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I always hear liberals claiming that premarital sex is alright because that way you can find out whether you're sexually compatible with such person...There are also liberals who claim that premarital sex is like testing a car! Well, according to such "logic" why would it be wrong if a man or woman... show more

Must a man do housework?

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Is this wrong or controlling?

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Best answer: I sense a tad bit of jealousy that your partner/spouse/bf doesn't buy you anything so trying to offer up to your friend bad advice that could potentially cause problems in their marriage, what a b*t*h.

Is it my fault my husband cheated?

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I introduced my husband to my new coworker. They have a lot of things in common. Video games, sports, gym etc. At one point he wanted to hang with her alone without me because I was working at the time. Now I'm an insecure woman and would never suspect my husband to cheat. So of course I allowed it. Then I... show more

Best answer: Your boyfriend and now husband was honest. What YOU did was deceitful! You are very entitled with your "it's ok for me to lie to you as long as I get MY way"'attitude. If you are going to lie over something like that, what else are you going to lie about? And what else have you lied about? To... show more

I'm a former College Soccer Player and my wife was a College Tennis Player. We have 3 young kids. She asked me today to please stop smoking Cigarettes and Marijuana. I tried to explain to her that I love being high while we have sex. I never smoke in the house. What should I do about this?

Don't say "it's not possible to love more than one person" because that's absolutely BS. We can love more than one friend. If we had more than one child, we can love them all. We, humans, have the ability to LOVE as many people as we can, but we restrict ourselves to ONE person. It makes no... show more

Best answer: While the cats away the mouse will play.. and that is what your hubby was doing while away.. he's hardly likely to admit it is he.

Best answer: Sure why not being estranged even from family or kids at times can be the only way to remove negative people from your life. She sounds like a drama queen and a spoiled brat that needs a rude awakening and to grow up. I think you and your fiance have bent over backwards for your daughter and she has done nothing... show more

My wife passed away from cancer when I was 25 we were married for 4 years, her best friend has helped me through this and we have developed romantic feelings for one another. We had a coffee,date that was casual and we kissed and talked about what was happening with us, I feel that it's time for me to move on... show more

My husband has always had this thing where if there's anything wrong with my car of if I want something done like an oil change he makes me pay for the parts or supplies. It's been that way since we were dating. He says that if I can pay for a car then I shouldn't have a problem ordering parts for it.... show more

Surveys show that close to 70 percent of both sexes would cheat if the opportunity arose and they felt they would never get caught. If a spouse can state they never would, no matter what, is their alleged commitment really saying something about their own morals, or is it really a profound reflection of their... show more

be on the look out.

Best answer: All the wives on here who talk like they know what's going on - LOL - so fullofshit. 60% chance your husband is out banging some other pieceofass, because you don't give him any. I'm hooking up on Monday with this girl at work. Pres Day, ain't nobody else gonna be around, we are gonna have so... show more

I like him a lot and I have been friends with him on facebook for years. He wants to move in with me. He lives 8 hours away and he wants to come here and be in a relationship. He is starting over from scrap so he has no car or job, also he doesn't have children and neither do I so I think it's perfect. But... show more

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