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I mean, if you are past your teenage years, shouldn't you be striving for something better?

What happens if we attack iran?

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Iran will start making nuclear weapons

Best answer: Very smart and courageous leader.

My wife is 35 and she is 30. She is my wifes best friend and is is lusting after my wife. My wife also want some sex from her. But I donot feel comfortable ? Am I a protective husband ? Should I allow ?

Best answer: Why are Liberals opposed to interracial marriage?

I really don’t know what to think of how to even react to be honest. I love my wife so dearly and would divorce her before I ever even let a guy look at her lustfully without clothes on, let alone stick his dick in her. The whole thing just makes me Sick to my stomach. She’s so innocent, I can’t even comprehend... show more

I’m 21 he’s 24 and It’s really putting a strain on our marriage, my husband is in the marines and he says he wants to finish his 4 years before we start having kids, he also says he wants to spend quality time alone with me, without children for a few more years & that I need to finish college first. His... show more

So my sister who I REALLY hate and we do not get along, she has decided to threaten me! She heard im getting married and wants to ruin the whole relationship. Exposing and leaking my old pictures when i was sooo fat and ugly before. And she also wants to leak them online?! What do i do.. this constantly bugs me... show more

Best answer: he's weird and gay

I’ve been with this guy for over a year, but he won’t commit to anything serious. He has 2 kids with his ex wife and I just found out that he got her a brand new BMW that cost around $55k but he drives a $20k car. He says it’s for the kids but her old car was only 4 years old. I also found out that she has a key to... show more

So me and my husband have always had a very active and healthy sex life. We have sex almost everyday sometimes 2-3 times a day. We are young and madly in love. Marriage is good but lately I’ve been getting bored and want to spice things up. I asked my husband if we could try some new things and he was open... show more

I was talking with my friend today, and she said that her husband is always under her at all times and she can never get any “me time”. I then told her that I understand that you want to be alone sometimes, but once you get married you are all one. Just like having kids. She then tried to start an argument with... show more

I am married for just 3 months. I have known this guy and been on a relationship for 5 yrs almost. He drank quite regularly and exessively before marriage and we had very bad fights while drunk. After marriage I had few bad nights with bruises on my body. Next day he appologiesed and said he will only drink... show more

My husband's new group of friends are filthy rich and they all own their own businesses . In the past my husband would always take me with him when there was an event or a dinner because he was proud to have me by his side. He ended up making friends with women that drove expensive cars and wore expensive... show more

Best answer: Some people that think if someone isn't married that they're available for dating. Even though they may have a boyfriend/girlfriend. It really depends on the situation, sometimes we connect more with the people we’re not married to or dating.

My husband and I have tried for 10 years to have a baby and lost a baby in pregnancy many years ago. It was very traumatic. Now he tells me I am the wrong race and he wants to get divorced and marry someone else and have a baby to them. I'm shattered. I've suggested adoption but he wants a baby of his... show more

Best answer: It sounds to me as though his problem isn't really with you. He brought this issue into the marriage. You sound as though you are a good wife. It's a shame he doesn't realize it. Just make sure he has a good life insurance policy and stop doing what you are doing. Hopefully, he'll recognize the... show more

am in love with a person, who is married but everytime I have come near to him I feel him very familiar. His touch, his presence seems like I have known him for ages. He is also in love with me but he does nt want to come out f his relationship.Says, me to move on with my life, get married but keep contact with... show more