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I'm 22, married and have a 2 year old... My dream my whole life was to travel a few places I've always wanted to see and go to college and be an artist or join law enforcement, enjoy life a bit while I was at it. But then I met my husband and everything happened so quickly... We got pregnant, he doesn't... show more

My wife has decided she has enough working and has been secretly saving hundreds of thousands of dollars to take a year vacation starting in July. I've always wondered why her income was coming up shorter than usual and she has saved up lots of money to take a year vacation. She said she needs this for her... show more

I'm the victim who fell for this lie.Met a man at my old job and we hit it off.We exchanged numbers...with a week of chatting he tells me he still leaves with his kids mom and is working towards single. Basically they split up but are trying to figure out what's best for their son.I didn't think they... show more

Tell or not tell?

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I'm 50 fiance is 49. Both have children from previous marriages and have been together almost 7 years. I went through horrible divorce before I met him and raised 3 kids on my own he went through one not so pleasant either. I swore I'd never get married again. Then 5 years in he proposed. I said yes... show more

Do men in their early 60's cheat?

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Concerned wife who believes my husband is always staring at another woman he's known and have to be around for 4 yrs. She's in her 40's. Maybe it nothing but just curious.

Marriage at 19?

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Best answer: Usually, finances are the biggest issues in longterm and marriage relationships. The physical parts of the financial side seems okay, how about your relationship in the sense of respect, trust worthy, trust, discipline, and honor for each other. What are you looking for in a mate, and are those qualities going to... show more

Best answer: Mostly. It has no place in the 21st century.

How to cope with run away wife?

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So, my wife deserted me, and the whole world is crumbling infront of my eyes. Some say i didnt have much of a marriage anyway and that she did me a favor by leaving. Her parents ignore my calls and she randomly answers her phone. She says that she we're still married and she needs time etc Yet she acts like... show more

How to afford a child ?

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I’m 27 with my partner for 5 years and thinking of starting a family in the next 2 years but I’m worried if I can financially afford it. I have a degree but have done low wage jobs and am currently in a support worker type role earning nearly min wage partner similar situation and also supports child from... show more

Best answer: Sounds to me what she's doing is taking care of her kids. Remember, it IS Papa's home those children are living in. It would be crazy to go to Papa's house, cook for the children, and exclude Papa from the meal. Stop all the kvetching and do some self examination. Do you understand that you will never... show more

Best answer: No. If you dislike anyone solely based on their skin color, that would be racist. Having a physical appearance preference or cultural preference with regard to whom you date our marry, is just a preference. You didn't say that you don't like white people in general, just that you don't want to marry one. show more

Marriage: Is it because of culture?

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My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other since October - almost 9 months. We are in our mid-twenties. He is African and I am African American. We get along very well and we don’t have many issues. I’ve met his friends and his roommate. He knows my family and even hangs out with my brother. He wants us to... show more

Believe that you can have both . Marriage and happiness. What are your thoughts

I have a friend who I used to travel with so much, but he got married last year and he tells me he can't travel anymore because his wife won't let him. Then I have another friend who's wife jumped on a cruise without checking with him, and she said "I'm going, I don't need to ask... show more

Should i just get a divorce?

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My husband refuses to go to a marriage counselor with me. We have a lot of issues 1. He is very selfish and but his needs and his friends before me 2. Doesnt help out much with our newborn 3. Doesnt want to take me out on dates. If we go on a date i have to plan it and a lot of times pay. (He makes enough to take... show more

Best answer: Same way you know when an unmarried man is sexually stressed because he isn't getting laid. Okay, glad I could help.

I have been married for 10 years and my husband has not grown up and goes to his mom for everything. He even leaves our home to go and sleep over at his mother's. I have had enough and want to go my separate ways. I've talked with him, argued with him about this issue and he still does not get it.