind of mistake, that is an "I intentionally deceived you for my own... show more

Last year my wife and I bought our first house. It was a townhouse. There was a storage closet outside and it was filled with tons of children’s toys in it (mostly junk) that I donated/trashes. We happened to find one of those big parachutes from elementary school. Prior to buying real furniture for outside we... show more

Should I fight for my marriage...??

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Me and my husband been together for 13 years we have had plenary of ups and downs we have a 10 year old son and my husband seems to feel I don’t do enough for him or this marriage I work a full time job as well as a full time mother to our son, my husband said he needs a back bone and I don’t support him enough, he... show more

We have been married 5 years and I want to also something different and special. My husband doesnt care what we do but suggested dinner and a movie without the kids..... Any better ideas? We always do this on our date nights. I just want to do something special for him

I'll admit, my 23 year old son hasn't been the best of people to deal with. He's back living with us and now has 2 kids that he's not supporting. My husband and I are supporting his 2.5 year old and his new newborn he hardly sees because that child's mother won't let him see her unless he... show more

My wife 25 years old having affair with a minor 20 years old man can I charges them as adultery?