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Best answer: The globe doesn't offer citizenship, therefore you are not a global citizen. Do you not pay taxes to any government? Do you not follow the laws of where you reside? You don't pay taxes to the globe, and you don't follow laws the globe made. Also, you should have talked with your wife about this issue... show more

Best answer: Am confused, why didn't you get a vasectomy if you didn't like kids ? I mean, sure, the first one could have been an accident or a mistake, but anything after that is on you. As far as when to move out ? Right now would be a good time as any, they are probably more attached to their mother than to you... show more

isn't she cheating on her husband by not saving her desires for him?

Best answer: 1. Early marriage is statistically at high risk of divorce. Adding the stress of childrearing before the couple has a chance to establish a strong marriage is adding to the risk of failure. If the marriage doesn't survive (or survives but just barely) the child is the biggest loser in the deal. 2. Children are... show more

Married and co-sleeping...?

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I'm a 33 year old male. I've been married to my wife, who is 29 for 9 years. Due to my demand, our previous 2 children who are now 9 and 13 were sleeping in their own beds at a relatively normal age for sleeping alone. However, our latest child (who is also the first child my wife chose to breastfeed for a... show more

Wife just has a bunch of excuses or finds any little stupid thing for us not to be intimate. We can go anywhere from 4 to 7 weeks without any intimacy. She’s 41 and my just 36. This isn’t normal!!! Now if I cheat then it’s my fault but why would any woman put their husband in a position like this or drive them... show more

I love a man,really love him!!! He is married and has a kid and they are expecting their second baby!!! His wife is really beautiful and the luckiest woman in the world.... They are married almost 6 years.... I can't forget him.He doesn't know i exist :( They both are English and he loves his wife so... show more

I don t get child support because my first wife passed away 3 years ago, Just this year I have remarried, with her understanding I have these kids. We all live in her place and I pay the bulk of all the bills, and pay for the care of my children. The children don t cost her a cent but she wants them paying rent... show more

Best answer: compromise and have them hung up in the toilet.

Best answer: Your husband should be understanding and considerate enough to not want to cause you pain. Your husband loves you (or so one would presume) and would want to know if he’s hurting you. Talk to him about what’s going on - and then see your medical professional to make sure it’s nothing serious. If it needs... show more

Married to an only child.?

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I am married to only an only child. My life has become a living hell, if I have a different opinion to hers, she sees that as a criticism. I have to deal with silent treatments which can last for a month sometimes. If ever say a no to anything I am in trouble. What should i do since I am unable to have a fruitful... show more

My ex wife moved on within a few months but I'm still sad and depressed about it 3 years later. I haven't even dated since. With all my relationships it's been harder for me than her. Why is that?

The woman is pregnant and wants to keep the child. She is quite young so I don’t understand why she would want to keep it. I told her I refused to help her raise that baby because I already have a kid with my wife. She wants me to leave my wife and move her into my home so we could raise the baby together. I told... show more

My husband is a sex addict?

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I do my best to satisfy him, but this is too much. I can’t have sex 5 times a day. This is too much. What do I do?